Skinny Medic Takes on the Grand Power X-Calibur

The Grand Power is a handgun not seen often here in the US, but it has some intriguing features. Arrives with a double-single action trigger (supposedly pretty good), completely ambidextrous and mirrored controls and a rotating barrel supposedly helps with accuracy and recoil all while keeping familiar 1911 style thumb safety.

Skinny Medic, not normally one to review pistols, reviews the X-Calibur and finds it an excellent option. The single-action trigger is reported to be top-notch.

Color me curious to request one of the handguns for myself to review and see if the Slovakian wonder is up to TFB’s task!


Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • iksnilol

    These are starting to get some traction in Norway. They’re cheaper than a Glock and better for most purposes (only real advantage of the Glock is that it has more caliber options).

  • plingr2

    Grand power are made in 6mm flobert,.22lr , 380 acp,9mm luger,40 ,45,9PA, 9mm makarov, 10x28T and they prepare 10mm . So Grand power has more calibre options.

    • Andrew

      Flobert lol

    • Anomanom

      Really, they make it in 10×28? Ive always wanted one of those “traumatic ammunition” pistols. Too bad they’re basically unavailable in the US.

  • Bruce

    More and more people are discovering that a DA gun isn’t so hard to shoot after all.

    • Plumbiphilious

      I really hope we’ll get out of the mindset that striker-fired guns are somehow more advanced and the be-all, end-all of pistol technology aside from competition-oriented SA 1911s.

      • DonDrapersAcidTrip

        There is a striker fired variant of this gun. …and it has the most hideous slide out of all the variants. seriously what is the deal. it’s like every manufacturer thinks striker fired = has to be ugly, as some kind of rule. cz’s striker fired gun is the first ugly cz I’ve ever seen. beretta’s new striker fired gun is probably the ugliest handgun ever crafted. even the vp9 is a p30 that’s been slightly uglified by giving it a more rectangle profile. like, do these people think everyone was buying glocks for their looks all this time? lmao

        and every time I point this out some 80 year old man has to comment “they’re made to be working guns not fancy show pieces” oh I’m sorry I guess 1911s have never been anything but show pieces. I guess it’s impossible in 2015 to make a firearm both look decent and reliably fire bullets accurately. or people love to just repeat firearm memes with no thought behind it

        • javierjuanmanuel

          Its subjective, I agree the guns you listed are more than average ugly, with the exception of the VP9, i think it looks fine.

          Someone must love the way they look, or its cheaper in terms of passes on the CNC etc, and people find it acceptable. They must, the guns sell and are likely profitable.

          • javierjuanmanuel

            Also I think its young people that likely are ok with it, I think you have your assumptions and stereotypes messed up.

            Young people do not remember or care about hand made guns, that was never the norm for them. They do not have money, they are out of college and cannot get a job. Old people remember homes and cars with thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in add on fluff to make things look cool, old people, even city workers with modest paying jobs have 3-4 million dollar pensions, and a million dollar healthcare package in retirement. I know TONS of old people that had modest jobs, and left behind 3-10 million dollars to their heirs. I am talking entry level job at utility company, and public school teacher. There are millions and millions of old people, who never did anything but plug away at the same job they got when they were 19, and have 2-3 homes.

            The under 30 guy has no insurance, will never have a pension. I know tons of 20-30 somethings that are working for under 20 bucks per hour, and do not get many hours. Many less than 11-13 per hour.

            I am just 36, I like the old stuff, but cheaper stuff is fine I accept it for what it is, I prefer a used mauser for $500 on gunbroker compared to say a polystock savage for $500.

  • Bob

    There is a century model used at my local gander mountain. It has an awesome stock trigger the reset is so short and pronounced at the same time. It just screams quality way above the price tag you can find one online for. If it wasn’t over priced there I would of bought it in a second. Instead I found out a friend had one and got to pop off a few rounds. It was exactly how you would think it would shoot, fantastic. I just have to save my pennies for one of their match grade models. The grand power line seem to be awesome guns, whether they are clones or not I highly recommend shooting one or picking one up for a collectors piece. CZ, Lionheart, Sig and Grand Power definitely show that DA/SA are alive and well.

  • noob

    top notch trigger? notched top slide.

  • roguetechie

    Another major plus is the military grand power pistol having successfully passed a military acceptance test that I doubt many other pistols would pass. A 5 digit round count without a gun caused stoppage, a second round count that was about double the zero stoppage number without ANY DIMENSIONAL CHANGE throughout the pistol. It passed.
    Also just as a little something to consider also Eugene Stoner, and Uzi Gal both believed the rotating barrel pistol system was the future of handguns and were working on designs of their own at the end of their lives.
    Arkady Shipunov also believed this, and he built gas operated rotary cannons and gast guns in use today tomorrow and well into the future in applications where failure is not an option like CIWS systems for most of his career.
    look around at the really exceptional newer pistols, you’ll notice this operation system in many of the truly great pistols at any price that also happen to be very affordable…
    That isn’t a coincidence.

  • Tothe

    Some of the pistols on the manufacturer’s site are listed as “caliber 10x28T.” What is this? It’s not 10mm Auto.

    • Bramos

      10x28T is a rubber ball round. It’s a less than lethal option for self-defense in countries like Russia.