POTD: Colt Canada C8NLD In The Rain

Wouter sent in this photo of his Colt Canada C8NLD with an Aimpoint Comp M4, a translucent magazine, a Magpul AFG2 and Magpul ladder rail covers.

The Colt Canada C8NLD is the Netherlands variant of the Colt Canada C8. Diemaco, now owned by Colt Defense and named Colt Canada, had a lot of success selling AR-15 rifles to Europeans armies and special forces. Thier rifles were officially licensed from Colt Defense (USA). They were acquired by Colt in 2005 for $18 million.

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Steve Johnson

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  • SlippedThroughTheCracks

    Where’s the rest of it?

    • USMC03Vet

      It melted cuz it got wet.

    • Taylor TX

      Its one of those artsy closeup gunporn shots 😉 Kind of like the odd angle photos you see of people on social media.

      Sidenote: Why is there a QR code on that rifle?

      • Shockwave

        So they can track the weapon.

        • Taylor TX

          Neat, I had assumed it might be something to do with Canadian firearms laws.

          • SP mclaughlin

            The poster is a Dutch airman.
            Unless you were referring to export laws.

          • Taylor TX

            Glanced right over the Netherlands part somehow, my brain was just Canada Canada Canada.

          • Wetcoaster

            We are pretty awesome

          • Dan

            Except your bacon, what is up with that? 😉

          • Wetcoaster

            It’s in the same category as American Cheese (as opposed to American cheese) and English muffins. By their powers combined, they are the Trans-Atlantic Anglo breakfast of mediocrity!

          • Dan

            You monster! leave our processed cheese product out of this!!!!

          • Canadian-service C7’s and C8’s don’t have QR codes on them – I would assume that has something to do with either export or Dutch law.

          • Juice

            That’s odd, considering the weapon is a Dutch service rifle.