FAB Defense Marketing Products For Better Long-Range Shots

FAB Defense is marketing several of their products as useful specifically for improving accuracy on long-range shots. The company correctly points out the importance of stability, saying even tiny movements can ruin a long-range shot, especially when you’re shooting at significant distances. While there are many factors at play when it comes to getting a hit at long-range – especially scoring a precise hit – it’s true that stability is a top consideration.


Speaking as a long-range shooter and a serious fan of stretching out distance to the max, especially while hunting, I have to admit I’m always interested in the means to improving my chances. FAB is directing long-range shooters to a few items in particular: their SSR25-BTK Precision Sniper Stock and T-PODG2 PR foregrip and bipod. The idea is to give shooters three points of contact and a stable platform, and that’s just what these products offer.

Read on to hear specific details from FAB and visit the company’s website at: http://www.fab-defense.com/     MSRP not listed.


From FAB Defense:

FAB Defense provides products designed to accomplish this. For example, the FAB Defense SSR25-BTK Precision Sniper Stock is considered the ultimate sniper, varmint and benchrest stock for the AR-15 or AR-10 platform. It features an adjustable cheekpiece and with eight height positions, a quick release adjustable monopod that deploys instantly to the desired height with the touch of a button, fine and extra-fine elevation adjustment up to 6.5″ of height and it’s made from a MIL-SPEC reinforced polymer composite, steel hardware and a rubber buttpad.

The FAB Defense T-PODG2 PR is both a foregrip and fully functional bipod for when the situation requires extra stability for those long-range scenarios. A quick push of the thumb button releases the spring activated adjustable bipod allowing the shooter to stabilize his or her gun on any surface. The swivel mount allows for right and left of center adjustments.

The FAB Defense SSR25-BTK and the T-PODG2 PR provide the shooter with three points of contact with the shooting surface. The increased stability allows the shooter to maximize with accuracy for long distance shots. So, if you like shooting long distances or if you are hunting coyotes or prairie dogs out to approximately 600 yards, these products will increase your success.

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    I sort of feel bad for people that thing the grip-pod / bipod alternative is a replacement for a real bipod. I mean, not sorry really, more in the way “if you don’t know now, you will eventually”.

    They’re good for one thing and one thing only…. Display.

    • iksnilol

      + if you desperately need a foregrip you can just grab onto the bipod (though you might need to mount it a bit closer to you). Or y’know, attach a real foregrip since nothing stops you from having both a foregrip and bipod at once.

    • Cynic

      Their grip of looks allot better than the standard one you see around. Iv found it useful for leaving a rifle in position whilst checking something or sending a radio message or setting up a scope changing batteries hat kind of thing however.

    • Budogunner

      I use a grip-pod on my AR equipped with a slide-fire stock. Prone or on the bench this provides nice support while allowing the nonprofit bump-fire to happen. You need that grip point to keep forward pressure and good control.

      But yes, in non-SAW cases I would never use one. I even take mine off when using the same AR in another role.

  • Phil Hsueh

    I like their take on the grip pod, it’s pretty cool although you’d have to collapse it you want to use it as a foregrip again, but I guess if you’re grabbing you’d end up closing it anyhow.

    I’m not too sure about their stock, it looks to me like the riser may be a little on the small side for getting a good cheek weld.

  • Askel

    If their grip-pod wasn’t quite so freaking fat and heavy, I’d prefer it to the US-tactical one that’s not height-adjustable like theirs.

  • Steve Martinovich

    I have a FAB Defense pistol grip and butt stock on one of my rifles that I like very much but you couldn’t pay me to use that VFG/bipod.

  • All the Raindrops

    Katie A, you are so good at pasting ads. More “articles ” like this please