TFBTV: Hands-On Review of the Mossberg Blaze-47 AK-style .22 Rifle

In this episode of TFBTV, James performs a hands-on review of Mossberg’s new Blaze-47, AK-style .22 rifle.  Mossberg claims that the Blaze-47 “offers the look and feel of an AK-47 in the easy-handling affordable .22 LR platform” – is that actually the case, though? Check out this episode of TFBTV to find out.

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In this video:

Mossberg Blaze-47 .22LR Rifle

James Reeves

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  • imachinegunstuff

    Affordable 22?

    • lomaxima

      Considering the price and availability of .22 vs 7.62×39, just buy an AK

      • Cymond

        I recently bought 80 rounds of 22lr for $4.50 at Academy Sports. That works out to about $56/thousand rounds. I’ve never seen 7.62×39 for anything close to that cheap. Even at scalper prices, 22lr is stilluch cheaper than x39.

        • lomaxima

          Oh. I havent seen 500 round bricks of .22 for less than $60 I’d rather just spend a little more for 7.62

          • Cymond

            ammoseek indicates that 500 rounds of x30 costs at least $110. I wouldn’t consider double to be”a little more”. Of course, it also depends on the volume you plan to shoot.

  • kgallerno

    Prohibited in Canada. Aparently it is a AK47 variant. However the rest of the Ruger Blaze line is legal here. Stupid RCMP and their retarded enforcement and interpretation of the Firearms Act.

    • Keith Denigan

      Looks like it is just another Plinkster 702 with different cladding…

  • Bob

    Are the mags any better than the crappy ones they have for the AR version?

  • AKlover

    I wish someone would start manufacturing or importing something like the WASR22.MPi-69 again, it would be nice to have an actual AK in .22 on the market.

  • Swarf

    I don’t buy guns in exotic, hard to find calibers.

    • Tom Currie

      Anyone who thinks .22LR is hard to find is either blind or lives somewhere like the Peoples Republic of New York City

      • kgallerno

        Or lives in Canada. The last box of bulk .22 I bought damn near doubled in price since i bought it last. Also I spent three months looking for it. People are lining up at the doors of gun shops waiting in the morning to buy what ever shipment came in. There is a huge shortage here, even worse then the States. And on top of not finding any, when we do we get ass raped on the price. 1 box of 50 rounds is 5 Canadian now, or roughly a little more then 6$ American. OUCH!

  • Tom Currie

    Good to hear that this is an AK-style shell wrapped around something better than the junk you used for your toy pretend-AR. Might actually be worth looking at.

  • Looks kinda cool but I’d rather have a 10/22

  • Looking at this thing makes me hungry for an AK based SMG.

    • iksnilol

      *cough* Bizon *cough*

  • thedonn007

    The fact that it is not threaded, and looks like it cannot be easily threaded is a deal killer.