Claymore’s Adventures: Making a video with Colt Defense (1985) (UPDATE: Video Online)

Editor’s note: Claymore’s career took many interesting twists and turn through some of the world’s most notorious regions. A list of his blog posts can be seen here.

UPDATE: The video is now online. Sorry about the SNAFU.

Don’t ever think cinder block walls are “cover”. As you will see in this video

Well the day is here. In this video all the fans from The firearms Blog can now see Claymore as he really looks with no masking.

I found this after it was sitting in my closet for years and remembered that Steve was getting into posting firearms videos and thought I would send it to him.

After a saga of getting it changed from VHS to digital, and sending it via the postal service it has now been converted by Steve and ready for posting.

I got involved in this project after meeting a Colt exec. in the military and police sales when they came to our range to test and show off the then new M-16-A2. After that first meeting we became “buds”.

Readers of TFB may have read some of my “adventure stories” and during these adventures anything I thought Colt might be interested in I passed to him and those got him some good reviews from his bosses.

So when they wanted to produce this promo video, to show at military and police conventions, on a limited budget they asked myself and two other off duty Troopers to help out (on our own time, we were not paid by Colt).

So onto the show as they say. For those TFB readers that have wondered just what claymore looks like I will give you a hint….. anyone firing the M-16-a2 in this promo left handed is me.  I also fire it briefly right handed. If you look closely at my hands they are black from all the firing we did that day way back in around 1985.

We got all dressed out in our best military looking uniforms on a freezing cold day and got started.

The scene starting at 03:11 shows a live 203 round exploding and it’s just a puff of black smoke down range. And then the large fireball explosion of the “Ammo dump” at 03:20.

The secret is that large fireball explosion was really 1/2 lbs. of C-4 under two gallons of gasoline set of remotely by the third trooper off camera. He set the charge off when he heard the 203 practice round fire. When we said “that was a pretty large explosion for a 203 round” the execs said we will just say it was an ammo dump that was hit.

As I said it was a freezing cold day and we troopers did the scene like the Marines do at 05:15 and had to break the ice off that stream so we could “trip” and dunk the rifle and then take it out and fire it. But it took several cuts and none of them made the cut and we were wet and freezing. So they stopped filming and continued using some Real USMC reserve Marines in the summer to complete the video.

The day was a lot of fun firing mag after mag filled with pre-loaded 5.56 rounds and not have to load them ourselves.

The rifles ran fine with no malfunctions all day.

Now you guys have to know that even after watching this video you still will not be able to track me down as it was about 30 years ago and I don’t look like that anymore.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • thei3ug

    We’ll never be able to identify you even with a time machine going back to the 80’s, as that video is private.

  • Dave

    Video is listed as private and is not viewable…

  • Y-man

    I suspect I know who Claymore is… [But I’m not telling!]

  • Jeff Smith

    After getting me all hyped up, I learned the video was private.

    Not cool, Steve. Not cool. 🙂

  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    Welp. This is a private video…To bad

  • iksnilol

    Pfft, you underestimate my stalking skills. Nowadays with the internet it is easier to stalk someone across the globe than it is to stalk an animal.

  • KestrelBike

    Claymore’s identity is so secret, even if Steve is willing to show you, YouTube won’t!

  • Vitsaus

    I was super excited when I saw the preview picture and the M16A2 with the classic 203… my hopes and dreams are now dust.

  • wetcorps

    OPSEC is not compromised.

  • MountainKelly

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    “Claymore’s Adventures” . . . how deceiving!!!! I was fully expecting a little cartoon claymore mine going on an adventure for freedom and democracy!!

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  • Gematech On Line

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  • ostiariusalpha

    Ugh, why did the ’80s think they needed to foist that shrieking synthesizer on the world? You don’t have to see how high the pitch can go on that piece of garbage just because. Oh yeah, guns’n’stuff…

  • USMC03Vet

    White sleeves!!!

  • Fred Johnson

    Thanks for the time travel trip. So retro. Strange for me to say since I was 20 in 1985. I got to fire my first AR semi auto the year after that. It was a Colt, of course.

    • Rick5555

      Wow saw that date 1985, and you’re just 20 years old. How time flies. In 1985, I was 21, just graduated university. And heading to medical school in the fall. Back then, I was really into skeet and trap shooting. Never had an AR. Then the early 90’s caught the AR/AK bug. I remember getting a decent AK for $325. Those were the days. However, today we have more choices. As well as, the quality and standards are much better too. Great time to be a shooter. Only if Obama and group would leave us alone.

  • Sickshooter0

    Who’s this “Colt” company? It looks as they used to make firearms?

  • SpazC

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  • Joshua

    “Colt a symbol of excellence for the next millennium”
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  • Blake

    Awesome video, Claymore. Thanks for digging it up.

    If only Colt was able to live up to their hype…