.22 MP40 from ATI vs. German WWII MP40 Submachine

ATI makes some very neat looking .22lr guns, both in the form of modern and classic weapons that actually shoot and cost a fraction of the price of the real deal. Their latest offering is the iconic MP40 in .22lr that looks and feels a lot like the real deal, but how does it shoot? Well, Miles and Alex hit the range to find out!

It is interesting to note how many different countries used the MP40. It was used by, however briefly, by Austria, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, France, Greece, Indonesia, Israel, South Korea, Malaysia, Germany, Norway, Romania, Poland, Vietnam, Spain and Yugoslavia (not to mention Soviet and other Allied forces during the war). You would expect it to have been used by a number of European countries after the war, but I was surprised to learn that it was used as far away as Malaysia.

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The full transcript of the video …

– [Voiceover] ATI is a well known company for reproducing popular firearms in the past in.22 caliber.

They do a very good job at this and they just sent me a pair of MP-40s in this nice wooden boxes to review.

Believe it or not, they actually look and feel quite like the originals.

But to really evaluate it, we brought in TFB writer, Miles Vining, all the way from Indiana, first of all, to get a feel for the real MP-40.

(gun firing) We got him behind it to dump a few magazines and really familiarize himself with what the real MP-40 feels like in his hands.

(gun cocking) And of course you can’t travel all the way from Indiana without doing a hardy mag dump.

Miles did say that he admired the controlability of the firearm under full auto fire.

(MP-40 firing) And after he got familiar with it, it was time to evaluate ATI’s new.22 version.

– Mag dump.

– Alright guys, so now we’re at the range with ATI’s version of the MP-40.

And of course it is a.22.

We’re gonna see how it feels compared to the actual MP-40.

Miles, you shot the MP-40 yesterday for the first time, what do you think about the handling characteristics of the.22 version versus that one? – Ah, the.22 version, it’s dimensionally wise, it’s the exact same thing.

Absolutely the same thing, apart from this little fox suppressor up here just to make it ATF legal.

Shooting wise, it’s…

It really just feels like the exact same thing except not on full auto at all.

But then the handling characteristics, just, I can’t, I’m amazed at how similar the two are and just how completely almost the same they are.

– Basically if you have ever shot an MP-40, the controls are the exact same.

It’s a, it’s a direct hangover, it’s got the great folding stock that we all really like on the MP-40 and the AKs with the folders.

And the wobble, there’s a little bit of wobble but that’s normal on every MP-40 I’ve ever shot.

That’s just the nature of the beast.

But, what do you say we get to shooting man? – Yeah! – Yeah! Let’s do it! – Yeah (gun cocks) – Alright guys, we’ve got some steel set up at about 15 to 20 yards and we’re gonna take some shots and see how they feel.

Ready? – Yup! – Lets do this! (guns cocking) (shots firing) I gotta say, if a.22 like this doesn’t put a smile on your face, then maybe shooting in for you, there’s probably gonna be a lot of people who say like oh, why would I want a.22 MP-40? And you know, it’s a great way for somebody maybe interested in history to acquire something like it that shoots.

Good news is also, allegedly, there’s a 9 millimeter version that’s gonna come in soon.

So that would be…

I can’t wait to test that.

– It’s in a SBR version or it’s a pistol version right? – Yeah, I think it’s a pistol folded.

But until then, I mean, this is a really fun gun.

I’m actually surprised.

I’m gonna keep shooting until I run out of ammo.

– Oh yeah, we got a whole box.

– (laughs) Let’s do it.

(guns cocking) (shots firing) – Board held open.

That was some fun.

– Alright so ATI sent us two GSG MP-40s.

I thought I might as well do this.

(guns firing) If that didn’t put a smile on your face, then not much will. (laughs) – Hey, we’re gonna take a look at some of the controls on the ATI MP-40.

First of, we’ve got the stock.

The stock which comes out.

See the button right here.

That extends out, just like the regular stock.

On the bolt, the bolt notch right there, we can lock the bolt to the rear with that.

In addition, the bolt actually holds open on the last round of the magazine.

Then we’ve got front sight, rear sight.

We’ve got the rear sight and this flips up over here.

The safety is basically a four position kind of safety.

You’ve got S, you’ve got fire and we move it, rotate it so the S is forward.

Weapon’s on safe then we move it here, weapon’s on fire.

And we’ve got the sling knob here which can be adjusted either side.

Then the fox suppressor which can be screwed off and with that, we’ve got a couple of different front sight options we can put on there and take off to adjust for elevation.

And we’ve got magazine release right here.

And that takes out the magazine.

– Alright, so the GSG MP-40 has a magazine capacity of 23 rounds.

However, Miles has challenged me to a friendly duel.

We’re about 20 yards and we’re shooting at a 12-inch diameter Grizzly Target and a, most hits out of 10 wins.

What do you say Miles? – Sure thing! Let’s do it! – Why don’t you kick it off.

– Alright.

(gun cocks) (gun firing) – Alright, so 10 out of 10.

I’m a little nervous but I’ve got some faith in this gun.

(gun firing) – Too close – I got 10 out of 10 – (mumbles) 10 for 10 for both.

– Alright, so nobody’s got to buy the beers after shooting I guess.

We’ll have to split the check.

– Oh yeah.

– Alright guys, so Miles and I shot the GSG MP-40s quite a lot today.

We almost made it through a whole bull pack of federal ammunition.

I think it’s important to note that the ammunition we were using wasn’t CCI, it wasn’t premium, you know, expensive high velocity stuff.

We’re using bull pack ammo and we had zero malfunctions.

– Pretty good.

– I mean for a tactical.22…

(mumbles) tactical.22 you know, these kinda get a bad rep a lot of times because let’s get real, a lot of these sell based on the way they look, not how they function.

But it’s functioned really well.

They were fun and accurate.

And because of that, I think it’s time to be real at this point in the video.

If you’re looking for a.22 to shoot a competition with, maybe you’re getting into a really high precision rimfire stuff, this isn’t the gun for you.

– No – This isn’t a hunting rifle.

I mean you could use it for these things, I guess.

But, people wouldn’t buy this generally for something like that.

It’s a fun gun.

It is really fun.

I don’t know if I can speak for you Miles, I really enjoyed this.

– I really enjoyed it a lot.

I can imagine, flashback maybe 10 years, in my Call of Duty Medal of Honor days, messing around with World War II guns and stuff like that, if I had gotten one of these as a present, then I would just be blown away.

– Big time.

You know maybe if you showed a kid a basic bolt action.22, not that interesting.

But if you show up with something like this, that kid’s gonna be all over it.

I mean, I’m an adult and I’m all over it.

– (giggles) yeah! – Guys, it retails for $499, comes with all sorts of awesome accessories like I showed earlier.

If you’re looking for something, just to have fun with, it’s cool, that’s gonna be awesome, you could even SBR it and that would be really awesome actually.

Then this is something to take a look at.

But like I said, I’m not gonna lie to you and tell you that it’s an on shoot or a custom 10/22.

However, it’s a lot of fun.

– Personally, I’m waiting for the ATI Thompson.

– That would be really cool, yeah.

So ATI, maybe get us some Thompsons but thanks for sending us these guns.

I’d also like to thank Ventura Munitions for providing ammunition for this test.

They’re a great outfit.

They really help us out at TFBTV.

– And Grizzly Targets for the targets they provided us.

If you saw on the video, they’ve got the stand going on where it’s got a three-legged tripod thing with just pieces of wood.

Worked out pretty well and held up pretty good today.

Pretty easy to put together.

– Absolutely guys.

Also, I’d like to thank you for watching TFBTV.

We’ve grown so much and without you guys’ support, what we do wouldn’t be possible.

It’s been awesome.

If you’d like to maybe drop a comment below, hit the subscribe button.

That’d be awesome and we’ll see you next time guys.

Thanks again! – Until next time.

Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • iksnilol

    Fun fact: In the Balkans it is easier to get a legit MP40 than the .22 LR version.

    • I like that.

      • iksnilol

        Eh, it has probably something to with all the wars.

        HINT: It has everything to do with all the wars.

        I kinda want one, but an MP5 is sorta more tempting. More modern and better support for parts and whatnot.

        • Undoubtedly the wars. My Dad was deployed over there in the 90’s and said he saw so many different types of weapons pretty much everywhere. Unreasonable to assume they’ve all just disappeared with the hostilities.

          • iksnilol

            Oh yes, it was a hot bed.

            There were left over guns from the world wars (both of them). Then you have to factor in how desperate people were for arms that they also smuggled in anything they could get from neighbouring countries and whatnot. Then of course the classical stolen/appropriated from millitary and police. There were also mercs and foreigners with their own guns (such as the Famas, it’s a status symbol here due to being used by Bosnian special forces, Crni Labudovi).

  • I love MP-40’s, I have much more interest in this .22 LR reproduction than I do the STG-44 reproduction. Nothing against it, of course, I’d just buy this one.

  • Devil_Doc

    Fox suppressor? Faux is pronounced “foe”, hard charger. Lol..

    • Look where spending your childhood overseas and then being an 03 for 4 years comes into play… But thanks man, honestly didn’t know how to pronounce it, hope you enjoyed the video.

      • Devil_Doc

        I really did. I’ve seen the stg44 clones at gun shows and I’m intrigued. Interesting seeing the mp40 in action. I will be even more interested to see the 9mm version.. Semper fi-Devil Doc.

    • TFB don’t do no fancy French pronunciation.

      • Y-man

        If you want, I could come do a THICK African accent voice-over for you!
        “Matumbo! De Gohn iz VARRY PAWA-FULL! TRUE! ”

    • ostiariusalpha

      Next you’ll be telling us that we’ve been pronouncing meplat wrong. Murica.

      • Devil_Doc

        Ogive seriously messes me up (oh-jive, right?). Everyone pronounces it differently. Same goes for sabot. Damn the french.. And while we’re at it, the mouth breather at Cabelas corrected how I said Sako. I said Say-koh, he said Sock-oh. Can anyone help a brother out?

        • I believe Sock-oh is correct.

          • ostiariusalpha

            I hate it when the mouth-breathers are right. I think it’s funny that the Finns call the company Sako Oy, because the name is actually an acronym with the end letter “o” stands for Oy = Limited. It’s like when people refer to the NASA administration.

    • John

      I believe the pronunciation “fox” when actually referring to the term “faux” comes from the french term “fox nooz”, which is a fictitious television show pretending to talk about current events in a unbiased manner. Since most humans on Earth have realized that “fox nooz” means the following content is full of absolutely unadulterated fabrications the term “fox” became synonymous with “fake” as in “fake news”. So you see, the term “fox” can definitely be used when referring to something that is complete fake, useless, without merit or having no legitimate purpose whatsoever.

      Hope this helps.

      • Devil_Doc

        If you don’t like Fox, there’s always Melissa Harris Perry and her tampon ear rings…

  • Ian Thorne

    I will jump all over a 9mm version if they bring one in, same with the STG-44. I have nothing against .22lr clones and have the Walther MP5 clone in 22lr, but it’s just not the same.

    • John

      STG-44 in 7.62×39?…sold.

      • Devil_Doc

        Oh yes… Good call.

  • tts

    Nice video, it does look fun to shoot, but would’ve been cool to see the internals and disassembly even if it happens to be just a straight blow back action.

  • Blake

    Excellent video. Makes me really want the 9mm version.

    But next time, please take the chewing tobacco out ‘chyer mouth before you fire up the camera, mmmkay?

    (or at least use a smaller wad so it’s not noticeable & doesn’t hinder your speech 🙂

  • schatzi

    Ich will.

  • Mike Price

    Will it ever show up here and at what price level? Been waiting to see one now for the last 9 months when it was posted they were bring one out in pistol version. Yet to see one for sale anyplace. If it’s $500 like the rifle version I don’t know about it. 9mm would be real neat. I’m in for one as long as it’s at a reasonable price.

  • Mike Price

    Just call it what it is, fake suppressor.

  • New Friend

    This was the shilliest thing I’ve ever seen on youtube.

    • Y-man

      I only say “Shilly man!” or “Shilly girl!”, or “Shilly dog!” when I have had a little more Vodka than Grape Juice with my breakfast…

      Pray tell, Sir, what meanest thou with thine word “Shilliest”?

  • Tassiebush

    Crikey that looks like fun!

  • Rob Kuhn

    You mention the faux suppressor is to make it ATF legal but in the video you unscrew the suppressor? I thought for a barrel under 16″ to make it legal (not an SBR) any muzzle device had to be welded in place?

  • Jacque Mehoff

    do not like suppr ext look..why not just make barrel 16″? would NOT buy this, personal pref…like ATI and own many just wont own this!

  • Ben

    There are no laws in the UK regarding barrel length, and semi-auto’s are legal upto (at least) .22WMR. As long as it meets OAL it’s good to go.