SIG SAUER P229 Blue Piranha

SIG P229

Lew Horton Distributing is offering a limited edition SIG SAUER P229 pistol with a striking blue PVD finish. These 9mm pistols have the metal parts finished in a bright blue similar to some of the nitre bluing work I’ve seen.

The slide, grip screws, trigger and hammer are all finished in the bright blue. The frame and other metal parts has a black finish, and the gun is outfitted with Hogue G-10 Piranha grips.

The pistols are chambered in 9×19 and come with two 15-round magazines. The suggested retail price is $1,299.95. This is a limited run, and there will only be 500 units made and sold.

Richard Johnson

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  • TheNotoriousIUD


    • Budogunner

      I prefer Le Tigre striped Desert Eagles in .44 ‘Magnum’. Yeah, I went there.

  • Cal S.

    Is this where the gun community is these days? “Forget innovation, overpriced limited edition collector’s items are where it’s all at!”

    Still, this doesn’t hold a candle to my sweet baby Kimber Sapphire!

    • KestrelBike

      I had to look it up, you’re right, that’s a swell looking firearm. But do you actually shoot it, or is it a safe/display-queen?

      • Cal S.

        I really wish that sweet baby was mine. It’s my favorite color combination. Tis but a faint dream, though. No, I don’t own it. Yes, it would sit as the object of great affection in a case somewhere lest it get dust on it.

        Even if I did have $1,300 lying around, I still don’t think I’d throw it away on a display model, though.

        • Shawn Primus

          I prefer the Onyx edition myself, but the Sapphire’s not bad.

    • Sam Schifo

      I think their idea is “If we make it colorful and shiny, no one will notice it’s the same thing that we’ve been selling for years.”

    • FightFireJay

      So you mock Sig for making an $1300 “overpriced limited edition” P229, yet you own a $1600 overpriced limited edition Kimber 1911.

      Did I miss something?

      • Cal S.

        Yes, the comment where I clearly stated I don’t own it. Just saying that the Kimber looks about 500% better.

        • FightFireJay

          Allow me to rephrase…

          So you mock Sig for making an $1300 “overpriced limited edition” P229, yet you WANT TO own a $1600 overpriced limited edition Kimber 1911.

          Did I miss something?

          • Cal S.

            Yep, same comment: “Even if I did have $1,300 lying around, I still don’t think I’d throw it away on a display model, though.” My original comment was a dual-purpose price bashing and saying that Kimber’s looked better.

    • Ko I

      Innovation is a four letter word to the gun community. A hundred year old design sells well enough that everyone and their brother makes a 1911 today. When new good ideas are created, the gun community trashes it without ever even giving it a try.
      Yes, Kimber is a great example of this. Instead of making a new design that isn’t handicapped by the faults of the original 1911, Kimber makes its money making the exact same thing over and over, in a variety of finishes.

      • Cal S.

        Indeed. I’m all for innovation, but it’s generally inflated MSRP’s that keeps my money in the bank. Or, I wait a couple years until dealers realize how much they are truly worth and drop them down to 1/3 their price. Companies need to do more market research and understand that you can’t sell something that does less for more than something that actually does more if they want to sell their stuff. Like Heizer Defense pinning their “pocket ARs” at a higher MSRP than some entry-level ARs. Innovative? Eh, maybe. Practicality? That’s a negative, Ghost Rider.

  • ooooooo I like it. Quick someone give me $1300

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Oh sig…. One step forward, two steps back.

    • richard scalzo

      I guess you feel Sig should turn down an order for five hundred guns because you don’t like the color. Are you at all familiar with the Len Horton operation?

  • Vitsaus

    This is everything that is wrong with SIG Sauer. Instead of making rifles that actually work, they crank out this garbage.

    • richard scalzo

      Try actually reading the article. Len Horton is distributing them


  • Most are familar with the golden hue of parts finished in Titanium Nitride. By switching up the evaporated metal and the reactive gas used in the PVD process, you can achieve a variety of different colors.

  • MR

    ¿Dafaqs a grop screw

    • Nashvone

      I’ve been wanting to enroll in gunsmith classes. Maybe they’ll tell me.

    • Budogunner

      Surprisingly, at the time I am writing this, no entry exists in Urban Dictionary for “grop screw.” I plan to check back in a day or so. Don’t disappoint me, Gentlemen.

  • John

    Well, even though I think collecting “limited edition” guns is not really what they are designed for, you can NOT go wrong with a Sig P229. IMHO it is the best “battle pistol” you can hang from your side.

  • Ben

    Putting lipstick on a PIG! SiGs still suck!!!!

    • richard scalzo

      And yet they are operating seven days a week to keep up with the orders.

  • sam

    I’ve seen much worse, but still “no thank you”. One problem for me is that the flats don’t look crisp, they look warped. it would cost a lot to make them truer, I wouldn’t expect that to be done, but the high gloss makes it too obvious.

  • aweds1


  • Xaun Loc

    Just what the world needs – a Blue Gun that shoots — I wonder if their next version will have a threaded barrel with the threaded portion colored orange.

  • john huscio

    Hokey slide colors aside, there aren’t many pistols that have the kind of sterling track record or are as well built as the 226/220/229 series.

  • John

    Sales are slow so the distributors are all making custom runs of ugly looking guns and calling them “limited editions” and they are exclusive to that distributor. Nearly every distributor is pushing these exclusive UAG’s (ugly ass guns). Not only are they ugly but because they are so ugly (and also not cataloged by the manufacturers) they probably won’t have as much resale value as official limited edition guns offered.

  • Robert Griffith

    Good looking gun. Pity that I’ll probably never get my hands on one.

  • Leigh Rich

    PVC is a coating. it is not gun blue.

    • Drambus

      I know. BIn a similar way the 700th anniversary edition p210 isn’t “blued” in the traditional sense but has a special treatment that makes it look blue.

      Either way.. on the p229, and on the p210, the color is blue. I didn’t try to imply that either used the traditional method of bluing. I was simply stating the color.

  • SteveK

    OH NO! Not Sig, too. That is downright UGLY! Color is for cartoons and toys.