TFBTV Update, and Thank You!

Well here we are: We have surpassed 50,000 subscribers and TFBTV is really picking up, and we only have you all to thank! We just wanted to make a quick video as a thank you and let everyone know what is coming up.

We are all really excited about the future of this channel. Alex, James, Patrick and Miles all have some great ideas for future projects. If you have any ideas for videos, let us know in the comments below!

As always, thanks to our sponsors Grizzly Targets and Ventura Munitions.

Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • To everyone who has stayed tuned and and supported us from the beginning, I cannot be sincere enough when I say thank you. This channel’s expansion has been extremely humbling and your viewership has really been motivating.
    Thank you so much for watching guys, it has been truly awesome so far.

    • Jim

      No problem, maybe one day I can write for TFB. If you need anyone to do any articles, let this guy know! Cheers and congrats.

  • Cattoo

    Thank you guys for putting up with the hassles of putting it together for us to enjoy and converse and opine on though it seems there are some decent incentives and all the connections made has gotta be nice and I’m sure the occasional kick down doesn’t hurt either. Even if all the mentioned were not to be, you still get to talk shop with all your friends online and there in person. And that alone ain’t half bad.

    • B.K.

      Yeah I think it’d be neat to get an article that speaks a little bit about everybody. For example. How’d you get involved with TFB or TFBTV,How the process works from idea>print,Maybe some little anidotes on your first involvement with firearms or the industry as a whole. I just think these would be some fun articles I as a reader/viewer would enjoy. Just thinking aloud. Keep up the great work!

  • Jeff Heeszel

    Congratulations! That 100k YT plaque is just around the corner!

  • Griz

    Yum blue moon! Nice way to celebrate!

  • Don Ward

    I’m not a subscriber but I am a regular watcher. Well done guys.

  • ostiariusalpha

    Congrats, guys. I never know what new angle you’re going to troll me on when the new video announcement shows up in my subscription bar, but I know I’ll always be entertained and maybe even enlightened just a bit by it nonetheless. Thanks for making every last one of them.

  • B.K.

    Congrats! Can’t say enough good things about TFB & TFBTV. The amount of news and content you guys realease daily is awesome. I appreciate how the blog caters to all aspects of the firearm community. Keep up the great work,and here’s to the next 50,000!

  • C.

    Looking forward to future videos of the Chick-fil-AK.

  • 6.5x55Swedish

    I’d like to see a video with 6.5×55 vs 6.5x55SE. Ballistic tests, speed etc. Shoot out of a modern barrel even with the weak loads.

  • anomad101

    Are those guys old enough to drink?

    • Patrick R.

      Being in my early 30’s i will take this as a complement.

      • B.K.

        Wow! I had always pictured you guys as roughly the same age as I. Mid to late twenties, I myself being twenty eight. Are Alex and Miles in the same ballpark?

        • Patrick R.

          I can’t speak for Miles, but Alex is in his mid-late twenties.

  • So the cameraman has a Michelob Ultra, I think, Alex has a Blue Moon, and Patrick has a Ruby Redbird from Shiner.

    Patrick officially has the better taste in beer of the three.

    • Patrick R.

      Strange, I don’t drink except for rare occasions.

  • Tassiebush

    Thanks right back at you guys! It’s a pleasure watching TFBTV. If I can suggest something I’d really like to see some comparisons between classes of firearm. Sporting Shotgun vs combat Shotgun at various Shotgun roles. That could be a nicely pointing double, a tricked out riot gun and a hunting pump or semi.
    Another thing I’d love to see is a few “typical” rifles of different types. Like maybe a .3030 levergun, a scoped boltaction hunting rifle and a tactical ar15 type gun with “tactical glass” on it facing a mix of tasks from psuedo hunting shots to 3gun match like roles. simplify it as needed so it’s not a real massive pain in the ar$e.