Quick Recovery By Katelyn Francis

Like a true professional, Katelyn Francis had a slight slip on a roof top 3Gun stagel but maintained positive control on her AR. She recovered and continued the stage. Katelyn Francis is well known for her infamous video a couple years ago, when she was 13 and shooting a full auto ACR at the beginning of a 3Gun stage.

Here is the video from the stage where she fell.

The aftermath.

Sometimes you own the rooftop, sometimes it owns you!!! Had a nasty spill on the long range rifle rooftop. My 5.11 Tactical pants werent ripped even though my knee was underneath!! Thats quality!! Still managed a good time with only one make up shot!!!

Katelyn 2

Nicholas C

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  • Thisaintnews

    Who cares?

    • KestrelBike

      Everyone who enjoys shooting and freedom should. Young, female Katelyn has a good attitude and from what I’ve read is respected in the competitive shooting community. The more exposure she gets, the more parents will look and see “Damn, that skinny little girl can do this, I gotta get my own Jenny out there and see what she can do!” This is Huge for the future protecting of our rights, getting as large a collective community as possible into seeing young ladies having control over weapons and kicking ass.

      Also, maintaining positive control over a weapon is a critical skill for any person, so seeing a competitor do so under a stressful situation is always nice to remark on. If you still don’t care, please enlighten us on the things you would like to see and I’m sure TFB will start catering exclusively to the things you deem worthy of.

      • Patrick R.

        “I’m sure TFB will start catering exclusively to the things you deem worthy of.”

        We’re listening.

        • chead

          For what it’s worth, this is the kind of story I like to see. Keep it up!

          • Patrick R.

            I was just kidding. I too like these stories.

      • Travis

        Not that I agree with him, but I can kinda see what he means. I’ve got mad respect for the young lady, but, I mean, she slipped. It happens to everyone and isn’t a world-shifting event. Would anyone bat an eyelash if Sylvester Stallone stumbled while walking down the red carpet?

    • Whoopdeedoo

      I see where you’re getting it, any responsible shooter would’ve controlled it the same way. Were we expecting her to throw the gun up in the air and scream like a little girl? No.

      • Jake S.

        Simply put: any enthusiast of the sport of competitive shooting and responsible gun ownership and operation in general should see this and say that it is a triumph. Perhaps not glorious or particularly “media-worthy.” But, a victory nonetheless. In an age where the risks and failures of gun ownership are lauded and broadcast–seemingly–every waking moment, we should be thankful that this did unfold the way it did. Had she been irresponsible or hurt herself or someone else then this would be a heyday for negative media attention. I, for one, am not above giving credit where it is due, no matter how small. Stop being such a troll and trying to piss on the message of the post. If you have trouble understanding the message perhaps a bit more tact on your part would be called for? I swear, there really is nothing more bothersome than a smart-mouthed idiot.

        • Nicholas Chen

          Exactly. People pounce on news of poor firearm handling. Here is a positive story.

    • MR

      Is it more impressive than one of Jerry Miculek’s famous feats? Yeah, kinda.

      • KestrelBike

        What’s really shaming me is a teenager’s small(er) hands able to do dual-TWinS reloads (4 shells). I have zero excuse now.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Good control and focus, for one so young. She will do well, methinks.

  • Rey


  • Nick Grahm

    And that’s why you keep your finger out of the trigger guard unless you’re shooting.

  • noob guest

    Why was her previous video infamous? I can’t see her doing anything wrong…

    • M.M.D.C.

      Infamous to the pearl-clutching hoplophobes. I think the “wrong” in it is the fact that she’s being “allowed” to shoot a gun at such a tender age.

      • noob guest

        Better young and trained than old and stupid… and there are so many of the latter.

  • Tassiebush

    What an awesome kid! Bet her parents are very proud!

  • ColaBox


  • Tay Dervis

    Hope she didn’t squish her balls.

  • Danny Gonzalez

    I wonder if she could have rolled instead. Is that legal in 3gun?

  • CJS3

    True to her sponsors. Way to go Katelyn.

  • Raven Lee

    We need more exposure of these types of stories in the regular media. Here is a competitor who respects firearms and will even sacrifice her own body so as to keep control of the firearm and prevent injury or death to others. That’s as responsible as you can get as a firearm owner. It also highlights what a tremendous responsibility it is to own and shoot a firearm. Kudos to Katelyn!

  • highhammer

    can confirm solid recovery. im a roofer.