The AK MOE Stock is Worthy of AK

Nyet! Rifle is not fine! Turns out that the Mapul MOE stock is worthy of the AK’s legendary reliability.

AKOU kicks the stock’s derriere attempting to break it and while the Zhukov stock’s locking mechanism can be broken, the standard MOE stock stands up to all reasonable (and a few unreasonable) measures of abuse.

Capable of killing many a cantelope, the stock adds on to the venerable platform. It adds a complete straight-line for recoil and a storage compartment while being fully capable of being a full battle implement in and of itself.

Until we get a unit for review, you can see the full fruit carnage fromAKOU below.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Kurt Akemann

    Great stuff; A stock that not only looks the look, but also walks the walk and acts the act.

  • USMC03Vet

    AK without folding stock is like AR15 without rails.

    • Renegade

      Perfectly fine?


      • roguetechie

        While I’m with you on AR’s without rails being not just fine, but flat out better in most cases… I consider a folding stock mandatory on my AK’s. It can’t be just any folding stock though!
        1. The AR buffer tube has no business on an AK… Neither does an AR stock, I don’t care how EFFING KEWL the MFT minimalist looks! Because the second you put that minimalist on an AK via one of the tubess o doom… You’ve succeeded in completely destroying ANY cool factor / instant badass effect you were hoping for. Honestly, legitimate badasses might as well be screaming COWWA DOODY and making shooty gun mouth noises instantly redefining spray and pray as what anyone within 15 feet of this debacle is engaged in, because theres so much spit flying wildly with each “shot” that only prayer can stop at least one poor bastard from a spit shower.
        Its a sad and terrible thing making a stock that farts awesome and a gun that is so full of awesome it makes middle aged suburban white dudes in dockers look cool just by touch transference only to completely nullify what should be a critical mass of awesome by doing something so thoughtless and stupid!
        2. If it changes the original angle enough to be noticeable, eff up proper alignment with the irons, or to destroy the normally pleasing continuation of the angle formed by the bottom of the receiver… KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!
        Some of you may be questioning my seeming focus on form over function… But nearly two decades into being a compulsive parts swapper and experimenter I’ve just found that keeping this Line intact genuinely seems to make the difference between a good shooter, and the gun you do magdumps for no reason with.

        • Hey man, maybe they just want to be able to shorten their stock, and access the extensive AR secondary furniture market.

          Also, prepared to get trolled by Larry Vickers:

          Start at 3:10.

          • Squirreltakular

            Hahahaha. Burned. It always makes me laugh how the people who keep screaming “Keep that crap off my AK” are completely ignoring the fact that the Russians are adding all of this “crap” to their weapons as well. Hell, look at the AK-12. It’s about as tacti-kewl as you can get.

          • roguetechie

            Everyone has their pet peeves when it comes to gun fashion… AR stocks on everything is my white after labor day.
            when I saw the newer 5.56 LSAT with one… I almost had to buy a new phone. I still mourn the death of the oh so sexy original stock with the skeletonized traditional machine gun support hand hump…
            oddly enough though one of my AR objects of lust has an underfolder borrowed from an AKM ( and a Dewalt case… Oh god that gun is the reason coveting thy neighbors ass is one of the big 7)
            and upon seeing the m&m m10x my first reaction was to see where I could buy a Robinson FAST stock in black!
            I’m just a special snowflake somewhere deep down… My individuality chafes at having the same gun and aftermarket additions as 4 other guys at the range I frequent. The compulsion to be different and not of the herd impels me to acquire inferior but obscure guns at great cost even though I know that the AR is really all I need, and frankly is so cheap for what you are getting that the one or two things out there that may genuinely be better really aren’t once you factor in the quantity of complete AR 15’s you can have for the same price as ONE of whatever!!
            Honestly lol I know all that but sometimes the siren call only the special snowflakes of the world can hear lures me into adventure and massive expenditures of cash… It’s a sickness

          • Hi rogue,

            This is my AK:


            You’ll note it doesn’t have anything much tacticool about it. Russian RDS, stock sling, OEM stocks, even a bakelite magazine (which as you can see tactically blends right in to my computer chair).

            I like my AK this way, and probably won’t change it. But other people can make different choices, especially when those choices make perfect practical sense and are in common and regular use by people who don’t care a whit for looking tactical because they’re too busy making bullets connect to faces.

          • roguetechie

            agreed completely Nathaniel! I freely acknowledge that most of my AK rant comes from an aesthetics standpoint with a distinct unease about the ergonomics of some of the crossover parts sold. At the end of the day though if something works for someone, and helps them shoot to the best of their abilities… I might still mock I for being ugly but I would never even SUGGEST that they should make changes to the configuration to make THEIR FIREARM more usable and aesthetically pleasing to me…
            know what I mean?

        • Squirreltakular

          Hahahahaha. No.

  • I would hope it’s durable. It’s basically a solid chunk of FR Nylon.

  • janklow

    recently put one of these on my ancient SAR-1 and it’s very nice.
    …certainly draws the eye away from the hand-carved “engraving” Century put on that gun, i can say that much.

  • Doom

    Now if only the plum stuff I wanted were in stock.