New Fab Defense Tavor Bipod Solution: TAR Podium

Israeli Manufacturer Fab Defense has done a number of Tavor accessories already, but this one certainly takes things in a new direction.

Fab Defense Tavor Bipod

Most common attempts to fit a bipod onto the Tavor happen around the handguard. Even the IDF’s integral bipod on the STAR is fitted up front.

This new offering, being called the Tavor Quick Deployment Bipod or the TAR Podium, fits onto the base of the rifle’s forearm & grip. This involves removing the polymer cap installed by IWI at the base of the pistol grip and clamping onto the front ridge of the fore-arm.


As someone who likes to shoot their Tavor at 300 yards, I’m extremely interested in something like this that not only provides an improved rest, but also raises the height a little in prone position.

Time will tell whether The Podium is sturdy enough to be continually used, and light enough to be worth carrying on the rifle. Putting the rest at the center of a rearward heavy rifle is an interesting concept. We’ll have to wait and see if it works.

The Fab Defense Tavor Bipod will be available in tan, green, and the flat black seen in photos. It seems that the Israeli accessory for the Israeli rifle will be available very soon, and will retail for just under $100 USD.



Fab Defense Tavor Bipod

Edward O

Edward is a Canadian gun owner and target shooter with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Crawling over mountains with tactical gear is his idea of fun. He blogs at TV-Presspass and tweets @TV_PressPass.


  • USMC03Vet

    Looks like the Tavor skipped leg day.

  • Riot

    I have the feeling this would work better as a tripod than in a two legged setup.

  • It looks damned weird, but envisioning it in use, I could see this working pretty well. Gets the rifle up off the ground, doesn’t screw up your grip when the bipod isn’t deployed, and probably far enough forward that it makes a real impact. Let’s see a review, TFB.

  • Vitsaus

    … or you could, you know, put a bipod on the rail that’s under the front handguard…

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      I don’t see a rail…

      • MR

        Because it’s “under” the front hand guard. “Inside” might be a better term. You have to remove the handguard to get to it. Methinks.

        • Rick5555

          There’s no rail under or inside the handguard. You can purchase a rail (aftermarket or by IWI) and it attaches to the handguard. However, there’s hand guards from Manticore and Midwest Industries. Who make longer and better (imo) hand guards. And then you can have additional length to add a bipod if so desired. Personally, I like the Manticore hand guard. It essentially covers over the barrel. Giving you 3″ more space for your hand. Was able to add a vertical grip on mine. And still have ample room to hold my off hand in a traditional manner. Seems IWI over thought this. Extend the hand guard and then add a traditional bipod. Would’ve sufficed.

          • MR

            To heck with the latest fashion, I want a quad rail.

          • Tothe

            To heck with tacticool, I want my Tavor with wood furniture! 😛

          • MR

            Better call Boyd’s! Maybe Manners’. I’m not aware of any current offerings, but if they get enough requests they might put something together.

    • I’ve done this. The problem is you’ve now lost a bunch of your grip space:

      • Bullphrog855

        that color scheme is sweeeet

      • patrickiv

        I love that two-tone.

        • Thanks, here’s a much fancier photo:

          • Grindstone50k

            40rd mag + this bipod = tripod

          • JK

            Short coupled. Looks like a rhino balancing on a beach ball.

          • The Brigadier

            Looks the like the color scheme on the Dodge 300 a few years ago.

      • Jolly

        Took your rifle to the beach instead of the kids.

        • Dan

          Divorced his wife too, that’s his first date with the rifle.

  • I like this. Elegant solution.

  • Joe Schmoe

    I have to say, looking at this over and over, that it’s quite simply brilliant…. I’m sure the Tavor’s designers are thinking the same thing right now; especially with how sh!tty the regular bipod that came with the ACOG Tavor was.

  • Dracon1201

    And people complain about being prone with an AK is too high…

  • Squirreltakular

    10/10 would use this when setting my rifle down at chow.

    • Joshua

      Just like the grippod.

  • iksnilol

    Another + is that since your rifle is even higher up now, you can probably use 40 round mags while prone without a problem.

    Always look at the bright side of tacticool.

  • Joshua

    It’s the grippod for the Tavor…How cute, now soldiers don’t have to set their guns on their side during chow.

  • imachinegunstuff

    If this ever makes it to military service it’ll be just like grip pods, only used to set the weapon down

    • USMC03Vet

      They don’t make rifle stacks any longer?

  • I’d look forwards to a review of it.

  • Anomanom

    It looks like the rifle would be too high to use well in the prone position. You would have to hump up pretty high to get a cheek weld. And if you are shooting from the inside of the structure (like from a window or wall-hole), too much of the rifle sticks out.

    That said, i rather like the mini-bipod idea. If somoene were to fold up those little feet inside a replacement forward handgrip, it would make a good compact bipod for the types of situation i described above.

  • Ben

    Brings you too far upwards exposes you to fire.

  • JW

    Frack’n Israelis… Making another awesome accessory!

  • Noelle Wright Traywick

    Dasani sparkling hello sparkle started ISIS

  • The Brigadier

    If they could articulate and motorize those legs, they would have a great home defense system. Remember the Roomba?