12-Gauge Segmented Slug Showdown – PDX-1 vs. Hexolit-32

I know, I have a bit of a fanboy problem, but when you are as good and thorough as ShootingTheBull410, its hard not to be. Latest in his everlasting lexicon of ammunition tests is now my personal favorite; testing two types of segmented slugs. The first is the venerable PDX-1 line of defense ammunition, and the other a company that I took an interest to at the NRA show last year, Dupleks and their Hexolit 32.

Regardless of the results, I have no desire to be hit by either.

Nathan S

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  • iksnilol

    Hexolitt32 is sorta popular in Europe. Expensive but effective. Seems like it would also be effective with a suppressor, just chop the barrel a bit and you should bleed of enough velocity to make it subsonic.

    Does he intend on doing rifle cartridges? I must admit I am curious on how different 7.62×39 bullets act.

    • jcitizen

      Holy smoke! I’m not sure I could pull the trigger with Hexolitt32!! It is already bad enough to get the guts to pull the trigger on another human being – I’d need some awesome fear for me to load that in my shotgun! However – maybe it would make a good bear or African game round!

      • iksnilol

        I can see that, I saw a picture from a boar hunt. The boar was shot with Hexolitt32 and its intestines were looking like they were trying to escape through the entry wound.