Kinetic Concealment Holster Combo Packs

Kinetic Concealment

Kinetic Concealment announced new Holster Combo Packs that allow a shooter to get two different modes of carry out of a single rig. The packs come with an inside the waistband backer and an outside the waistband backer. Then by swapping the shells, the owner can move from one style to another depending on their needs.

Kinetic Concealment makes their holsters with a Kydex shell that mounts to a leather backer. The backer has a neoprene backing that is designed to increase comfort when compared to non-lined leather backers.

The new combo packs carry a suggested retail price of $97.95.

Richard Johnson

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  • Will

    This concept was developed by Alien Gear a few years ago and theirs is EXTREMELY comfortable and requiring no break in. Also theirs is a whole lot less than $97.95.
    Google Alien Gear for comparison of this system to the original.

  • alex waits

    I like the concept and seems like a good holster, but I cant get over the price.

  • SCW

    Why do “custom” holster makers use those crappy spring steel clips? They always end up bending and losing their retention.

    Go with Alien Gear. They have polymer clips in every configuration, cost $65 less, sell replacement parts, and give you the ability to swap the kydex mold out to a different gun for FREE. Just send in your old one, and they will give you a new one in whatever gun model you want. They also have the neoprene backing.

    • TechnoTriticale

      In addition to the lack of choice on clips (and/or loops), most of these holster makers completely neglect to offer magazine holsters, particularly with a raised backing to keep the floorplate or grip extension from digging into you.