SCOTTeVEST Takes Newest Fleece Product to IndieGoGo

SCOTTeVEST, known for their (over)zealous inclusion of pockets into jackets and every-day carry projects has put its latest project on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding site. The project centers around a jacket using fleece, which the press release touts as “The Ultimate Pocket Fleece”, which is coincidentally its name.

At its core, SCOTTeVEST products are designed for EDC, including the carrying of weaponry such as large knives and handguns. This is notable, as the IndieGoGo listing does not allude to weapons (as would be a violation of its Terms of Service). Looking at the Ultimate Pocket Fleece, the same design methodology is applied, making the fleece already set up for concealed carry.

Those interested can head over to IndieGoGo. 



Full Presser Below:

Introducing the Ultimate Pocket Fleece by SCOTTeVEST, Available Now on Indiegogo

Introducing the Ultimate Pocket Fleece by SCOTTeVEST,
Available Now on Indiegogo
The world’s most innovative tech/clothing company breaks new ground with a 19 pocket product launch on the global crowdfunding site

SUN VALLEY, Idaho, June 25, 2015 – SCOTTeVEST has selected the popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo as the platform for their latest product launch: the SCOTTeVEST Ultimate Pocket Fleece. This new 19 pocket, tech-enabled jacket is the culmination of 15 years of clothing engineering, and contains enough purpose-driven features to please both die-hard fans and new customers alike.

The Ultimate Pocket Fleece

The SCOTTeVEST Ultimate Pocket Fleece contains 19 pockets engineered to carry all the gadgets and necessities of the modern, mobile lifestyle… in style. Constructed of a super-soft, but heavier-weight microfleece, the jacket is designed to be your go-to carry-all garment in cooler weather.

At its core, SCOTTeVEST clothing is designed around the items that people carry, and makes it easier for them to access and use their items. All the pockets are engineered to distribute the weight of the jacket contents evenly and with little overlap between the pockets. This results in an amazing lack of “lumpiness” in appearance, and comfort even when fully loaded.

The Ultimate Pocket Fleece’s 19 pockets and features include:

  • PadPocketTM for iPads and other tablets
  • Clear touch pockets so you can see and control touchscreen phones while in your pocket
  • RFID-blocking pocket for travel documents and RFID-enabled credit cards
  • Glasses pocket with attached chamois for cleaning lenses and screens… with a printed “pocket map” for easy pocket reference
  • Patented Personal Area Network (PAN) for routing headphone and charger wires from pocket to pocket in the lining of the jacket
  • Removable sleeves

…and dozens of other features that appeal to travelers, gadget-lovers, commuters, urbanites and more!

SCOTTeVEST has been creating multi-pocket clothing for mobile consumers since 2000, but the Ultimate Pocket Fleece is their first foray into the world of Indiegogo, where the product is available at a special pre-order price of $150 in sizes XS through XXXL.

While many startup companies use crowdfunding primarily as a means for paying for development and production of their products, SCOTTeVEST is taking a broader view and is working through Indiegogo to understand more about what their customers want to see in their products.

SCOTTeVEST CEO and Founder Scott Jordan said, “I launched my very first product 15 years ago with a pre-order model, and I think it’s fitting to release this Ultimate Pocket Fleece in the same way… but to a new audience. I am a huge fan of crowdfunding since it allows the audience to feel fully invested in the success of the product.”

Jeremiah Owyang, founder of Crowd Companies may have put it best when he said, “Crowdfunding is the highest form of loyalty, as the investors are going to use the product, advocate it, and be in it for the long haul. Crowdfunding is shared destiny.”

If you would like to share in SCOTTeVEST’s destiny on Indiegogo and support the Ultimate Pocket Fleece, visit their campaign page. High-resolution assets are available at

Founded in 2000, SCOTTeVEST engineers TEC-Technology Enabled Clothing® with hidden, gadget-friendly pockets. Years of product innovation later, their clothing line has grown to include over 50 stylish, top-quality and functional items for men and women. Named to INC Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies list for several years in a row, SCOTTeVEST is a privately held company headquartered in beautiful Ketchum/Sun Valley, Idaho. Scott Jordan – SCOTTeVEST’s CEO and Founder – is the author of the book “Pocket Man.”

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Bill

    I have 2 of their vests, one jacket and a couple of shirts. Having said that, I don’t know why. The quality is great but “too many pockets” is right – I invariably loose stuff somewhere in my clothes. Worse, you can feel whatever it is from the outside, but navigating the maze to get to it is tough. It’s clothes with a learning curve, which they used to help by putting little cards into each pocket to tell you what it was for.

    I don’t get Indigogo. This is an established company that should have the capital and R&D to develop and market a product without private financing. Their stuff isn’t cheap, and it isn’t like they are a start-up.

    • MR

      Publicity, mostly, and to let their customers feel like they’re part of the creation process. The new product placement, viral ad campaign.

  • Phillip Cooper

    It’s definitely a shirt with too many pockets– but I don’t know that it’s very well-suited to CCW. Anyone have firsthand experience in that role?

    • BryanS

      Nick C here at TFB had a video on it somewhere. Ive seen him personally cram at least 4 guns into one, including one long gun.

      • Giolli Joker

        Fitting in, yes; carrying for hours during daily activities, no.


    I can see a fatty wearing it. The fat will push all the item against the jacket and make everything on the body visible. Who carrys that much junk anyway?

    • kipy

      I have never been able to carry my ipad and Raging Bull….. Until now!


        add a saw off shotgun to the list 🙂

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    First customers…

    • MR


      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Yep, love that show

  • New Chris

    I have one of their products and while they are conceptually clever, but I was not impressed with their quality. For the price point the fabric is thin and the stitching began to fail fairly quickly into the life of the product. I’m sure that with the cost of production, corners needed to be cut on materials to meet a marketable price point. For me, Scottvest doesn’t offer a good value proposition.

    I did contact the company but was not able to received an exchange because I had purchased the product from a retailer and didn’t have the original proof of purchase. So to my thinking, they failed to stand by their product.

  • john huscio

    There are jackets made by arcteryx that are comparable, only with superior design and worksmanship…..of course you’ll pay more, but hey, buy once, cry once…..

  • itsmefool

    Founder was a jerk and eh-hole on Shark Tank…guess he’s still looking for alternative funding!