USSOCOM Issues Warning About EOTechs, Sights Do Not Live Up To Claims

Recently, the SOF WPMO at NSWC Crane has issued a warning about EOTech optics, saying that they experience problems with temperature sensitivity and shifting zero. reports (only a portion of the article is duplicated below, please click through and read the whole thing):

Over the past few weeks, three separate issues have come to our attention regarding EOTech’s line of Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS). While we initially thought they weren’t related as they came up one by one, we realized they were all connected once we had looked into all three. Consequently, we believe they should be presented together, along with the source documentation.

Safety Of Use Message Issued
Although it’s the last one we uncovered, we’ll begin with the most glaring piece of information. On 14 September, the SOF Weapons Program Management Office at NSWC Crane released a Safety of Use Message regarding issues with EOTech’s Enhanced Combat Optical Sights (ECOS), which is how they refer to HWS. This certainly caught our attention as the PMO is responsible for USSOCOM weapons. That message ultimately serves as the linchpin, tying together the other two issues we’ll soon address.

This critical bit of information would have been a stand-alone article, but it added credence to the others and offered coherence to some otherwise inexplicable issues. It also allowed us to concentrate on the facts presented in the various documentation. We will introduce the other issues after you get a chance to read the SOUM, which was obtained by Soldier Systems Daily. The Message has no date-time-group but was transmitted via official email traffic to SOF units on 14 September, 2015 and there are no markings limiting distribution.

Screenshot (64)

Click to view .pdfWhile there is a great deal of information in the SOUM, two glaring issues stick out. The first is the reliability of the HWS in extreme temperatures, referred to as “Thermal Drift”. The PMO has noted a +/- 4 MOA shift at -40 Deg F and 122 Deg F. Second, is the concern over the claim by EOTech that their HWS are parallax free which was the subject of a previous Safety of Use Message from the same office issued 16 March, 2015. In this case they noted between 4 and 6 MOA parallax error depending on temperature conditions. Despite the PMO working with EOTech to rectify the issues, they still have not been resolved.

Putting It All Together
As you can see, the three pieces of information certainly seem related when presented together. In the same quarter, EOTech changed their HWS user manuals and acknowledged in an SEC filing, “aggregate liability of $26 million in anticipation of a settlement related to a product specification matter regarding a holographic weapon sight product…” In the next quarter, USSOCOM issues a Safety Of Use Message that addresses the very information removed from the HWS user manuals.

Data Was Right There In The Open
The documentation was readily available prior to its publication here, to anyone who knew where to look. While EOTech has made no public statements so far, regarding the issues with the performance of their family of HWS, they certainly haven’t hidden them either. To the contrary, we wouldn’t have discovered the issues so easily if they’d tried to hide them. They’ve published new versions of their user manuals and made them available to the public, as well as making an SEC filing which is public record and acknowledges there is an issue afoot. While it would be nice to see EOTech publicly acknowledge the issue, it would be interesting to find out how long they’ve known about it. Regardless, the only thing that remains up in the air, is whether L3 Communications will be required to pay that $26 million, to whom they would pay it, and if there will be any additional stipulations.

Let’s Hope They Fix It
In closing, we suggest that both commercial and military users of EOTech HWS read the SOUM, since EOTech has still not specifically addressed its customers regarding the issues. We hope that they do soon and offer a solution to rectify these issues.

In the same price bracket as red dot optics from well-respect manufacturers such as Aimpoint and Trijicon, EOTechs have received polarized reputation, tending to be either loved or hated. While those who favor other brands may certainly feel better about their choices, I doubt most casual civilian EOTech users will notice any problems; they seem mostly to concern military and law enforcement users who use their rifles and optics in a wide range of conditions.

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • Don Ward

    Yes. YES. YES!!!

    Soon my plan to sabotage modern optics because of that one forum argument I had with Nathaniel about iron sights still being practical will finally be proven right!

    *Makes an arcane gesture summoning the ghosts of Ludd*

    To the RedDot factories! Let no optic go unborked!

    *Laughs maniacally*

    • Josh

      were you the guy who made that comment about wood stocks and planting some tree?

      • Don Ward


    • Andrew

      Iron sights are as practical as EOTechs.

      • Paul J

        Work great with a magnifier behind.

  • Vhyrus

    This issue may not affect most people, but I live in Phoenix. 122 degrees is the trunk of my car after a 10 minute drive for 9 months of the year. 4 to 6 moa is a pretty big shift too.

    Good thing I’m too cheap to buy eotechs.

    • Joshua

      We never saw it in field. I’m sure they could make it happen in tests, but real world use no one I know saw drastic poa/poi shifts.

      • CommonSense23

        Actually just realized we had massive issues with this. When we shifted over to the Surefire suppessors from the KAC cans we thought we were having massive POI shifts when hot. Thought it had more to do with the cans than the Eotechs.

        • I don’t follow. Unless the EOtech sight was mounted far forward over the can or on an adjacent surface, the level of heat required to raise the ambient temperature to 122 qould be like 2k. I mean, my cans get hot, but my optics are normally 12-16 inches away from it.

          On the other hand, I guess the increased blowback from running a Suppressor could increase operating temperatures in the receiver. .. I dunno. Maybe, I’ll have to try and recreate the issue + videotape it for science.

          EDIT: I am stupid, I read the first temp as Celsius, as in over boiling. Yeah, 122 F isn’t very hot at all.

          • iksnilol

            Did you factor in weight? Most cans cause POI shift, probably will worsen when the can itself gets hot as well.

            That and mirage is also a real issue with cans.

        • Grindstone50k

          Were you having POI shifts before the KAC cans but with EOTechs?

          • CommonSense23

            No, but the issue isn’t that all of the EoTechs are doing it. I never had a problem with it. What happened was the way our cycle works is we come back from deployment, turn weapons and gear in for inspection, then get reissued new gear. When that happened we got the new surefire cans, and we got the Eotechs that ran off CR123 batteries instead of double As. Our first range week probably 10% of the Eotechs went down, those guys got issued new ones and we never noticed it again. We all thought the issue had to due with the new cans, which we universally hated compared to the KAC cans.

    • Andrew

      “Good thing I’m too cheap to buy eotechs.”

      lol EOTechs aren’t even mid level optics. I’m sure your NcStar and Sightmark optics don’t have any POI shift either…

      • Vhyrus

        Primary Arms, actually… but hey, thanks for being a douche about it!

        • Vitsaus

          He’s right though.

  • Andrew

    BREAKING: EOTechs are Crisco.

    • Sianmink


  • john huscio

    Aimpoint/meprolight or bust!

    • Andrew

      Do you even ACOG, bro?

      • john huscio


      • Anonymoose

        I’ve started leaning towards Elcans recently…

        • hydepark

          Dont Elcans (at least the variable magnification models) have well-established problems as well? Specifically the mounts and POI shifting between magnification settings?

          • Anonymoose

            Specters? I’m not talking about the old rubber-coated ones.

        • Bill

          I don’t complain about rifle weight.

          Until somebody puts an Elcan on it.

    • Devil_Doc

      +1 on the Mepro..

    • iksnilol

      Do you even Z-point, bruh?

      EDIT: There’s some good budget optics such as Primary Arms and that other one I forgot the name of.

      • Andrew

        Good budget optics LOL.

        Next you’re gonna tell me about your Hyundai luxury car…

        • iksnilol

          Primary Arms has done right by my friends. And the Vortex Sparc or whatever it is called isn’t bad either.

          I like the high end stuff with the hard to pronounce names. But some of the inexpensive stuff is good. Especially if you aren’t dynamically oper8 in tactical black ops.

        • Sgt. Stedenko

          You mean the Hyundai Equus which starts at $61k and is probably twice the price of your Chevy POS?

        • janklow

          i don’t think anyone’s directly comparing PA to Your High-End Optic of Choice by calling it a “good budget optic,” though. easy on the feelings!

  • Lance

    EO tech always sucked. most people firing past 100 yards never hit the target too well with one. Buy a AIMPOINT or ACOG for a Optic is a better solution.

    • Ian Thorne

      I don’t have a problem hitting out to 200 with my Aimpoints or EOTechs. They function identical for me.

      • Same for me—–

      • T Rex

        I agree, but the Eotech naysayers will conflate acceptable accuracy of a zero magnification red dot at 200yds with precision accuracy a 4 power or greater optic at that distance, an apples and oranges comparison.

        When my agency transitioned to the Eotech 512 on all patrol rifles over a decade ago, the increased marksmanship of even our marginal rifle shots was notable, and the night sight capability afforded by the Eotech was absolutely remarkable.

        In long distance shooting, we trained using 28″ tall steel tombstone targets at 50, 100, 200, an 300 meters, nearly everyone could consistently ring steel out to 200, and most of the misses at 300 were because a target that size is difficult for some people to see without magnification at 300 meters.

    • Grindstone50k

      Obviously a hardware problem and not a software problem.

    • Southpaw89

      Not for or against EOTechs, but it sounds to me like most of these people need to fix the nut behind the stock, it can be a real problem sometimes.

    • T Rex

      Duh. You don’t have to be very smart to work out that an Eotech with zero magnification would not equal the accuracy of a 4 power ACOG past 100yds. The Eotech enables a shooter to quickly pick up targets in CQB scenarios to quickly and accurately engage targets with ease out to 100 yds, that’s what the Eotech was designed to do; a 4 power ACOG is less effective when it comes to quickly picking up and acquiring targets at CQB distances, but highly effective in accurately engaging targets out to 500 meters, that’s what the ACOG was designed to do. The Eotech is better suited for distances of 100 yds or less, that’s why it’s preferred by law enforcement, because most LE shootings with patrol rifles take place at distances of less than 50yds. Just because some people are simply too slow to sort out which optic is suitable for a particular application is no knock on Eotech..

  • Vitsaus

    As rough as it is to say, this might bring the price down some as they try to recover the consumer confidence from the armchair commandos at arfcom.

    • MoltElevator9

      Chairborne Rangers is preferred. 😉

  • Ted Unlis

    The Eotech line of holographic sights are proven to be rugged, reliable, deadly effective at CQB range, and proven to have extremely reliable accuracy out to moderate ranges, all of which is what L3 intended and achieved when designing Eotech holographic sights.

    “Thermal Drift” from extreme temperatures is an issue few if any LEO’s in the U.S. ever have or ever will encounter with a tried and true optic such as the Eotech 512 or similar L3 product.

    So, for U.S. law enforcement, the USSOCOM safety alert is irrelevant unless the intended use of an Eotech optic mounted on a patrol rifle is engaging long range threats in extreme U.S. geographic regions like the Alaskan arctic or Death Valley CA.

    Idiotic comments such as those shared by Andrew are mildly amusing and typical of the average cyber world firearms enthusiast who at best has little, and more likely no actual real world experience and knowledge, but only virtual or cyber world experience and knowledge used to form both flawed opinions and bogus expertise on Eotech, Aimpoint, Trijicon, or any other quality optics suitable for LE and Military use.

    • In the summer, it is very easy for the inside of car to get over 122 degrees.

      • rob


      • Southpaw89

        Yes, we should all be warned of the dangers of leaving pets, babies, and Eothechs in a hot car.

        • avconsumer2

          Wait… they left Eotechs in a hot car!!?! Heartless bastards.

      • Ted Unlis

        And yet in more than a decade of Eotech being the preferred optic for the majority of LE patrol rifles nationwide that are routinely stored in vehicles and exposed to extremely high and extremely low tempatures, no problems whatsoever encountered by LE for this allegedly newly discovered issue of “Thermal Drift”.

        • So you are saying that USSOCOM is lying?

          If your Eotech is working fine, good for you. But USSOCOM is warning users that they have issues, just like they did in the past.

          The last time USSOCOM issued a safety issue on the Eotech, it was for the battery springs, guess what? Eotech had to fix that issue.

        • Bill

          LE rifles don’t gear NEARLY the usage, both in training and in deployment that mil rifles get. so any problems will be a lot more difficult to detect. I’m not about to abandon mine, but It is routinely exposed to the high end of that temperature range, and now I’ll be checking it for zero and issues more frequently. 122 F isn’t that unusual for a car interior in the US summer. I don’t know if car color has an impact, such as truck temperatures on a dark or black and white car.

          At the EOTech price point, this is really not good. If the issue proves out as stated, my future sights will come from a different company, unless EOTech comes out with a fix.

          I don’t go nuts over every little complaint, but when entities like Crane and USSOCOM speak, I tend to give them a fair amount of credence. If the top end was 200 F, that would be different, but 122 F again isn’t high at all, relatively speaking. So yeah, it’s a big issue for LE, and I apologize to my northern brethren and sisteren for not hitting on the low temp aspect, because i don’t have that much arctic experience with mine.

          And correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought L3 bought EOTech as a company. Either way, it’s a big company with a lot of horsepower, one would think they’d develop a fix.

        • iksnilol

          I dunno, I’d be worried if something isn’t tip top in the tool that I depend on keeping me alive. So I find it understandable that people are worried.

          Besides, USSOCOM is a serious actor so I would heed their warning.

        • ozzallos .

          Yes, because being a preferred product of the US Government or Law Enforcement is an absolute guarantee of quality and has nothing to do with greases palms

          • Ted Unlis

            In our case it had to do with competitive bidding, the 512 was rugged, reliable, and we didn’t need all the extra mil spec bells and whistles like night vision compatibility or water resistance for submersion to 10 meters, we needed a large number of quality optics for patrol rifles at the lowest possible price to stay within a fixed budget.

            About a decade ago my agency bought well over 2000 Eotech 512’s at a little over $300 per unit, and most if not all of those units are still functional today, we never experienced any problem in weather extremes ranging from blizzards in the Texas panhandle to searing desert heat in Presidio, that’s why this new alleged “Thermal Drift” issue set off my BS meter. Other than the previously mentioned issue with losing a battery spacer when changing batteries, we had zero issues with the Eotech 512 failing or shifting zero, none, nada.

            The only plausible explanation for these sudden alleged reliability issues with the proven Eotech product line is IF for some reason there was a lapse of quality control in recently manufactured optics, and knowing what I know about L3 and Eotech, that’s a big IF.

    • kenny bania

      Most US LEO couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn if they were standing inside of it

      • Grindstone50k

        They could if it was full of bystanders or unarmed black men.

        • sliversimpson

          At least they have the guts to do a thankless job that garners them the criticism of many cowardly keyboard warriors.

          • Grindstone50k

            srs bsns here

            LOL “thankless job”

          • mosinman

            revenue generation with some crimefighting on the side is indeed thankless

          • Sgt. Stedenko

            The taxpayers who support many of the unsustainable police pensions are the ones who are thankless.

          • Grindstone50k

            Not to mention the paid vacations for shooting people.

      • Kivaari

        Some places that don’t train. We fired ~350 rounds per month. All of our guys did very well with Glock 17s and 19s. We also used MP5s and later M4s. We had to qualify, whereas other departments just didn’t care enough. Look at NYPD, that have extra-heavy triggers in the Glocks, increasing the hits on innocent bystanders.

      • sliversimpson

        Unfortunately, the same could be said for most military, as well.

    • Jjpaul

      Dude, eotech’s garbage, just accept it.

    • Kivaari

      Good comments.

    • Dan

      Just an FYI i dont live in Alaska or death valley and have experience both of those temperature extremes.

  • Grindstone50k

    Well I’m glad my AO is within those operating temperatures.

  • Ben Wong

    bunch of wussies …. old corps here … iron sights up to 500meters Ooh Rah !

    • iksnilol

      Not millitary but I have shot .22 LR at 200 meters with irons.

      I agree with you.

    • CommonSense23

      How well did that work for you in combat?

      • mosinman

        seemed to work for both world wars

        • CommonSense23

          You realize how much they missed right.

          • Dan

            Wasn’t just because of iron sights

          • CommonSense23

            Yeah, but using irons past 50 yards on a actual battlefield is insanely difficult. Pump your heartrate into the mid hundreds. Targets popping up for only seconds, exposing themselves as little as possible, while you are doing the same. Its hard enough doing it with modern optics. People vastly overestimate how well they will shoot with irons.

          • Bill

            It’s really visible, pardon the pun, when a guy has to qualify with his optical sight, then has to take it off and qualify again with his iron sights. it was drastic enough that I switched the course order so that they shoot it with iron first, then put there “normal” sight back on and shoot it again, so that we can ensure that the sight is on, and they don’t leave all depressed and moody.

          • mosinman

            people still miss even with newer tech. the point is you can hit your targets with irons, it’s been done forever. this doesn’t mean i dismiss new tech either.

    • Bill

      When the USMC decided it was time to put optics on rifles, I realized that the Earth shifted on it’s axis, but it pretty much told me that while I needed to be able to revert to iron, fighting was best done with glass.

      • iksnilol

        Yup, glass is superior but having the irons available doesn’t hurt. Though fine iron sights are better for precision than a big red dot.

        • Bill

          Cowitnessed BUIS on everything I run, and good agencies require qualification with both/anything on the gun. I’m pushing for that at our house, but cost, time, blah, blah, blah. The guys with flip-over magnifiers will have to run the course 3 times, possibly 4, if I throw in the scope-sighted rifle course.

  • iksnilol

    That feeling when you and all the people you know prefer Aimpoints.

    It’s called smugness.

    • me ohmy

      actually… I don’t like the idea of a laser firing and then reflecting into the mark one eyeball for starters. and AIMPOINT an absolute not even comparison to the EODRECK.

  • John

    Hmm. How many of these were manufactured in China, I wonder.

    • Ted Unlis

      Unless USSOCOM tested counterfeit Eotech’s, not a one. All authentic Eotech optics are manufactured by L3 in the U.S. All counterfeit or “replica” Eotech’s are made in China.

  • Opportunist

    Right on time for me to take advantage of the massive price drop! Weeeee

  • Kivaari

    I just bought one. I’ve not made it to the range yet. I hope it isn’t going to fail in harsh weather. We get 0 to 110 temperatures. I try to stay indoors when it is at the extremes.

  • nova3930

    You would think that would have been verified during military qualification testing. I know on the aviation side, we test everything electronic for correct function through the entire operational temperature range, along with pressure, vibration and a few other factors.

    • CommonSense23

      The problem is it isn’t all of them. A lot are passing. Some are failing.

  • tony

    They need to source springs built with better materials for windage and elev adjustments.

    • milesfortis

      The reported problem is not with the windage or elevation adjustments, it’s with the mastic used to laminate the multiple lens.

  • roguetechie

    you know personally I’ve fallen madly in love with the pk-as sight and I hope I can pick up a couple pk-07’s one day soon.
    I’ve also owned a pair of aimpoints, eotechs, acog’s, and a whole stable of lucids plus one of everything and 2 is 1 1 is none of the good stuff over the years. In that time my preferences and requirements have varied substantially, but one thing has stayed consistently.
    whether I am currently sporting $10’s of dollars worth of gun frosting on the 12 o clock rail or a couple thousand plus dollars worth on a given day with a given gun, I have never once felt like my optics were enhanced or performed better due to my mouth parts spewing forth venom about someone else’s setup!
    rather than engage in the pointless and irrational brawl between warring gear snob factions already underway here, I’m going to list two of the rules I try to follow in conversation about firearms and optics as well as on range days.
    Are there optics I dislike? You betcha! Will I honestly tell someone my negative feelings about my experiences with x or y item IF ASKED? I sure will, but I try to follow some key guidelines. Here are two of the more important items from my list.
    1. Never deliberately make a young enthusiast feel bad about their gear maliciously! Bluntly, S*** like that makes me angry, and is bad for the sport. Be constructive, offer tips and tricks, and if you can afford it and it’s the right moment… Be that guy in some new shooters that time I went to the range and got a gun or optic or etc for way less than it should’ve cost me story….
    you know the story that every single one of us die hard gun guys has one of? The day that turned a hobby into a lifelong love!
    you’d be surprised how little it takes, and how awesome it is to finally feel like the wise elder rather than the perpetual student!
    2. OFFER HELP:
    don’t watch someone whose obviously floundering while trying to get something zeroed or etc, while you talk smack and laugh with your buddies. That is a humiliating and frustrating experience that ends a disturbing number of peoples interest in firearms in a single range trip! There’s a point beyond which frustration and stress alone make successfully completing the task highly improbable, it’s easy to see it approaching and even easier to head off before it does. It just takes being a good human.

    • Bill

      The issue here is about a technical flaw in a piece of equipment, not brand preference. If a particular instrument landing system on an airplane was off by a couple degrees, the issue is about getting it assessed and fixed, not about pilot attitude or brand name. People’s lives, mine included, depend on me being able to unrack a rifle, run into a building and get a first round hit in a crowded room. No exceptions, no second chances.

      • roguetechie

        I’m aware of the issue, and agree that it needed to be brought up to generate awareness for people potentially affected. I have no problem whatsoever with the actual story.
        my issue was with the vitriol and snobbery I saw the comments section full of.
        THAT is what I chose to outright say I didn’t like, and further to try and leave one positive comment in an otherwise sad array.

        • Bill

          It’s all good, after all, it is the interweb, where the signal-to-noise ratio is pretty bad.

          • roguetechie

            Allowing your day to be ruined by a comment on the internet is even less likely to end well than starting a fist fight with an ugly person. Remember they really have nothing to lose…

  • Zeitgeist

    I used various EOTech sights as a security contractor in the ME for literally years. I saw none of this. The battery connector issue was real and correctly fixed even though it could be fixed in the field with some cardboard, but I have never had one shift zero appreciably in the real world 0-200m range unless it was broken. I have broken a few, but then I also broke an Aimpoint so I might just be clumsy. These days, EOTech lives on my SMG because the big reticule and big window is good close up and the environments are more forgiving, and Aimpoint on my rifles as I am harder on them. The 1 moa dot in the EOTech is better for longer ranges than the 2-4 moa Aimpoint, but the sight is not quite as durable in my experience. I’d still jump into Douchebagistan with an EOTech on my rifle with confidence, but would prefer Aimpoint.

    • T Rex

      Good point, the battery connector issue on an Eotech is only a problem if you’re like we were, unaware that a thingamajig (spacer?) can sometimes stick to the end of a AA battery when removed and will be lost after falling of the removed battery. We found the way to avoid AA battery issues with the Eotech 512 was to use top quality lithium batteries.

  • Mc Cain

    You guys are a few days late to this particular party.

  • John

    Dis is nuts! I spend $549 for a sight on my $89 AirSoft gun and I get drift at high temps??

    I AM AN OPERATER! If I need my small white plastic BBs to hit some Red Flag at 300 yards (OK more like 10 yards, whatever!), I need to know my sight won’t fail.

    THIS explains why my trophy case is empty…THANKS EOTECH!

  • UCSPanther

    Maybe the old leaf sights on the old Mausers weren’t such a bad idea after all…

  • Limousine Liberal

    Thus the moniker “EOgarbage”. Micro T-1 for the win!

  • Cal S.

    My poor-boy Strikefire II is looking pretty good right now…

  • Daniel

    Not worried about it. It doesn’t affect the model Eotech I have, and where I live doesn’t reach those temperatures. I’ll stick with my HWS.

  • ozzallos .

    ^ This.

  • Shmoe

    Sounds like they need competition. To my knowledge EOTech is the only manufacturer of laser holographic sights; and (as far as I know) this shouldn’t be a patent issue. Granted the pros and cons, I still think I prefer a conventional red-dot, for battery life alone.

  • _NL_

    We use them on our M249s in the Swiss Army and once during a winter exercise 4 out of 6 failed…but they are still in service -.-

  • AK™

    Well if they’re such a problem,just ship them to me. I’ll dispose of them with no fee.

  • Squirreltakular

    But they look so cooool…

    Eotechs may be alright, but the 512 I had a few years ago left a bad taste in my mouth. Horrible battery life and the terminals feel out.

  • Stanley Rabbid

    Guess it pays to be tacticool?

  • me ohmy

    yet again, and as I have ALWAYS have said….AIMPOINT

  • me ohmy


  • MikeF

    My Agency has sent back several to be fixed under warranty. The glass panels were falling out after the rifles were left in hot patrol cars.

  • anonymouse

    Whenever I’ve spoken to Eotech they’ve always emphasised that their products aren’t fully mil-spec and aren’t designed for military usage; unlike L-3 sister company Insight’s products, which are aimed specifically at the military. Doesn’t mean they’re not widely used by the military, just that they’re not actually up to mil-spec standards (and don’t claim to be). Given that seems a little unfair to then ping them for failing military tests.

  • Dean J. Vandall

    All I know is from my own use. From Iraq days of 120+ to running them in Alaska and -40, i never once had a shift of such magnitude. I embrace all the brands, but I still am not gonna ditch my Tech due to a few reported issues. Not saying it didnt happen, not at all, but not going to ditch kit that has served me solid over the last 12+years

  • Herr Trollzorz


  • The Brigadier

    I have a chance to get an ACOG at a nice discount. Have any of you used an ACOG and how did they perform?