Glock Legal Fight Gets Messier

The legal fight for control of Glock after Gaston & Helga’s nasty divorce has taken an interesting turn. By using US law, Helga Glock has secured access to over 500,000 documents that were originally disclosed in their Austrian divorce and allows them to be used in her RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) lawsuit. Helga claims Gaston cheated her out of $500 million and her ownership of the company.

Considering the multitude of other lawsuits pending on the company and their similar charges of corruption, the documents may provide plenty of “ammunition” for Helga and the Glock children to win the company from its founder, their father. The litigation will take years to ultimately resolve.

From Bloomberg:

Helga Glock gained access to a huge store of fresh ammunition for her U.S. civil racketeering suit against her ex-husband, Austrian pistol magnate Gaston Glock. A federal appeals court in Atlanta ruled on Monday that in pursuing the racketeering action, Helga may use confidential gun company documents her lawyers obtained in connection with divorce proceedings in Austria.

The intra-family legal feud, part of a broader struggle for control of the globally famous Glock firearm empire, has generated a storm of litigation in the U.S. and Austria. In one suit filed under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), Helga, 79, has accused her 86-year-old industrialist ex-spouse of concealing hundreds of millions of dollars in gun profits that are rightfully hers, while also tricking her out of a substantial equity stake in Glock GmbH, the Austrian parent company.

Gaston Glock (center) at a sporting event in Velden am Worthersee, Austria on Aug. 2, 2008.
Gaston Glock (center) at a sporting event in Velden am Worthersee, Austria on Aug. 2, 2008.
Photographer: Blondel/Knipserbande via Zuma Press

Gaston Glock has vehemently denied these allegations, which he portrays as little more than an elaborate shakedown scheme engineered by his embittered former wife and their three adult children.

 In an 18-page ruling, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit said that Mrs. Glock’s attorneys may use voluminous records obtained from Glock Inc., the manufacturer’s U.S. unit, even though the documents were disclosed as part of separate divorce proceedings in Austria. “Today’s decision puts an end to a bizarre legal predicament whereby Mrs. Glock possessed 500,000 pages of documents that are directly relevant to the RICO action but could not share them with her RICO counsel,” John Da Grosa Smith, Helga Glock’s lead U.S. attorney, said via e-mail. A lawyer in Atlanta for Gaston Glock did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

Nathan S

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  • eric

    guns not politics

    • MrEllis

      Not really political, more sensational. But in the end Glock will be changed one way or another.

      • Bill

        If it took the company this long to bring out a single-stack nine, and they still haven’t come up with the carbine/subgun, i’m guessing that no matter who disembowels who, the company won’t change until around 2060.

        • MrEllis

          I didn’t say a good change…

        • BR549

          I still don’t care for the Glock, anyway. It was oversold from day one.

          • Blaser270

            The brainwashing that they employed and their ‘invisible’ gun crap sure made a lot of believers. I’ve owned them and shot them and seriously doubt if I’ll ever own another one. There are too many well made guns out there that blow theirs out of the water. The games they played in getting major departments to go with their guns got really old. No doubt when they came out they were CHEAP and easy for the novice to shoot accurately. While they’ve rested on their laurels the other guys have been working on theirs and passed them by.

          • BR549

            The unnecessary redundancy in their alternative safety devices is one thing that had me question what all the parts were actually doing. It was all smoke and mirrors.

            My big beef is Glock’s reinforcement of the shoot to kill mindset right out of the holster. If an officer doesn’t possess the composure and where-with-all to remember to throw his safety off or, as I do, leave the gun unracked; if they can’t seem to be disciplined enough and composed enough to understand their own weapon, I’m left thinking why they should be allowed to possess a weapon in the first place. This idea that these guys are trained professionals is overrated. For the most part, LEOs (about 1/2 of them perhaps) are insecure adrenalin junkies living precariously on the socially acceptable side of needing incarceration.

            The other half seem to be regular guys, so I don’t mean to totally trash the professional as a whole. But I’m left with this vision of some shaved-headed, wrap-around sunglasses festooned, social misfit, who got his ASS kicked to the curb in grammar school (or raped by his uncle), who needs to “prove” something to everyone. When asked what his weapon of choice is, it’s always a “Glock”, in a stone-faced response.

            Call me a hopeless romantic, but I’m a Beretta/Taurus kind of guy, although I have seven other types.

          • 5flytyr .

            Too bad he couldn’t recruit one of his teutonic friends to put her in a nice plastic barrel of hydroflouric acid before all this started….cheaper-better

          • Bill

            Stereotype much? GLOCK has the majority of the LE market because of cost and ease of training. You can still use 75% of the same lesson plan used when revolvers were carried.

          • BR549

            Have you ever bothered to look at the interactions of the four safeties in question from an engineering standpoint?

    • Paladin

      I don’t know which article you read, but the one I read didn’t have anything to do with politics. This one’s strictly industry info.

    • DW

      Game of Glock is a drama, not politics.

      • Grindstone50k

        “Game of Glock”

        TFB should forever entitle all Glock lawsuit-related posts with this.

        • JSmath

          I don’t think entitle is the right word to be using here; while technically correct, it just carries so much more with it. But I enthusiastically agree with your suggestion. Make ’em earn that title of industry media/reporter with witty subtitles.

          As it is, this current article begs to be renamed Game of Glock: A Feast for Crows.

    • Grindstone50k

      Family drama, not politics.

  • hikerguy

    And the firearms soap opera goes on. This will make a great netflix film or miniseries someday.

    • Jared Vynn

      They could get J K Simmons for Gaston Glock.

    • TJbrena

      Day-One bingewatch.

    • Bill

      Marriage is the leading cause of divorce.

      • smartacus

        AMEN brother

  • Major Tom

    Will this soap opera mean the price of Glocks is going up?

    • The Brigadier

      Considering the scandal of the recent improper manufacturing its amazing the price for one hasn’t dropped to less than $200 yet.

  • MPWS

    Success does not come cheap. But then, what is ‘success’?

    • Bill

      It’s whomever bleeds least.

  • Jesse Baker

    Cant really comment on the merits of these cases, but some lawyers are certainly going to get richer.

  • Bill

    I can’t decide if they look alike or not – maybe he’s playing both sides. She also sort of looks like Rudolph Giuliani. And the blonde in the bottom photo reminds me of Elsa the She-Wolf of the SS. When you bring RICO charges into your divorce, Dr. Phil isn’t gonna be able to help open the lines of communication and establish mutual respect.

  • Samson

    I just don’t understand how people get taken advantage of SO COMPLETELY like Herr Gaston did by his money-grubbing, family-wrecking, gold-and-platinum-digging blondie hewer …. I mean, sure, guys get excited by some girls and heck some buy fancy booze, or dinners, flowers, chocolates, maybe even some jewelry. I get it. BUT COME ON…. The thing is, if you read up on him, Gaston Glock sounded pretty much like a scumbag from the get-go. As soon as he was married he basically considered his wife his property and demanded she have his 3 hot meals ready and waiting for him each day at the times he expected to sit down at the table. He wouldn’t let his kids do anything “without earning it” which sounds like a great thing on face but was pretty cold like, “This ain’t The Family Business”, this is MY Business and you just do what I tell you to do because I am the Father….. and while I love my own Dad more than anything and we aren’t rich nor have I any worries about some hussy stealing him and his money away, I can totally understand Mrs. Glock and Children Glock being upset – one day some blonde hewer gives their married and family-member father some secret-loving in the office if you know what I mean, the next day she is getting him to sign all power to her and removing everyone else from his life. She just LOOKS evil to me. And she is not even really all that hot, which is the funny thing to me- it reinforces that Herr Gaston has more brain problems than publicly accepted… he gave up his family for a gold-digger. Sad, really.

    • The Brigadier

      Maybe she has a nice smile. Severe guys go for severe women. A match made in Hell.

  • Kivaari

    It seems that being reasonable during their entire lives, could work out better in the end.

  • Rick5555

    Gaston is 86 year old. He probably won’t live to see the end result. And Gaston is the one instructing his attorney’s to ensure the law suit continues, till he dies. Then the lawyers can settle up. You can’t bring your money or business with you. But, you can still control it (business and money) from the grave. I do agree, that it’s not a family business and it is his business. Something he started from nothing and made it into this small empire.
    I sort of know where the kids are coming from. My family has a very large business…yeah we’re elitist to some degree. My father always told us (4 kids), We’re always welcomed to work for the business. However, we’ll never own it. It was his way, of making us kids strive for something of our own. Decades later. my older brother and younger sister, run the company. And actually brought it to a higher level. Me and my other sister, went on to become physicians. And we’re silent partners. With no say in daily operations. However, we all own 25% of the company. And we had to initially buy my father out. It’s odd what money does to a family. It’s true money doesn’t buy you happiness. But, it does make life a whole lot easier.

    • Zebra Dun

      Spite is the answer, He is 86 she is 79 what does she hope to gain by acquiring more money at this stage of her life? For her children in the future or just to make an old man’s life a living hell at the end.
      My Mom is these peoples age has dementia and these folks are wasting their last part of their lives outside a retirement home in court hobnobbing and paying blood sucking lawyers.
      Hell, get together in a room as family and work it out.

      • Blaser270

        The older some people get the more stubborn they become. And in some cases the greedier they become. They can’t take it with them but they are going to do everything they can to ruin what’s there so their children can’t benefit from it. Many try to literally rule from the grave and to me there is nothing sicker than that philosophy. They had things their way and did what they wanted in life but they want to make sure they still have their way in death. Nothing more selfish and greedier than that attitude. Being of German descent (both families from Germany) I’ve seen and lived with that attitude. Don’t know if it’s as strong in other heritages but we sure have our share of it.

      • Bill

        Let’s assume that they are both right handed. Put them in a room together, handcuffed left-hand to left-hand. From the doorway, turn out the lights, throw in a knife and slam and lock the door. They’ll work it out.

        I’m a barrel of laughs at domestic disputes.

        • Zebra Dun

          A Bowie?
          I can live with that LOL!

      • The Brigadier

        He probably left her for the blond babe in the posted picture above. I hope that’s not his daughter.

        • Zebra Dun

          I guessed at the picture and came up with “not a Daughter, maybe a niece” but most likely a bimbo who is willing to pet an old man for gold.
          Yes that would be the event the wife is working off.

          • Zach

            New wife, horse trainer or something of the sort.

      • buzzman1

        She just wants to make his life hell to the very end. Probably why the marriage ended.

  • me ohmy

    I haven’t seen a dude.. screw himself worse with tagging another chick, then Phil Collins in every divorce when he got hosed. that said. Glock.. is a moron.. divorce..THEN plunder.. not the other way around. she is gonna yank his balls out through his freaking wallet.

    • The Brigadier

      Yup, but when your in 80s I’ll bet a young woman willing to sleep with you is mighty exciting. Certainly more so than the mummified hausfrau he married.

      • me ohmy

        yep.. but that’ll be an expensive piece of ass

  • Zebra Dun

    One day it’s a basketball owner next a weapons designer and builder.
    Life goes on.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.
    – Yoda

    I hate to see that. I also hate to see two teams of lawyers walking away with the Glock empire so Gaston can ensure that Helga doesn’t get it and Helga can ensure that Gaston doesn’t get it. Much stupidity this is.

  • Blaser270

    One has to wonder what additional dirt will come from these papers. Just how corrupt was he in his business dealings? I suspect it might be enough to let him see the inside of a jail cell before it’s all done. Hell hath no fury like an ex wife! Especially since she probably knows enough to get him thrown in jail for whatever days he has left.

  • Clyde Bower

    There’s no reason to worry about the “Glock Children” Years back at the last SHOT Show in Atlanta Glock put on their annual cocktail party and the Glock Family were all there to greet the attendees.
    In addition to Gaston and Helga, the children were also there. Their son looked to be in his late 20’s or early 30’s and their daughter looked to be in her 20’s and was one high speed looking gal.
    This like most wealthy family squabbles is played out in public. The only bright spot with the Glock family is that they’ve managed to keep it off of television.

  • buzzman1

    Sounds like she is just trying to ruin her ex husband because she feels he wronged her. Lawyers love this stuff.

  • Rick A

    My legacy will be a few well used guns and beat up motorcycles. All I got was a cheap watch. I’d rather have my parents back but that’s how life is. Money matters can bring out the worst in folks.