A sneak peak at C&Rsenal’s improved POV project

It appears that TFB might have momentarily forgotten it has some exclusive access to my creative process, often being years ahead of the rest. But that’s OK, because I’m here now to share the next version of the POV project.

Here we’ve taken the time to finally include the sight ladders as has been requested repeatedly.  Now I know these don’t realign but the time involved in shifting the whole position and re-editing is just too great, but at least we can now get a much better idea of each rifles sighting system.

Steyr-Mannlicher M1895


Carcano M1891

Gewehr 98


Berthier Mle.07-15


Berthier Mousqueton Mle.16

I’d link you all out but honestly these are so new I have not created a page for them on the site yet.  They’re mostly being completed as part of our new video series on WWI: Primer.


Othais is practically useless with modern firearms. That’s OK though, because he specializes in Curio and Relic military pieces and has agreed to decorate The Firearm Blog with a little history. He maintains his own site, C&Rsenal, with the help of his friends and the collector community.


  • Brian M

    It’s a little haunting looking at the Carcano image, knowing that it was the same sight picture Lee Harvey Oswald saw when he assassinated John Franklin Kennedy.

    • Dave

      Except that Oswald had a scope…

      • There’s a pretty good argument for him not having used it. Oswald had no training on scoped rifles but plenty of it on iron sights thanks to his service in the Marine Corps, but more compelling than that is that the Hollywood Ordnance scope he had on the rifle was, uh, junk. Made in Japan, in that early middle-sixties timeframe before Japan started producing things of quality again. “Made in Japan” used to be the same as “Made in China” is today.

        Anyway, if you look into the shot, there’s a pretty decent argument to be made that a scope with a crappy field of view (which the Hollywood Ordnance scope certainly had) at the strange angle Oswald shot from, against a moving target, would make the shot MORE complicated than one with irons.

        Of course, we’ll never know.

        • Ripley

          Haven’t you “played” JFK Reloaded? The JFK assassination event simulator. A nice old little free game and a lot of insight into the events.

          • Yes, I recall bouncing a 6.5mm round off of JFK’s head and failing.

    • It wasn’t the same picture at all, actually. Oswald used a M91/38 short rifle which, with its fixed rear notch, looks very different from the adjustable long-rifle sight.

    • Giolli Joker

      I thought the F of JFK was Fitzgerald…

      • Nashvone

        When will you guys ever stop bringing facts and science to these discussions?

  • Beauty, as a member of the Carcano cult I know that Model 1891 sight picture quite well.

    • Southpaw89

      Picked up a carbine last year, aside from the fact that the cartridge is a little light for the intended use I cant see where the bad rap they got came from, it’s a fine little rifle, and fun to shoot too. I even like the en-bloc clips.

      • One could absolutely make the argument that 6.5 Carcano is a little underpowered for man-killing, but in my opinion it’s just the right combination of ‘punchy’ and ‘soft enough to shoot all day’ and this makes it a joy to shoot, especially out of the long rifle. It certainly tells you that you’ve pulled the trigger, but it doesn’t recoil nearly enough to fatigue a shooter.

        En-bloc’s are fun! I’m not sure I’d pick a Carcano to go to war with in 1942 but for range-day shooting it’s great. Enjoy your carbine!

  • The_Champ

    Thanks for the photos and link! I’m all for more C&R content (and less ARs!) on the blog.

    • Swarf

      Hell yes.

    • Please, this. I love me some military surplus.

  • Tassiebush

    Nice work there! I just love resources like this!

  • Heretical Politik

    Love the channel, awesome videos!

    • Othais


  • TheRealKivaari

    Why do you guys persistently keep writing “sneak peak”?? Is there a bloody mountain around here?

    • Cymond

      Yeah, there is a mountain, you just haven’t found it yet. It’s very sneaky.

      • Dan

        #ninjamountain? Um excuse me, it is actually a tier1Exsealteamsixcurrent deltablackopshighspeedlowdrag
        mountain. There are no ninjas here

        • Swarf