How Accurate is Wolf Gold? VSO Tests

VSO (Vigilant Spectre Operations) gun channel tests Wolf Gold a common “cheap” ammo loading typically from Asia to M-193 specifications. To give viewers some perspective, they also test PMC Bronze (also loaded in Asia, typically South Korea), which shoots roughly similar out of the test rifle.

Now, the test results are from a single gun at a single day that may or may not skew the results from an average performance standpoint, but its a compelling video that even “cheap” ammunition can be accurate when employed correctly. Each gun (and even down to each individual barrel) will shoot ammo differently.

For example, one of my 3-gun team-mates shoots Wolf Polyformance 55-grain and swears its steel-seeking steel ammo.

Title photo from TheBangSwitch, which also has a detailed review of the ammo and accuracy results. 

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • SGT Fish

    ive been shooting wolf gold for years. especially after i figured out that the extra 40-60 dollars a case can be recovered by selling my used brass. And i get to shoot better ammo that is range safe for all the places that dont allow steel

    • James

      As a Galil owner, what is this “selling my used brass” you speak of?

  • Ken

    I love Wolf Gold. It’s cheaper for me to shoot it than steel case. I pay $310/k shipped for mine in a near new .50 cal can (worth $10) and can resell the brass (my buyer pays $65). That comes out to $235 per k to shoot the ammo. Steel .223 might be $5-10 cheaper per case at best, but its bimetal jackets puts more wear and tear than that onto my barrels if the Lucky Gunner test is any indication. Even if I were getting less for the brass, I’d still save more wear and tear on my barrel.

    • Dude

      Where do you order from?

      • Andy B

        What you said.

  • Ventura Munitions has good pricing on Wolf Gold. Support those guys please!
    Not only do they support the site, but they are very good people. As such I do not feel guilty at all for plugging them here 🙂

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Ever have any FTF or FTE with Gold?
      Do you think its comparable to American Eagle 5.56?

      • MIke

        I have never had an issue with Wold Gold. Would recommend right along with American Eagle

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          Cool thanks.

    • no

      I will personally be boycotting dasani for those annoying pop-ups that appear on every single TFB page that I’m browsing on my mobile. The “X” is so small that 1/5 times I try to close it I end up going to their webpage, like I really want to learn about how they’re justifying selling me bottled tap water.

      • Andy B

        Whoops, meant for my “what you said” post to go here. The Dasani ads drive me nuts!

        • Machinegunnertim

          Same here! Tired of that add following me down the page.

  • Full Name

    I thought Wolf Gold was rebranded Serbian PPU ammo?

    • Ken

      It usually is, but the .223 is made in the ROC/Taiwan by their main arsenal. They had a large contract with our DoD a few years ago, so I’m sure they appreciate the extra business.

  • JoshZ

    50 yards is not an indication of accuracy. Why not use 100? Pointless video.

    • Tom Currie

      Do you really expect the bullets to suddenly change direction 51 yards out from the muzzle?

      Yes, groups at 50 yards do not absolutely guarantee that groups at 100 yards will be exactly twice as large, but for comparing rounds that certainly are not going to drop below supersonic velocity before 100 yards, testing at 50 yards is adequate FOR COMPARISON PURPOSES.

      • N_Lightened_1

        Watching this guy shoot, I agree..50 yds is adequate, but only because of how poor the test was. He’s shooting unstable, at a wobbly target, off an uneven rest, and changed grips after 2 rounds in each string. Not a very solid test at all, so 50 yds is fine.

  • Tim Barrera

    I know there is no way to substantiate claims made online, so you can either take me at my word or not, your choice, but I swear by Wolf Gold. I used to run it purely as training ammo, but decided to do accuracy testing with it in a new Mossberg MVP rifle that my brother just purchased.

    The rifle was stock from the factory, with cheap rings and a simple $200 vortex scope on it.
    It was my brother’s second time shooting the rifle.

    At 100 yards, the groups were consistently less than 1 moa. Best group was .715 inches.

    We pushed out to 300 yards where it did open up a little more, but we consistently ran 3.1 inch groups at that range.

    Its not high grade black hills sierra match ammo, but at a third the cost per round, it makes for some incredibly accurate practice ammo, even for precision shooting.

  • William King Drummond

    I run Wolf Gold 55gr exclusively in 3-Gun matches, and have been for the past two years. Never a FTF or FTE. At the last match we shot a stage with 12″ plates from 50 to 350 yards, and IPSC silhouette plates at 400, 450 & 500 yards. Shot a Stag Arms 16″, 1:8 M4 barrel, standard D-ring held fore-end (not an accurized free-floated set up) with a 2 MOA Aimpoint red dot. Had the fastest stage time in limited division (tac-irons), and went one-for-one on the first 5 plates out to 400 yds (only 2 shots needed for the 450 & 500 yd plates). I’m very impressed with the quality and value of this ammo.