Strike One Pistol Update

Strike One

Sooner State Arsenal sent out an e-mail with updated information on the Strike One pistols. According to the e-mail, the .40 S&W version of the Strike One handguns should ship to customers in the next two weeks. The .357 SIG version is expected in the fall of 2015.

The company also stated that the first shipment of the Strike One Speed pistol should be arriving soon. However, there will only be enough in this shipment to cover pre-sales from 2014. Sooner State Tactical advised that a second shipment with a greater quantity of pistols should arrive in late June. This second shipment should cover all pre-orders.

The Strike One Speed pistol is a 2015 addition to the line. It is designed around competitive shooting. It is currently selling for $1,111.

Richard Johnson

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  • Riot

    Excellent I look forward to a lot more reviews of it. Maybe see how many people feel a benefit to the low height.

  • Oh? Do you guys not have these yet? They’ve been around in Canada since summer. Damn, I should review one.

    • I own one. Is there anything specifical you want to know about?

      • barry

        Do you think that the product justifies the cost compared to other polymer framed pistols such as the Glock 17 or Smith and Wesson M&P?

        • Does the product justifies the cost? Yes, particularly since it is totally different from a technical point of view when it comes to the working system. Unlike the Smith & Wesson M&P and the Glock 17, this is NOT a Browning-style locking gun. If it was made with less MIM components and with more totally CNC-machined components, it wouldn’t cost less than a SIG Sauer.

          As for the price it goes in the United States? You only have U.S. fees for the import of firearms from abroad to thank for that.

          The street price for a “Strike One” here in Italy normally ranges between just a little bit over 600€ (US$683.80) and just a little bit over 700€ (US$797.77).
          More specifically, in most gun shops here, it can be bought for around 650€ (approximately US$740.80), which is basically from 50€ to 100€ (approximately $57.00 to $114) more expensive than a Glock, depending from the model — and this, even with the 22% VAT that applies to gun sales in this Country.