StG 44 in 5.56 and 7.62×39 On The Way

The StG 44, or the Sturmgewehr 44, introduced in 1943 was the first modern assault rifle. It’s a rifle that’s on my wish list that I will never get to own. They’re pretty rare and very expensive, however you can try and snag one from the huge cache found in Syria if you want to risk it. There is the .22lr version from ATI that’s pretty sweet, but with .22lr still in short supply I probably wouldn’t shoot it that much if I bought one. I, like many others, would love a modern StG 44 copy in a more readily available caliber, well Hill & Mac Gunworks says they have one in the works. The HMG Sturmgewehr will be available in 5.56/.223, 7.62×39, .300 BLK and the original 7.92×33mm Kurz. It will use standard AR magazines and accept all standard semi-auto HK-style trigger packs. It’s due out later this year, pricing is TBD. Check out for more info.


The HMG™ Sturmgewehr is a modern interpretation of the classic StG 44 bringing together the classic function and form of the original, while also making the firearm accessible and shoot-able…in a rifle caliber!

Chambered in- 5.56/.223, 7.62×39, .300 BLK and 7.92×33
Uses standard AR-15 magazines
Accepts all standard semi auto HK-style trigger packs
Swappable barrel lengths/calibers and gas lengths
Patents Pending
COMING Fall/winter 2015

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  • Swarf

    Sound really cool!

    If it’s a reasonable price, I’m very interested,

  • Jay

    I like the sound of it all except the magazine part. I would rather it take an original looking type magazine, or maybe have an original looking cover that snapped on the newer style mags. This thing is bound to be on the expensive end of the spectrum.

    • I may partially (or totally, according to how you may see it) disagree with it.

      First of all, IF the rifle must be in .223, I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t use USGI/STANAG magazines. I am all against .223/5,56mm caliber rifles using other magazine types (like CZ-805 proprietary magazines, G36 magazines, AK-type .223 magazines, and so on). USGI/STANAG magazines are cheap and plenty, and despite what some may say, they work. Different types of magazines for .223/5,56mm are a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

      But mind, I said *IF*. Because there is really no reason why the Sturmgewehr should be made in any other caliber than the original 8x33mm.

      • I can see the point of making one in 7.62×39 that uses AK mags. Pretty much the same performance and a reasonably close appearance, and magazines that don’t cost $150.

  • MountainKelly

    I’d be happy with one in x33

  • Vitsaus

    Hm… based on the magazine conversion and the use of HK triggers it sounds like that should bring the cost down from some of the more faithful reproductions… however, this also has the effect of reducing a bit of the novelty of it. As much as I would like to see something like this, it seems to be very ambitious with all the caliber options, and I don’t see that working out well. Still, I hope it happens.

  • abecido

    All the images being 3d renders leads me to conclude they don’t even have a prototype yet.
    But, if it becomes real, works, incorporates as much Stg-44 operating system as possible, and isn’t absurdly expensive I will be interested.

  • IXLR8

    Why not just buy a PTR? It is either a StG-44 or it isn’t. With an HK trigger pack, it isn’t.

    • /k/ommando

      StG-44 repro = mainly targeting war nerds or nazi fetishists.

  • Plumbiphilious

    I’m thinking it’ll be in the $2500+ range, if it ever comes to market at all…
    I’d still go nuts for one I admit.

    Though I have a gripe with the silly design of the rail and the front sight post…that also has no rear sight to go with it.
    If you’re going to do that, at least slap on a short rail at the rear of the receiver that would work with AR-height BUIS for the front sight.

    That way I’d have at least something if I wanted to put a micro RDS on the weird super-high mini-rail where the old rear sight used to be.

    • Kelly Jackson

      I’d say more than that, the current one being produced is $5,000

      • Well, the $5000 one actually looks like an STG44. Not just, “Can pass for one like a bad cross dresser in a dark alley after a dozen shots of tequila”. 🙂

  • C.

    My prayers have been answered.

    • Old Fart

      Good for you. Mine haven’t, I want a factory fresh M1 Carbine in 223 as well as Mosin Nagant 1891/30, M1 Garand, SMLE 4 Mk.I -and1 MkIII* in 308. As for kraut weapons, only the FG-42 Type II G w/ swallow tail mount and ZF-4 scope has my interest. I general, I tend to stay away from the original chamberings. The ammo is way too expensive. I’m not willing to go beyond 308 prices, and even 308’s price point is unacceptable given it’s wide spread agency use.

      • Bal256

        Let me help. Mini 14 and Ishapore enfield. Also 308 FG42s were made a few years ago for several thousand dollars each.

        • Old Fart

          Thanks for your effort. Sure, the Mini 14 comes close (and is a nice, grossly underrated and fun gun to shoot), but it’s not an M1 Carbine and does not have the touch with history. I’m aware of 308 FG-42’s, but not for several thousand dollars, and certainly not a 21st century tacticool reincarnation with p-rails for lasers, pacers and tasers to add. That’s trying to turn an FG-42 into an AR. I’m an old fart and very much a purist when it comes to World Wars firearms. I don’t get the whole ‘upgrading’ of Mosins either. All these hideous stocks, ouch.. Don’t mess with these beautiful pieces of history is all I can say. Re-chambering in order to avoid the ammo cost is acceptable, but otherwise just leave them be. Ishapores are hard to come by, and like I said, I want them new (yeah I know it’s kinda bending over backwards in reverse).

          • So you want a firearm to be historical… yet be a reproduction, and also a complex gun to be reintroduced after being out of production for 70+ years and be free?

          • Alex B


          • Old Fart

            Yep, it sounds like wishful thinking. I know.

          • st4

            Wat?! Mini-14 does so have a touch of history. *A-Team theme*

          • Old Fart


          • In addition to Fulton Armory for M1 Garands, look at James River Armory for M1 Garands.

            As for FG42s in .308, the last place I saw them being built, they were building them without accessory rails, and close enough to the originals that, unless you realized that it was using a modified M14 magazine, you would be highly unlikely to be able to tell the difference. Of course they are expensive – they’re practically hand built, because the mass market just isn’t there. They are simulating the stampings by *machining*, because the up front cost of setting up for stamping will never pay back a positive ROI.

            You aren’t going to get an M1 Carbine in .223 significantly closer to a USGI one in .30 Carbine than the Mini 14. That’s like complaining you can’t get a MG Triumph with a 350 under the hood, or an 1873 SAA in .45-70 (but you don’t like the Magnum Research BFR).

          • Oh, and there is a No4 Mk. 1 in .308, using modified M14 mags. Difficult to import to the US (because they use Vietnamese wood), but some have made it here.

            Again, if course, you’ll have to pay to play – “brand new”, “readily found without effort”, “90% historically accurate”, “in my preferred, ahistorical, chambering”, and ” cheap” are mutually exclusive. Pick no more than two.

          • Old Fart

            That’s a nice one! (JAR).

            Yeah I heard about that couple of years ago. I accidentally lost my bookmarks through own error and forgot the company’s name… I’d love to get my hands on one. The FG-42 Type G/II is amazing

            Mini-14 and M1 Carbine are two different animals if you ask me. They have entirely different magazine reloading procedures. I’m finicky about guns, yes…

      • Josh

        Fulton armory makes new garands

        • Old Fart

          Indeed! Tnx, I completely forgot about that. Must be the years…

  • Martin Grønsdal

    so, seriously, if I went to the states, south or north, east or west – how easily, and fast, could I buy 1000 rounds .22 lr?

    • ostiariusalpha

      A thousand rounds is just two little box bricks, that’s pretty easy to get ahold of if you order it in the States. Even at my local LGS, I can get that most weeks.

    • Swarf

      How fast can you open your wallet?

      It’s becoming more easily available, but prices are stupid. Like $70USD for what used to be $20 stupid.

      And since plenty of… well, I won’t say stupid, but… irrationally desperate… people are willing to pay that stupid price, it’s unlikely to change soon.

  • A rape of the original Sturmgewehr design?

  • Renegade

    1. I’ll believe it when I see it
    2. A rail? Really?
    3. Those renders look… let’s just say bad.
    4. Buy an STI; .22lr is common enough now, just not the way it used to be.
    5. I now have a use for all those 7.92×33 AR mags I have laying around the house.

  • Bal256

    HMG gunworks… who? Looking at their product line, the only other thing they have is another rifle (a .223 CETME), that is also “planned” and currently not available. I wouldn’t hold my breath for this one.

  • andrey kireev

    sign me up ! A rifle that fought my grandfathers, made by my father’s enemies, in caliber my father used in soviet basic training… it’s some weird love triangle….

  • Cal S.

    That would be nice if the went the neo-STG44 look and did like a folding stock with a Keymod hand guard. Oh, and put it on the market for $1,000 or less.

  • Kevin Harron

    Oh god, all the wehraboo dreams…

    • Creep

      It would look strange with a 5 round magazine.

  • Blake

    The rail ruined it for me. There are better ways to keep the classic lines of a rifle while still offering reasonable scope mounting options.

  • Scott Tuttle

    that is awesome. retro yet still looks bad ass.

  • Evil_Bonsai

    Maybe someday someone will make a new Sterling 9mm PISTOL (pinned/welded folded stock ala PPS-43, original barrel configuration) I would be all over that one.

    • Leigh Rich

      Ive a Colefire- Sterling Pistol in 7.62X39. They made them in 9MM too.

    • They did. Sold cheaply (like $300). Then they ran out of stupidly cheap parts kits.

      Setting up totally brand new tooling just to reproduce the stamped parts would cause the cost to skyrocket.

      • Leigh Rich

        I’ve got 7000 rds of 7.62X25 when they were dirt cheap at the same time. Hell 22LR will cost 3 times more per round.

  • mechamaster

    Hopefully they redesign the bolt carrier into rotating bolt, and improved the safety / firing selector ergonomics/ambidextrousity like an AR.

    • Vitor Roma

      Rotating bolt would kill the appeal of the gun, nothing wrong with tilting bolt as the Vz and FAL are great designs with it.

      • mechamaster

        Well, maybe to ease some parts availability ( derived from AR or AK bolt ) and add potential for future caliber conversion kit..

        Well, this is just my personal opinion of course.. lol.

    • abecido

      Nah. To add back some extra history, they should include the safety and buttstock attachment method from the Remington Model 8.

  • All the Raindrops

    The rail instead of sight kills it

  • abecido

    Unless I’ve fallen into an alternate universe, Georgia is part of the US.

  • Leigh Rich

    I’ve got a ATI StG that I left packed in the Amish made crate. Got it NIB for $360 last month Neat ass gun even in 22. Gold is down and it is a buyers market for guns now.

  • Doom

    I just wish they would make an affordable one in 7.92… even 1500$ would be better than the $4k the companies are asking. And a rail on the rear sight? wat? Question though, will it take full auto HK trigger packs? could be fun to have your lower pack fit in both your G3 and this gun. Especially when you are shooting ammo half the price of .308……

  • Hank Seiter

    Well, then, it’s actually not an StG44. Has to cosmetically look very different to chamber and fire the longer cartridges … and the mag. Just sayin’. Love the StG44/45, though. Too rich for even my finances!

  • Sledgecrowbar

    I feel like I should want it in the original caliber. Not so much just because it’s correct, but because I have AR’s and don’t particularly care about caliber commonality, I have a small collection and lots of calibers because I like to shoot them all. I’ll probably never run out of AR’s at this point, and need something else to shoot my .223 with. I know PPU makes 7.92×33, which isn’t surprising seeing as they make a ton of oddball calibers and a decent production of each, but I was still kind of impressed that they would make it for a gun that is essentially nonexistent.

    Actually, a quick search reveals that everyone who had it is sold out of PPU 7.92×33. Oh well.

  • Zebra Dun

    I want mine in .50 AE.