Press Release: TorkMag AR-15 35 and 50 Round Magazines

TorkMag is announcing a new line of ultra-capacity magazines. Using a dual spring setup in these magazines it seems to be an interesting take on AR15 mags. MSRP will be $19.95 for the TorkMag-35 and $39.95 for the TorkMag-50. TorkMag is taking preorders now, and is scheduled to ship this summer. More information can be found at their website.



TorkMag, Inc. of Fort Myers, Florida is proud to announce our premiere product line of 35- and 50-round polymer AR15 magazines. Our revolutionary 50-round magazine is less than an inch longer than competitors’ 40-round magazines and retails for $39.95 MSRP, a fraction of the cost of existing 50+ round magazines and drums. The 35-round version ($19.95 MSRP) is roughly the size of standard 30-round magazines.

TorkMag’s dual spring, balanced torque system actively equalizes force on the nose and tail of loaded rounds, preventing bolt-over-base and bullet nose diving malfunctions. Because their workload is shared, both springs can be reduced in size while still providing optimum resistance and reliability.

Future projects include a flush-fitting 19-round Glock 17 magazine currently in the prototype phase. TorkMag is a privately owned company that’s fully dedicated to developing inventive designs and leveraging patented technology to give professional, competitive, and recreational shooters a leg up on what’s come before.

Patrick R

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  • kipy

    Boy they sure didn’t seem to factor in aesthetics

    • DW

      It’s black, combined with that round count can give gun grabber fits, why complain?

      • kipy

        I’m from NY, so I guess I’m just jealous deep down lol

        • Cal S.

          I’m from Colorado, we have the same problem, brother.

          • kipy

            You guys can have 15 round mags for pistols tho, right?

          • Cal S.

            Yes. But that stops us from having nice things like Ruger SR9s and such.

  • Green Hell

    Well, can’t speculate about reliability and durability but i totally love those clean smooth looks. Also, quite funny how Pmags suddenly already became “Standart” Ar-15 mags.

    • MR

      Funny? Or just fact? 😉 Seriously, though, I’ve never really noticed any size difference between P-mags and USGI style mags, and the minimal increase in size per added round seems to be the point they’re illustrating.

  • Stack lifting is the big problem for mags over 30 rounds in standard calibers (the capacity where stack lifting becomes a problem actually depends on cartridge weight; for example 5.7×28 can get away with 50 round mags easily, while 7.62×51 can have trouble with even 30 rounds). I wonder what they did to alleviate that, and if the dual-spring arrangement is a part of it.

  • MR

    Smooth sides for classic looks and easier grip tape application.
    You mentioned they’re taking preorders, but I don’t see a link or even phone number to place a preorder. There’s always Google, but I’d figure they’d include a link in their press release.

  • s

    Its just screaming for a good stipple job.

  • MR

    “Torkmag is known to the state of California to cause cancer. Also CO,…” and most of New England. Got that from their website, which also has an e-mail address for inquiries, and not much else. Says preorders start in May, hopefully more details will be forthcoming.

  • MR

    Thank you, I’ll factor that into my budget. Definitely want to grab a few fifty round mags.

  • Mike

    So these guys are within ten miles of my house, how have I never heard of them?

  • guest

    Would “Dildo XXXL” be an offensive description, a true description, or an indication of ridiculous impracticality?

  • Southpaw89

    Every time I get a bigger mag all of my ammo disappears in less time than before, someone must be stealing it.

  • We have these mags in hand and they are currently being tested.