FN Introduces the 1776

FN 15

FNH USA announced a new rifle in the FN 15 line up: the 1776. According to the company, the new AR-style rifle “is designed to be high performance, value-priced, and optics-ready, perfect for shooters looking for a base rifle to customize to their liking.” The MSRP is $899.

The new guns are chambered in 5.56 NATO and use a direct impingement design. FN uses a 16″ barrel with a 1:7″ twist and A2-type muzzle device. The guns come with an M4-type stock and a single Gen 3 PMAG.

The upper has a Picatinny rail for adding a scope or red dot. The low profile gas block does not appear to have any rail or mounting option on it, suggesting that iron sights are not easily added by the shooter.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • BrotherWill

    “The low profile gas block does not appear to have any rail or mounting option on it, ”

    You can find a bazillion different very simple kits to mount a forward hand guard system with rails.

    • Anonymoose

      Where does one find a regular lo-pro gas block with a bayonet lug on it, though? I’ve seen them on Shrubmaster’s ORCs as well but can’t seem to find the block as a separate part. I do have a hunch though that Shrubmaster may just be shaving off the sight towers like they (used to) do for Dissipators.

      YHM has railed blocks w/bayonet lugs and/or folding front sighs http://yhm.net/railed-gas-block-with-bayonet-lug.html and there is the Brownells modular gas block that you can make into a quad-railed gas block or tri-railed block w/bayonet lug.

      • jrt 82

        The ones like this picture are
        mostly standard AR front sights that have been cut down after being installed
        on a barrel.

    • DIR911911 .

      nothin’ a little JB weld won’t fix

  • USMC03Vet

    1776?! Tunn Tavern. Oorah!!!

    Excellent name choice FN.

    • farmer fred

      There’s just 1 n in Tun and the Marines were founded there in 1775, Hymie.

    • Fred Johnson

      I have the opposite reaction. A Belgian company going all American patriotic in a rifle name? Arrrgh. I don’t care that that FN does have a contract with the US military or that John Browning worked with them.. Just arrrgh.

      • Evan

        IDK how they could get much more “American”, whatever that means anymore i.e. a Toyota is the “most American car”.

        FN has been making the Marine Corps’s M16A4s since the 1980s, they’ve provided the M249 SAW since the ’80s and early ’90s (there was a short break where they stopped being deployed), and the M240 since the late ’70s. They just recently won the Army’s M4 contract, after Colt sued Remington for calling and marketing their rifles as M4s. They also produce a portion of the US’s M2 and newer M2A1 MGs. That’s not to mention the SCAR, P90, etc.

        • Fred Johnson

          I own and have owned Toyota and Hondas, but I will never consider Toyota the most American car. It doesn’t matter that it is made here with American workers. It is a solid product and I will buy another, but Ford is more American to me no matter that it has foreign parts in it.

          Same goes for an FN rifle or a Beretta handgun. Those guns are good, solid, proven products, but only made in the USA to meet contract requirements. If it weren’t for those requirements, those guns would be made overseas.

          Same goes for the Glocks or Taurus guns made in the USA for import point reasons. Just because it has USA cast on the side doesn’t mean an American company made it. And yes, I own those guns too.

          • kyphe

            Ford is a very international brand with ford UK being classed as a truly British car company since 1909

          • Fred Johnson

            Ford UK, a very British car. Interesting.

            When I get around to replacing my current car, I know I want another Japanese car. Even though my current Toyota was made in Canada, I still don’t call it a Canadian car.

            BTW, those Canadians make a solid car.

          • kyphe

            I agree regarding Toyota. I think the diferance is that for most of it’s history British ford had been largely British owned and designing and building it’s own cars for the British market rather than simply building American cars in the UK. Do a search for “ford anglia” and have a giggle at British fords of the 50s lol

          • Fred Johnson

            I’ll check it out. Thanks. 🙂

      • SP mclaughlin

        I presume you haven’t been to somewhere such as Bastogne, where Belgians still idealize America for liberating and suffering alongside them about 71 years ago around the time of the Battle of the Bulge.

        • Fred Johnson

          No offense to Belgians meant. I will probably never travel to Europe, not because I wouldn’t like to, but my money is tied up raising my family here in the US.

          However, if it makes anyone feel better about Europe and WWII, my grandfather-in-law (US Army) died a few weeks after D-Day in France back in those days. He was a 30 something year old infantry man, with wife and kids. I married one of his never seen grand kids. If it weren’t for the family kept newspaper clippings* reporting the death, I wouldn’t even know what he looked like.

          *WWII dead made big news in small towns.

      • It makes me chuckle when foreign companies try to sell their products by appealing to American pride and patriotism.
        I mean, I am a capitalist through and through so I ain’t mad, I just find it humorous.

        • Anonymoose

          Well, considering FN is probably the #1 supplier of small arms to the US military right now, and all of those small arms are being manufactured in South Carolina (for the most part), I don’t see why they shouldn’t try to appeal to our patriotism. Better than pushing FALs on us, I guess.

          • Like I said, I don’t give a damn but it is funny. It’s like when I see an ad from a local Toyota house advertising Tundras with American flags and cowboy images. When I think “Toyota”, the American flag doesn’t pop into my head (and I live near the Tundra factory).
            However if it helps them sell more of their product then good on them.

          • Holdfast_II

            My Toyota Sequoia was made in Princeton, Indiana. It’s designed for the American marketplace and only sold in North America. Feels pretty American to me.

          • DIR911911 .

            (and I live near the Tundra factory) . . . I think you’re missing something . . .

          • Fred Johnson

            I love that pic. LOL!

        • Giolli Joker

          I find it funny when a foreign manufacturer with modern, well made, original products, to make more money in the American market starts manufacturing AR-15s and 1911s.
          Then we complain that we don’t see much innovation.

          • Me too.

          • Giolli Joker

            Did you imply a “downgrading” as well? 🙂

        • DIR911911 .

          humorous that americans buy their flags made in china 🙂


    $400 of that $899 msrp is the cost of the brand name.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Its funny because it was just 4th of July. I wonder if thats a coincidence..?
    They certainly wouldnt use “1776” as a marketing ploy for yet another over priced bare bones AR….

  • ostiariusalpha

    Button broached barrel? If I buy an FN, it damn well better have a cold hammer forged barrel. Button broached ARs are a dime-a-dozen, and can be had for pretty near the quality of this budget FN for even less money.

    • jay

      It’s funy, because when FN released their last version of ar15, with a cold hammer forged barrel, everyone complained that it’s not milspec.

    • Ethan

      If it was a $450 AR, I’d be 100% OK with button rifling….. but its $900.

  • ColaBox

    Im gonna leave this here if that’s ok…

    • thetruth

      AMAZING!!!…you took the words from my mouth!. Until a few years ago all you sheep could not even tell me what happened in 1776.

      BTW…I’m sick and tired of seeing people with stickers, shirts and stupid forum signatures with this molon labe garbage.

      First of all because most of them would never ever really offer armed resistance to gun confiscation.

      Secondly and most importantly it’s a flat out lie. They are coming, they
      are taking your weapons. One new law or registration requirement at a

      It doesn’t matter if it’s an increased tax on sporting manufacturers,
      bans on steel core ammo at public and private ranges or that may years
      ago they
      intentionally took the public a step down by taking away access to most
      military spec weapons – the whole point of the second amendment in the
      place. There are some exceptions to that but nowhere near enough for any
      form of armed resistance.

      And what is the problem with some poser and their fake spartan
      attitudes? – Because molon labe is reactive and in not one is in the
      spirit of this
      country or the enemies to it’s rights.

      Gun control is a proactive measure mostly and you see this wherever
      there is a ban on something like 50 cal rifles when they have never been
      used in a
      crime – aka CA

      The only way to fight proactive measures is not with a reactive slogan –
      it’s with proactive action. The NRA in particular is very good at
      action and if I saw as many NRA stickers as I see of those poser shirts,
      logos, slogans and remarks there wouldn’t be gun control. The NRA is a
      defiant stance, some bizarre saying that relatively few people
      understand just pushes the issue out further into the fringe.

      Nice to see big companies are seeing you sheep for what you really are.

      • Fracking Saves

        Isn’t that you? There… at the head of the line….


    Apperently not enough colt fanboy out there to keep it float.
    During normal years (none panic buying years) people are far smarter with their money. No one wants to be ripped off if they have a choice.

    • DIR911911 .

      colt’s mistake was with the handguns you could see and feel the extra work that went into finishing and fitting that didn’t show up on competitor’s guns. much harder to do with a military style rifle when others market guns for less that perform as well as the colt with the higher price.


        That maybe true, but there are a lot of 1911 makers out there, and I think colt ran into the same problem. Higher priced than budget and mid range guns, but not premium enough for the Wilson combat crowd.