Extreme CQB: No Aim Firing

To quote the presentation from the US Concealed Carry Association, I “hope you are never in the unenviable position” of dealing with a threat in extreme close quarters. For those who may perhaps be in the subway or similar extremely tight situations, USCCA has a great little video on drawing and shooting with no sights.

There are some great tips within (like canting the slide to ensure it does not catch on clothing) and showcases the disadvantages of using the same techniques from even a few extra feet away.

Nathan S

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  • Nicks87

    Also called shooting from the high-tuck position. My only correction would be to have your support hand palm facing out so if your attacker tries to grab you or your weapon you can push them back or deliver a palm strike and regain your reactionary gap.

    • Giolli Joker

      That’s how I’ve seen it being taught as well… the point of not shooting your own hand might be important as well…

    • Glock Guy

      That is how I was taught as well. This guy would’ve had his rear-end handed to him, and a bullet in it as well.

    • Anton Gray Basson

      Been taught that too.

  • This instructor is teaching us to put our weak hand on our chest to avoid shooting it but he isn’t doing it. Do as I say, not as I do.

    • Glock Guy

      Exactly, not a good trainer at all. Also the fact that he kept rotating his right hand to fire closely was very-poor tactical marksmanship. That explains why he was missing a target not even 2 feet from him. Any moron who carries a gun should’ve hit that target cleanly.
      Guess he needs to keep practicing . . . .

  • Where can I get those “young Massad Ayoob” targets. I just pissed myself.

    • Rooftop Voter

      Aside from Massad, where DO they get the guys to pose for these targets?? I have seen my share in LEO training over the years.

      I just checked Mr Ayoob’s bio, he is 5 days older than me! Woot woot.

      • It would be weird to show up to a class a face yourself or someone you knew!

    • MR

      “You send in the Massad, turn off the BBC, CNN, and don’t look back.”-Megadeth

  • Budogunner

    I certainly hope I never find myself in that terrible situation. If I did, though, I think my instincts might be different.

    If you are truly close enough that the attacker can reach out and touch you, you can reach out and touch him. I agree with the priority being to get offline of the threat, but no matter where you move, anything other than a paper target will adjust aim to follow. You then find yourself in a position of ai uchi, or mutual striking, and you both may end up on the ground full of holes.

    I’ve not had much specialized firearm training in being this close, but I’ve had plenty of martial arts training being this close. My instinct is to get offline of the attack or muzzle and actually close distance to gain control of the threat. It doesn’t need to be complete control initially, just enough to ensure the attacker cannot muzzle you. The threat is now still active, but not immediate, giving you a safer chance of either resolving things from a close draw or less-lethally by hand.

    I am curious about how on or off target others think I am in this regard. I admit to not being a CQB expert or ex-military. The instincts I’ve developed on the mat may not be good ones. Still, a priori, it seems good sense to gain control of the threat if that is available rather than throwing the dice in a hip fire shootout. There is no guarantee the threat is hip firing, either, so you may be the only one shooting “without aiming” add this instructor puts it.

    • Bill

      Sometimes closing and trapping is an extremely viable option, if things have gone sideways and you’re that close to your adversary. People seem to always want to keep the gun in tight and protected, but contact shots are horrific. You run the risk of gumming up the gun, so to speak, and inducing a malfunction, but you are also blowing a high pressure/high velocity/ high temperature bubble of gas into your opponent.
      Shooting your own hand is counterproductive. A palm heel strike to the jaw or face, might be an option, as maybe a hair grab, if it isn’t controlling his or her weapon.

  • mrsatyre

    “…those who may perhaps be in the subway…” I generally don’t travel by subway here in Northern VA, but when I do, it’s into Mordor (DC), so I can’t carry anyway. I’ve looked and looked, but haven’t found any statements by the Metro PD about whether or not guns are allowed on the Metro subway. Assuming I stay in VA and not go into DC or MD…anyone know what my rights are?

    • SCW

      If a law is unconstitutional, it’s not a law. Quit asking Massa for permission and just do it.

      • If it is illegal why set yourself up to be arrested. We may not like some of the laws but we have to change them rather than say I won’t do it because I don’t think it’s right.

      • Nobody

        I agree. Unfortunately, our rights are not judged under strict scrutiny any more. That means that some agenda-laden judge somewhere can make an arbitrary decision based on an opinion and it won’t be considered an infringement.

        It’s like saying you’re allowed to criticize a President in your own home, but you need a journalist permit to do the same outside your home, but since you’re allowed to speak your mind at home it isn’t a violation of your free speech.

        That mindset will potentially land a lot of people in deep trouble, and the thought of that is enough to deter the peaceful law-abiding people who we all *want* to carry in public, but not the malicious criminals that carry laws are supposedly meant to deter.

    • The easiest is to contact the Metro police and ask them. You can also contact the state attorney general or local prosecuting attorney’s office and get the information.There really is no need to spend a bunch of money on a lawyer. Most officers do know the law.

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      Until all of the sudden one day your train gets re-routed for some reason (blocked tracks? bomb threat in a station? etc.) and stops at a D.C. or Maryland station and you suddenly become a criminal.

      • Nobody

        That’s why we need someone with the intestinal fortitude in the Oval Office to make an executive order (based on current legislation: The Constitution) that in the entire United States, no permit is required to carry any weapon in any chosen manner for legal adults, in any jurisdiction.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Point-shooting from retention, what Jeff Cooper named the ‘Speed Rock’. With practice, you can still get good hits out to the 6-9ft distance he mentioned. This sort of close point shooting is a part of every practice session.
    Another thought–if a situation starts to get violent that close in, give the assailant a HARD shove with the support hand as you draw. This can push him off balance (or hopefully knock him down) as you bring the gun up and move to create distance.

    • Dave514

      Jeff’ s SR is only useful if you want to be out of balance and dead.

      Check out Turnipseed Technique.

      • Pete Sheppard

        Good point, sir.
        When I practice retention shooting, I aim the gun upward rather than rock my torso back.

  • pismopal

    I have been carrying a concealed pistol for over 50 years and no one has ever noticed. We carry in case we need it for an emergency dont we? So carry it and only present it in an emergency…then let the chips fall as they will. You shoot someone and you are a suspect in a homicide..that is a fact but you and your family members may be unharmed. You will also have some civil law problems but that goes with defending yourself. Weigh your options before you do anything..make up your mind before.

  • Chuckwagon524

    I have seen this technique demonstrated before. In all likely hood, this is for when your attacker is within arm’s reach. As such, your weak hand will probably be extended keeping your asailant at bay, would practicing keeping your arm in be wise? Just sayig, if you are trying to block a fist or knife to the head, bringing the weak hand in would open yourself up to attack right? Also would it be wise to practice step back and away as you fire to gain distance from the attacker?