New Handgun Scope From Leapers/UTG

Whether you’re a hunter or a target shooter, you might need a scope for your handgun. Especially as hunters use their pistols to take down game on an increasing basis the need for good quality handgun scopes is increasing, and answering that call is Leapers/UTG. Earlier this year the company put out their very first long-eye relief scope, and now they’re putting out a model similar to that of what they call the “classic” scope style customers use most.

The new scope is the SCP-1254PRGW, and it’s designed for versatility. It can be used at close range with the 1.25X power or farther out at 4X; eye relief is anywhere from 14″ to 26″. According to the company the scope performs well with a variety of calibers including larger calibers and is easy to use. The reticle is a duplex style which Leapers/UTG cites as a popular customer request, especially among hunters, and the scope has a 35-yard preset parallax. If you’re in the market for a scope for your handgun, this new offering from Leapers/UTG could be just what you need. As a hunter having a scope allows for faster target acquisition and greater speed and accuracy, which is certainly important for a clean kill, and target shooters also benefit from the increased accuracy of having a scope mounted on their handgun. See below for in-depth details.

Take a look online at: MSRP $112.97.

From Leapers/UTG:

In the beginning of 2015, Leapers UTG released their first long eye relief handgun scope SCP-27PRGW. It has become a huge success and has been well received by hunters and sport shooters alike. It’s still 2015 and Leapers has released their next foray into the handgun optics market with a new scope that takes from the classic styling that so many of our enthusiasts are accustomed to.

Built on a 1″ tube and featuring 1.25-4X power magnification with a 32mm diameter objective, the SCP-1254PRGW is for sure to become a handgun favorite. The lower 1.25X power allows close up shots with both eyes open, while the 4X power guarantees shots on target at longer distances. Capable of providing a generous 14″ to 26″ of eye relief, shooters of any size can comfortably bring this scope to bear without compromising their shooting stance. As testified by many customers, a Leapers UTG True Strength (TS) platform pistol scope will hold up to the most punishing of calibers and this new offering is no exception to the lineage of TS platform Leapers UTG optics. The featured duplex style reticle is a staple in the hunting community and comes directly as a request from our customers. Your request was heard and we have answered the call. The 35 yard preset parallax is optimal for handgun engagement distances most commonly found in target shooting and hunting. The emerald coated lenses ensure excellent light transmission and clarity in low light environments. The excellent low light capability is further augmented by adjustable red and green illumination which can be configured for brightness intensity via a dedicated side wheel turret.

Standard for Leapers TS platform, the optic is shockproof, fogproof and weather resistant as a direct result of being completely sealed and nitrogen filled internally. The windage and elevation turrets of this scope adjust in ½ MOA increments. The ocular lens is adjustable and can be locked to retain the ideal setting for the shooter’s eye sight. As with all Leapers optics, complete and total solutions are our specialty. Batteries, high quality lens caps, and Picatinny/Weaver rings are all included at a price no one can beat.

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  • Hellbilly

    First, I wouldn’t waste my money on a UTG product. Second, if I did, I wouldn’t use this scope on anything bigger than .22LR. I learned the hard way years ago about wasting money on cheap optics.

  • Full Name

    Honest question: Are these made in China?

    • Vitsaus

      Did you see the MSRP?

      • Full Name

        Yes, but they could be made in some place like Turkey, or The Philippines. That would be a lot closer to OK than China.

    • All the Raindrops

      Yes of course they are. I made the mistake of buying a utg scope once, it broke immediately and despite their warranty I was incredibly disrespected by their C.S. guy, who barely spoke English and sounded like I was speaking to him in China.

      I bought the scope from them, paid shipping, then it immediately broke, then C.S. wanted me to pay shipping to send it back, and wanted me to send them 20 bucks for return shipping. So I was in at least 40 bucks in shipping just to get a “working” scope. I brought this to their attention and the C.S. literally called me “cheap,” as an intentional insult.

      I got the scope back and it now resides in the back of my storage unit somewhere. Utter garbage. And I’m not a scope snob, I never buy high end scopes but these make other companies ‘ budget lines look like US Optics.

    • Yes

  • asdffdsa

    Could someone please tell me why TFB keeps posting article about Leapers/UTG crap? Leapers/UTG isn’t even bottom of the barrel, it’s what you get when you move the barrel and find that there’s actually more underneath.

    • hking

      UTG = Utter Total Garbage. Its what people that don’t know anything about guns buy to make their rifle “look cool”. I have never in many many years seen anyone that has a decent understanding of firearms and the industry use any UTG/Leapers garbage.

    • That’s all some people can afford. They have their place in the market.

      • All the Raindrops

        There are some manufacturers in a similar price range that put out far better stuff. Like vortex crossfire, burris fullfield, etc

      • asdffdsa

        If the only scope that a person can afford is made by Leapers/UTG then they would be much better off without a scope and just using iron sights. When I was younger and didn’t know as much about scopes I purchased 2 different Leapers/UTG scopes, both were complete garbage, didn’t hold zero very well and the point of impact would slowly drift after a few range trips, and one was a variable power scope and one day got jammed somehow so I couldn’t change the magnification.

  • All the Raindrops

    Wow another pathetic shill “article” peddling low quality crap! What a surprise!

    Like every Katie A “Article” ever!

    • How about we don’t insult the writers.

      • All the Raindrops

        “Writers” is a pretty loose term as this is just another cut n paste UTG press release.

  • MountainKelly

    Doesn’t utg mostly make airsoft stuff?

  • Budogunner

    Anything Leapers or UTG is caveat emptor, regardless of the price. For this thing, at this price, and with such a positive tone to the article, I just laughed.

  • Nashvone

    Why don’t you put this thing on a large caliber hunting revolver and get back to me…with video.