NRA Offers Self-Branded Magnet Gun & Magazine Storage – “Multi-Mags”

Magnets within the shooting sports are growing in popularity quickly. (In fact, I just got in a NeoMag rare-earth magazine carrier for CCW). Latest to the table is the NRA with their “Multi-Mags”. 

Each magnet is “super-strong” and “designed to quickly mount firearms and magazines to metal surfaces.” Each magnet can hold up to 5 lbs, so those with heavier firearms can double-up to ensure proper storage. The NRA even says you can “staple them to wooden surfaces”. Nice.

Of course, it is emblazoned with “NRA” on the front. They are sold in batches of 2 magnets for $24.95.


Nathan S

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  • Don Ward

    *Not for use with Electronic Smart Guns*

    • Grindstone50k

      *Or Magpul magazines

  • mzungu

    Any safety issues if some parts of the gun get magnetized? iron/steel shavings and gunk gets attached to certain parts?

    • Herr Wolf

      That won’t be a problem if you have a polymer pistol

      • john

        The slide is what would get magnetized on a Glock.

    • David Sharpe

      I can’t see them being magnetized enough to cause problems.

  • ozzallos .

    Rust concerns.

    • They are ceramic magnets and won’t rust. Besides, they are rubber coated. Pretty awesome!

  • Joshua

    This is actually a really cool idea. May have to buy some to mount my mags inside my safe.

  • Jack Morris

    Seems like a lot of money for what could be accomplished with a couple magnets and duct tape.

    • David Sharpe

      It is. I’d like to make my own, I would use shrink tubing instead of duct tape.

    • noob

      I guess it’s like buying girl scout cookies. You could get them cheaper if you made them yourself, but that’s not the point.

  • Darhar M.

    I have a few gun magnets I bought on Amazon around the home and in my vehicle.
    Two of one brand I bought holds my loaded Mossberg Persuader plus a full side saddle without any problems. Paid $10 per set and two are needed for shotguns and rifles per the seller.

  • Herr Wolf

    I can vouch for them being “super-strong”- I can’t get the thing detached from the metal plate in my head

  • john

    OK, this has been asked but not answered fully, MAGNETS MAGNETIZE GUNS! That is a fact. How do I know? Because I used to hold my spare parts in a magnetized parts holder and it magnetized all the parts! The springs stuck to the screws and the trigger bar stuck to the slide. The gun functioned fine but what is the long term effect of having your parts attracted to each other and attracted to metal shavings???

    • Swarf

      Gay marriage?

      • TangledThorns


      • Nandor

        As long as the mating surfaces are lubricated, it should be fine.

    • David Sharpe

      Is there a way to demagnetize them?

      • noob

        will they fit through the demagnetizer side of a screwdriver magnetizer/demagnetizer?

        • David Sharpe

          I don’t think so, the slide would be the most likely part to magnetize I think, it looks too small for a slide.

  • Iblis

    As long as the firing pin would not get magnatized, it shouldn’t be a problem. I heard of an MRI machine magnatizing an officers firing pin in his gun. Only found it when he went to the range to shoot and couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t go off.

    • noob

      A browning hi-power can pop the hardest primers with a 32-lb mainspring driving the hammer.

      I wonder how weak his mainspring must have been that a magnetic force perpendicular to the direction of the firing pin caused enough friction to stop the pin sliding forward in its channel. Time to get a Hi-Power 🙂

    • Mark Are

      That has GOT to be an internet myth.

  • Phil Elliott

    Been using “cow magnets” for several yrs. now, available at most Farm and home stores they are powder coated and come in a package of 3. 1 will hold most small conceal carry guns, probably 2 for full size guns. Been long enough ago that I don’t recall the price, but think they were pretty reasonable, like 8 or 9 dollars for a package

  • RPK

    Magnets??? Uh, how about wearing a holster? What a novel idea!