Downright dangerous instructing

This video was published online in 2010, I’ve got no idea on when exactly it was taken, but it seems to be making its way around social media. When these dangerous instructing videos come out, sometimes they have the smallest portion of merit in the most abstract way. However in this case, I can’t find any instructional or training value in this guys method of hip firing at targets inches away from a fellow instructor, on fully automatic. I think he is saying something about foot pointing and using the natural way your body points, similar to point shooting, but that is about it as far as any value. This segment is one out of four, the other clips feature the use of a handgun and a shotgun, completing similar feats of absolutely disregard for any sort of safety. The handgun and shotgun sections I’m a little less weary about because the guy is actually using the sights, but the AK one is inexcusable with the hip firing.


The video was taken in Argentina to the best of my knowledge.



The video reminds me of this picture from a while back, only it’s worse. 


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  • Riot

    I think this would be put down as suicide by any insurance company.

  • Ethan

    Stuck on Stupid, Comrade.

  • Josh

    Probably just the color of his faded jeans, but almost looks like the guy wet himself.

    • Paul White

      I’d need my brown pants.

  • Tom – UK

    Anyone elses hands start sweating just from watching this?

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    And no ear protection either. For shame.

  • FrenchKiss

    Awesome shooting!

  • Having actually done this sort of shooting with an AK (not with someone else downrange!), this is absolutely bogglingly irresponsible.

    I… Wow. What…?

  • Bear The Grizzly

    You shot em in d**k, butters!

    • Roger V. Tranfaglia

      Center mass, what’s that? Hell blow his sllab off!
      Machismo at it’s finest!!

  • Paul White

    All of my NOPE to that.

  • gb7

    He is wearing the old school “shoot me first” camera vest that spec ops wannabes used to wear. That makes this totally legit.

  • Ron Fox

    I hope that, at the very least, he was wearing one of those bulletproof cups!

    I guess they knew that since he was using an AK, there was very little chance of him actually hitting the guy

    • Fiveseven

      As long as the AK is being fired by an Imperial stormtrooper or one of those red shirts from Star Trek.

      • Paladin

        Which raises the question, if a stormtrooper shoots at a red shirt and misses, does the red shirt still die?

    • Maxcoseti

      As long as he was actually aiming at the guy

  • LarryLem

    It was completely safe. There was a hill in background to contain the rounds.

  • Brandon

    Apparently he works for GI Joe circa 1986

  • Wetcoaster

    I wonder what the story is for the guy on the stool holding up the target. Prank by his NCOs? I don’t think a board fence and a storefront count as an acceptable backstop, even in China.

  • Michael Hardy

    The guy between the targets has his hands over his groin to hide the urine stain

  • smartacus

    the guy should’ve sprayed

  • Ulises Tacconi

    Hi there, first post from Argentina.

    There are almost no legal AK47 in my country. It would be easier to find plutonium than a legally owned AK.
    Taking gun, location and accent into consideration, my best guess would be anywhere from Ecuador to México.
    No AK for you!

    • Ulises Tacconi

      And after a few more tries, I think the accent is from Colombia. The gun and the landscape fit as well.

      • carango772

        its not colombian… the accent is more likely to be form central america or venezuela and by the way… es raro acostumbrarse a escribir en ingles no?
        El acento parece panameño aunque tambien es similar al que emplean en algunas regiones de venezuela… no existe la mas minima probabilidad de que el video sea colombiano…

        • Estoy de acuerdo. Creo que el video es de Panama.

  • nadnerbus

    I think it is totally worth it to risk murdering a fellow human being in order to master the very useful and often employed art of hip firing on full auto. The State department should see if they can scrape some money up to send these guys to Syria to train ISIL.

  • JOE

    Honduras or Nicaragua by the accent.

    • mosinman

      certainly sounds like Nicaragua to me.

  • Jeremy Star

    Weary = Tired
    Wary = Cautious

  • Thomas Bennett

    He kept talking about it being a “9mm Machine Gun”

    I lived a few years in Argentina, and I am sad to say, this doesn’t surprise me.

  • DIR911911 .

    it’s a bravery test , before you sleep with my daughter I have a test for you!!

  • Dan

    Things like this don’t bother me, I am all for stupid people getting themselves killed and anyone that does this or volunteers to do this does not need to breed and pass their stupid to the next generation. It is like watching Natural Selection

  • Core

    Wow, these guys must be guerilla commandos of some sort. Im amazed the guy in the middle didn’t take a round but he didn’t seem nervous and the shooter had confidence. Reminds me of those knife throwing circus folk.

  • VAM

    I think this is how Argentinian prisoners gain early release.

  • ricolib

    He provided this video as a resume’ for Dr Piazza’s Training Site back in ’10. Of course he was not hired.

  • Peter Conor

    I read, this video was send to frontsight, and the instructor was from Central América

  • Rnasser Rnasser

    Absolutely NOT from Argentina, from the way he talks he is from Venezuela, Colombia or perhaps some country from central america.

  • Jamie Clemons

    Mexican drug runner training.

  • northafrican

    not a single f### was given that day

  • Martin Grønsdal


  • Bo Bo

    i wonder if they provided this guy with health care coverage as part of the job. Also he’s wearing camouflage. Not a good idea when someone is shooting like that.

  • Zebra Dun

    William Floggin’ Tell with an AK!

  • Amsdorf

    Never go full Yeager!!

  • TheGrammarMan

    That was one of the greatest range videos ever!

  • sometrend

    I guess I`m all set with this guys course.

  • rootman

    mm truly amaZIng!
    Who is that guy and how can he be an”instructor”?
    Can anybody translate what the “instructor” was saying?

    • Maxcoseti

      He talked mostly about the importance of training for muscle memory and trigger control (since he is actually aiming at the guy when switching targets), and to lesser extend about a stance that’s “not too stiff or tense”, how to control the gun in full auto and about the risk of bullets cooking off

      • rootman

        Thank you Maxcoseti.

  • Leonardo Padrino

    They definitely aren’t Argentinian. They don’t fit the look, accent, or way of talking. Maybe Venezuelan.

  • Leonardo Padrino

    I chuckled when he says this isn’t a 9mm machine gun, a 9mm is a child’s toy.

  • Cynic

    I have heard of it being done in some uk sf.

    Don’t most us infantry do the move to combat ‘Underfire’ confidence drill with the Mrs are firing like 20ft above the troops and there’s arty simulators going off

    • Uniform223

      That is done during basic training.

  • lbeacham

    Target. Another job spoiled Americans won’t do.

  • FourString

    Black Robert Downey Jr disapproves son