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  • Vitsaus

    Demolition Ranch: Doing really unsafe stuff with guns, so you don’t have to.

    • Drew Coleman

      But he’s so loveable…

  • Slim934

    So it doesn’t really disprove the myth because he’s not doing it the way it works in the movies.

    If you watch the way it works in the movies, they get really close with the gun and typically fire it downward such that the bullet strikes the top of the mechanism usually in the direction the lock would open.

    I’m not saying that even then it would work, but just that he is not really disproving the myth here. And I can understand why because actually testing it would be super dangerous.

    • Mark

      Or they are shooting the shackle and not the housing.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Im pretty sure if I pressed the muzzle of my 1911 against the keyhole it would open.

    • Rooftop Voter

      I’m pretty sure if I pressed the muzzle of my M82 against the keyhole it would open.

    • Zebra Dun

      The 1911 might open also.

  • iksnilol

    Just shoot the shackle thingy instead of the lock itself.

    • M.M.D.C.


      • TheNotoriousIUD

        “The hoof”

        • M.M.D.C.

          Gotta hack it off.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Ya cant leave it there. Its a sin.

    • Zebra Dun

      There it is!

  • Don Ward

    If only there were a TV show that would Bust Myths like this…

    • Chi Wai Shum

      I believe Mythbuster has already done something similar.

      • J.T.

        That’s the joke.

    • MRHapla

      Do they even do quality TV like that?

  • Joshua

    I wonder how it would hold up to M855A1…I know it has no problems punching through steel AR500 plates.

    • Anonymoose

      Or M995…

    • nobody

      Source on that claim?

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Standard M193 ammo from a Colt 6920 (16″ 1×7) will sink through AR500 up to about 20 yards, so M855A1 should show similar results, give or take.


        • jcl

          Apparently, it can


          • nobody

            Neat, I wasn’t aware that some got out and that people were testing it. To bad he didn’t have some of the newer NIJ III+ AR500 plates to test it on.

          • jcl

            He has III+ AR500 plate


            He said he’s going to test it later

        • Ted Unlis

          Never tried it at 20 yds since the minimum safe distance for a rifle with steel faced at a 45 degree angle is 50 yds, but I know for a fact that XM193I 5.56 rounds don’t even come close to dimpling my Brinell 550 rated steel targets facing at a 45 degree angle as bad as Speer Lawman 357 Sig 125 TMJ rounds will dimple Brinell 450 rated steel pepper popper targets at 15 yds.

  • Cosmos99

    shoot the latch, dumbass.

    • Tom Currie

      Sure – if you want to shoot the latch from contact range.

      Or you can position the lock so the “top” accessible and shoot the top surface of the padlock, using the entire force of the round to push the lock away from its shackle.

  • Rock or Something

    Shotgun + breaching rounds…

  • Major Tom

    Two words: Bolt cutters.

    Bam! Most padlock problems eliminated and it’s stealthier than any suppressor.

    Or you can use a good ball peen hammer or a flattened aluminum can to jimmy the lock (I learned that trick at work), or a crowbar and ball peen for doors with hinges on the outside…

    I mean seriously, shooting the lock is for TV.

    • Rodford Smith

      Two letters: C4. 🙂

      They use both bolt cutters and cutoff wheels on Storage Wars.

      • Zebra Dun

        Yup, now where to buy C-4….Walmart?

      • jcitizen

        That is only because a hammer would put undue wear and tear on those spindly door hasps. Cut off wheels are the bomb for such jobs ( at least if nothing explosive is near). I have seen certain locks that had harden tubes around the lugs, so hack saws and grinders would take much longer to work.

    • BigMamaHogLeg

      “YEAH BUT WHAT ABOUT HARDENED LOCKS?! It put dents in my bolt cutters and it still wont cut”

      Small butane camp torch/stove. 30 seconds on lock. Case hardening counts for jack once steel is 600F+ Bolter will easily cut anythinfg that hot, like it was butter

      • Major Tom

        If the cutters don’t work a good ball peen will.

        And if that don’t work, what are you doing breaking into a bank?

        • jcitizen

          I used to have to break into many storage devices and areas with a ball peen hammer, when I was in the active service. You can’t beat a ball peen hammer for one whack opener. You’d have to buy a really big Master lock to beat that. The only time we had to use a torch was when there was no room to swing the hammer, and we didn’t want to damage some weapons racks. They were actually more spindly than the locks.

      • Zebra Dun

        Cut the hasp off, cut the ring the lock is attached too.
        Don’t just concentrate on the lock.

      • Kivaari

        Yep. There are locks and than there are LOCKS. Good hardened locks, having a protected loop can be tough. The Hickey Puck locks are pretty tough.

        • itsmefool

          Err, you meant “hockey puck locks,” right? Indeed, those suckers rock!

          • Kivaari

            Yeah, I didn’t mean lip locks that suck.

  • John

    The best improvised lock openers are a 12 ga. Take a pocket knife, cut around above the powder. Skeet shot or rabbit shot it doesn’t matter Hit the lock in the open direction and its done

  • Josh

    Anyone else remember master lock commercials from the 80’s? They’d depict their locks withstanding gun shots too.

    • MRHapla

      ’74 Super Bowl Ad

  • Bill

    First rule of defeating any lock of any type: make sure that it isn’t already unlocked.

    It’s faster, safer and quieter to shim a keyed padlock. consumer grade combination padlocks will open with a strike with a hammer, baton or brick. Breaching or shot rounds are for hinges. Rams are for the young guys who lift, but you have to give them room or they’ll nail your cajones on the backswing or drop it on your feet when the door open.

    Or you can luck out and wherever you are serving the warrant at is run by a moron who installs the hasp incorrectly and the screw heads are exposed, Then you use the Phillips head screwdriver on your Swiss Army knife.

    • MRHapla

      Yeah, where’s THAT Youtube video,??,”Biff approaches the lock,,,is now grasping the lock, ,,,,and now giving it a jiggle,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”

  • RICH


    • Kivaari

      Pop can shims work well.

    • MR

      Quit yelling at me. And a key is the “best” way to open a padlock.

    • Zebra Dun

      “HEY BUBBA!” 8^O

      Come down from that deer stand and ya won’t have to shout. LOL
      Yes a bolt cutter is the best way to open a lock short of an actual key.
      The main thing is, the hinges are the weak points of any locked door.
      The absolute weakest of most unarmored doors is the very center of the door.
      A Steel T post driving hammer makes a good battering ram.
      A couple of log splitter wedges can also work well on the door at the locking hasp, spread the door wide enough away from the door jamb and push or pull it open.
      No I’m not a burglar but I was trained as a teenager as a breacher 45 years ago.

      • iksnilol

        I was taught to kick right under the lock on locked doors. Considering that the guy who taught me is a smoke diver I trust him. It worked that one time I used it… School wasn’t.

  • PK

    I knew this test seemed familiar. Thanks for jogging my memory.

  • Kivaari

    Over 40 years ago a LORAN station in the city caught fire. The chief pulled his .38 and fired all 6 rounds and the lock didn’t budge. A fireman standing there with a traditional fireman’s ax, gave it one whack and bingo it was open. In those days when AP ammo was much more common, we called them “universal keys”. A .30-06 or 7.65mm Argentine had a bit more zap than non-AP.

    • Bill

      I don’t know of one team that has it together that hasn’t stolen a Halligan tool from the FD and painted it black. Hosehumpers have been knocking in doors for centuries. And the there’s the $30 Stanley FUBAR and another hardware store demolition tool that ride with me.

      ….and a LORAN station burned? wiring?

      • Kivaari

        Yes! There was a power outage due to extreme weather. When the poser went down, the generator started automatically. Then the regular poser came on, the automatic disengagement of the generator power, didn’t. With both sources of power trying to run the station it simply burst into flames.
        It was about as far away from the FD or PD as it could be and still be in the city. By the next day the FAA had a portable (trailer sized) station up on the air.

    • iksnilol

      Man, in the good old days you didn’t even need crowbars. Just shoot up them locks. Wasn’t it a bit unpractical to carry a 30-06 or Mauser with you for opening locks? Or was it just in the trunk or something?

      Also, Loran stations? Isn’t that “incredibly old” tech? Always interesting to hear about the old stuff.

      • Kivaari

        As my post said it was over 40 years ago. We always carried handguns and rifles/shotguns. It’s just part of everyday life. I never needed to shoot a lock, lawfully or not. It was handy to have a couple stripper clips loaded with AP. Just in case.
        LORAN is old technology.
        It was used by both aircraft and boats-ships.
        We were at the mouth of a large estuary with lots of pulp, logs and lumber being sent worldwide. Most logs went to Japan. Imports from around the world with just about anything being brought in.

  • Sianmink

    I bet a frangible round would shock the crap out of a lock and bust something without putting a hole through it.

    I should try that.

  • Oldtrader3

    Shoot down onto the top of the lock and it will open!

    • Zebra Dun

      Bullet at an angle ricochet into balls too.

  • Rob

    Shooting hard objects at nearly point blank range. Not smart. Debris can rebound with nasty consequences.

  • Ted Unlis

    The photo of the shot-up lock reminded me of a true story about a former co-worker Rocky, who arrived at the locked gate of his deer lease alone one crisp November morning well before daylight on opening day only to discover he’d been locked out by some @$$#0L& with a new pad lock.

    Rocky had everything in his truck except bolt cutters, so his plan B to adapt and overcome the quandary was backing a few paces to put the Model 28 he carried to good use as a lock removal tool just as he’d watched the Cowboys in Westerns do countless times.

    Rocky nailed the pad lock with a with a near perfect shot, then got in his truck and drove back to town for an ER visit to fix an unanticipated ricochet gunshot wound to the thigh, which lucky for him, hit only meat and not bone or artery.

  • MR

    “This better not go on Youtube.”

  • tarnishedcopper

    He was shooting the wrong part of the lock. The shackles are extremely hard and many times the steel is brittle. Had he shot the shackle the larger rounds would have more than likely shattered them. The “little pieces” or “plates” he refers to are actually steel plates laminated together and held together by rivets.

  • doug

    I think it was skeeter skelton decades ago who said in a magazine (shooting times?) “my gun will blow a lock up.” I think he was talking about a handgun

    • Zebra Dun

      I bet it was a .44 magnum.

  • Zebra Dun

    Tested this on some old left lying around locks with no keys, some locks fell apart with the first shot most just locked up harder. Different brands at about 50 feet.
    Used a .45 acp FMJ standard velocity and a .357 magnum LSWCHP FBI load did not seem to make a difference between the .45 and the .357 I did not try rifle ammo.
    Lots of ricochet and shrapnel at times, use caution and eye protection if you try this.
    I’d think but did not test shooting the attachment points of the hasp or for sure a 12 gauge shotgun blow the hinges off breacher style would do best.
    I’d also say find a screwdriver and hammer or crowbar hooligan tool would be better.
    As is all things my comments are just my observations and opinions, I am no expert and your experience may be different.

    • Zebra Dun

      The wife is a collector of old stuff, many come with various locks and no keys, if something is locked I get the bolt cutters or simply pry the lids off.
      Hence my collections of old locks and no keys, I also have a collection of old keys and no locks.

  • Zebra Dun

    Brains will always overcome!

  • Archie Montgomery

    Master Padlock Company used to run an advertisement (in the 1970s, I think) to show how ‘tough’ the padlock. Film showed a standard Master Padlock – the standard of the laminated padlock type as shown in the video – being shot by a ‘high power rifle’. The rifle was shown and appeared to be a Winchester 1894 in .30-30. I suppose ‘high power rifle’ depends on context.

    The commercial showed an impact much like the video shows. A shot directed at the main body of the padlock. But the lock remained intact. No kidding? Just incidentally, they never announced – as does the Demolition Ranch video – the lock was inoperable after the damage. The shot penetrated and destroyed the inner portion of the lock containing the key mechanism and connections.

    I suggest the viewer check out a couple of the old ‘cowboy’ movies of the black and white era. A regular feature was a stage coach robber shooting the ‘strong box’ on the coach and breaking the padlock open. However, one should pay attention to the technique used in those movies.

    Another great movie/television ‘gag’ is when someone shoots the ‘lock’ on a door, then opens the door. Hint: Shooting the doorknob does not retract the bolt from the doorjamb.

    The experiment shown in the Demolition Ranch video would have different results IF the shooter (or advisor) had some knowledge about how padlocks work. Very similar to demonstrating deer cannot be killed by shooting a tree.

    • Zebra Dun

      I use the old 30/30 possibly at very short range it hits the ability to be considered high power but for most of it’s range it is medium powered.

      I’m betting a 45/70 would smack it open.

    • Zebra Dun

      I believe it was A squirrel being killed by shooting a tree if I’m not mistaken known worldwide as “Barking” a squirrel so as not to waste meat with a high power weapon.

  • OldOldLawyer

    When I was a cop I was always surprised to see folks who would put massive locks on things and then some thief would just hook a chain to his trailer hitch and pull the whole door off…..I do know of one incident where a senior citizen was trapped in his home after a tornado collapsed the roof in Moore Oklahoma. He had heavy steel security doors and windows at every point which trapped him in the house….so he took a box of 00Buck and shot the bricks and mortor away from the hinges and was able to escape…that being said, I alway wanted to shoot a lock off something…..

    • iksnilol

      Just buy some cheap locks and make something like the Box’o’Truth guy did. You only die twice so enjoy life and all.

  • NAmericanBlueJacket


  • Andrew Ewing

    I would like to work for DR. Do you have any openings.

  • itsmefool

    I’m not even bothering with checking out the vids…learning how to get past locks via all these great comments is gold! Thanks, y’all!

  • shooter2009

    In the movies, they are usually shooting the locks from a distance of about a foot and as close as a few inches.

  • Kivaari

    Timber companies in the PNW have 8 inch diameter pipe around the lock/latching points on forest gates. Now vehicles with winches simply attach a hook and cable and pull the entire gate from the ground. The lands are now prohibited zones. Get found on timber company lands, behind a ripped up gate the criminal charges are high. It is odd to need a permit when we roamed the woods from childhood into retirement.

  • Jamie Clemons

    I am pretty sure the Mosin Nagant would shoot through a lock.

  • Dan Hermann

    I remember an add for the master padlock that they shot with a gun and it held together. This is nothing new. The cheaply made brass padlocks will probably break.