How Many iPhones Does It Take To Stop an AK-74 Bullet?

Remember that iPhone in the UK that saved a man from a shotgun blast? Here’s a bunch of different generation iPhones and a Samsung Galaxy vs an AK-74 shooting a steel core round, I’m guessing it has a tad more penetration than birdshot from a shotgun. Guess how many iPhones bought the farm? Check it out below.

I wish I had a bunch of expensive gadgets to shoot.


[Source: foxtrotalpha]

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  • FWIW

    They should redo this test with a Nokia brick. They’d only need one…

    • Giolli Joker

      Fullmag shot a Nokia 3310… he used a 20mm to be sure. 🙂

      • noob

        hammer of thor, just to be safe

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Probably would have made it farther had he not shot into the wooden stand.

    • Budogunner

      True. That was very unfortunate shot placement for such an expensive test.

  • Topo Solitario

    Outstanding WALLET penetration power! XD

  • Budogunner

    Good Science requires repeated trials and large sample sets. Do it again… [admitted Apple hater]

  • Tyler McCommon

    His voice……

  • Jeremy

    Sight offset brah…

  • Jake Barnes

    I enjoy the fact that he used plexiglass or something to protect the camera from fragmentation…while shooting several thousand dollars worth of iphones.

  • IXLR8

    Actually the answer is one iPhone with the right case…

    .50 BMG vs iPhone, blast from the past.

  • “Make sure you have 6 phones if you want to protect your life” how about wear some body armor if you want to save your life. What a tool!

    • Vitor Roma

      Dude, he was just joking. And good luck finding a level IV body armor.

      • Good luck finding level IV armor? . Bro, I have a personal set. They are everywhere, you just gotta know where to look. Been a pmc for a long time.

  • noob

    iPhones always had a screen crack problem.