Ares Armor Prototype 3D Printed AR-15 Handguard

Jon from Ares Armor showed off their new prototype AR-15 handguard for Gun Runnerz on YouTube. From the video it seems like Ares Armor is still feeling out the market and trying to gauge whether people prefer M-LOK or Keymod, they already have the licensing for an M-LOK handguard however. I say, why not both?

The final version will be made out of aluminum and it should be on the market around September of this year. No word on pricing just yet, check out for more details.

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  • Nicholas Chen

    Why do they need licensing for MLok? I thought it was open source?

    • anon

      Yeah, this is what I thought too as I was reading

    • Matt

      It is not open source, but free for licensing from magpul pending their approval.

      • Nicholas Chen

        Ahh thanks for the clarification.

    • Jay

      It’s free, but requires licence.
      Magpul went this route to make sure the specs are respected, to ensure compatibility.

  • Herr Wolf

    I haven’t been on the edge of my seat this much since the The Battle of VHS vs Betamax

    • Nick Hunt

      What about Laser Disks?

    • Didn’t the support of the pornographic film industry seal the win for VHS? Which rail system do pornographers prefer?

  • claymore

    could they have picked any worse color for it than PINK? Are they after the women’s market?

    • iksnilol

      Maybe it’s a prototype and that’s what they had at hand?

      • claymore

        Right……………….they are trying to SELL then and just used what they had on hand?

        • iksnilol

          Show/test model? + it could be used to show that they can make them in any color you want.

          You got cool stories and you probably have a way more interesting life than me, but you seem so negative at times.

          • claymore

            So you think a firearms company that makes pink parts doesn’t deserve negativity?

          • iksnilol


            Am afraid of a couple of things (primarily moose for some reason) but the color pink isn’t one of them. + it is a prototype.

            + if customers want their gun in lime green with pink tiger stripes who are you to deny them? If it sells it sells.

          • claymore

            Do you know of any MALE that would buy it?

          • iksnilol

            Buy what? The pink handguard or the lime green gun with pink tiger stripes?

            Why would I have a problem with it? It is not like I doubt my masculinity or something. I have done worse so I don’t believe it would be a problem.

          • Gary Busey’s Dog

            The handguard is a 3D-PRINTED PROTOTYPE and is NOT FOR SALE.

          • claymore

            So why do it? Don’t they have a marketing division?”

          • garytx

            Oh god, stop being a baby

          • claymore

            Don’t click on the comments. But if one of my employees made a pink firearm part then allowed that pink part images to be spread on gun sites he would be fired.

            IF this part comes to fruition the only thing stuck in peoples minds will be “OH yea that is the pink one”.

            Very simply there could have been a prototype number two in any other color. Or paint it anything but pink.

          • MR

            You have something against breast cancer awareness? Or are you just a self-loathing closet homosexual overcompensating for urges you can’t explain away?

          • claymore

            Neither what about yourself spinning a firearms discussion into something its not.

          • MR

            A discussion of your phobia of pink?

          • claymore

            No yours.

          • MR

            “I know you are, but what am I?” Have I just been in a clickbait argument with a nine year old? Sure, I don’t generally buy pink items unless the manufacturer or retailer is donating money to cancer research, or a similar charity. If an item is only available in one color, and I need or want it to be another color, I’ll simply paint it or have it refinished. Heck, at one shop I worked at, I painted some rolling parts trays pink to make them easier to find, because nothing else in that shop was pink. Raised some eyebrows until the other guys realized you really could find the carts easier when they stood out from the background.

          • MR

            The production piece will be extruded aluminum.

        • Nashvone

          Perhaps they color coded the prints so they would know which generation they were looking at for quick notification?

        • MR

          They’re just using this piece as a demo unit to gauge feedback. The production piece will be extruded aluminum.

      • MR

        The production piece is going to be extruded aluminum.

  • Fruitbat44


    Random observation though: the lady shooter has long painted nails on her support hand, but short unpainted nails on her trigger hand.

    Is there something in that? Just a thought.

    • iksnilol

      Maybe she keeps the nails shorter on her trigger hand for practical reasons? I know that I sometimes (especially during summer) only use a glove on my support hand (though that changes so I usually keep both gloves on).

      • Fruitbat44

        I guess it’s possible reason.

    • RealitiCzech

      First thing I noticed. Never seen such a strange phenomenon before.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Maybe she plays lefty guitar?

      • Fruitbat44

        Now that’s a possibility.

  • Ethan

    Um…guys? Freakishly huge hand-guards haven’t been in style since… well ever really.

    I applaud the concept though – keep developing 3D printing!

  • Laser-disc boobs were before my time, man. Thanks for the heads up!

  • HSR47

    Arguably the PS3 was the reason why Blu-ray beat out HD-DVD so quickly and decisively.

    It was a huge gamble for Sony, but it ended up paying off massively.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Which, if you follow Sony, is news in itself…

  • ghost

    Glad the other photo showed the woman, was wondering about the hands on that guy with the beard in the first one.

  • Rob in Katy

    Or maybe that is the “dude” in the red shirt’s hand… and nails.

  • mig1nc

    “possibly extruded aluminum-magnesium”, maybe some how-low-can-you-go competition for the BCM KMR? Interesting!

  • Phillip Cooper

    1 mag dump and you’ll have a slumping, gooey mess…