T/C Strike Muzzleloader From Thompson/Center Arms

If you’re looking for a way to lengthen your hunting seasons or just interested in expanding your firearms repertoire, muzzleloaders are a good way to go. Lately they’ve been gaining ground, seeing more use overall, with new models and ammo being produced as well. Now Thompson/Center Arms, which is a subsidiary of the Smith and Wesson Holding Corporation, is coming out with a new muzzleloader, the T/C Strike.

The T/C Strike is a hammerless .50 cal muzzleloader featuring the company’s own Adapt Breech system and, in place of a traditional hammer, their Stealth Striker system. The Adapt Breech system has an externally threaded breech which, according to Thompson/Center Arms, “effectively seals off the blowback from burnt powders inside the barrel.” Instead of a breech plug there’s a threadless primer adapter that works along with a retaining collar to hold the 209 primer in place. The result is quick, reliable ignition and easier cleanup.

The new gun has a match-grade trigger and an oversized trigger guard for easier use while wearing gloves, which is a feature hunters will certainly appreciate. It also has Armornite coating to aid in resistance to corrosion, both extending the life of the gun overall and making it usable in a variety of weather conditions. For easier transport the T/C Strike has a takedown design as well: simply remove the sling swivel stud and move the forend down to detach the barrel from the action.

There will be three models available, and each model will be available in either walnut, black composite, or composite/Next G2 camo stock. Each gun will come with a multi-tool.

Visit the company’s website at www.tcarms.com or go straight to the T/C Strike page at https://www.tcarms.com/firearms/muzzleloaders/strike

Caliber: .50
Barrel Length: 24 inches
Overall Length: 41 inches
Weight: 7.5 lbs.
Length of Pull: 13.5 inches
Rate of Twist: 1:28
Trigger: Match-Grade
Finish/Stock: Walnut, Black Composite, or Composite/Next G2 Camo
MSRP: Starting at $499

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  • HenryV

    How is that Redemption muzzleloader doing?

  • TechnoTriticale

    How the supply of percussion caps these days?

    That’s not a rhetorical question. I heard a complaint about it in a shop lately.

    • Southpaw89

      Not every place that sells ammo carries them, but if you find one they will almost always be in stock, even during a banic, likely due to them being less popular than other arms, and the three shots per minute max for rifles. I’ve found them at Sportsmans Warehouse, Fisherman’s Marine Supply, I think at Bi-Mart, and I’m certain Cabelas carries them. Depending on where you are you may not even have heard of some of these stores, but that’s my experience.

    • Don Ward

      I haven’t been able to find any of the standard muzzleloader percussion caps anywhere in the Puget Sound region. And I’ve looked.

  • Broz

    Used to have a T/C Hawken in .50 cal – bought it shortly after I came home from Germany in ’74 (bought it at Edelman’s in Wayne, NJ, of all places) lost it to pawn after I moved to FL in ’79…wish they’d make ’em again!!!

  • Kivaari

    Go on strike and no work gets done.

  • Kivaari

    Muzzle loaders would be a lot better, if they took cartridges.

    • Don Ward

      Roll yer own!

    • iksnilol