ATI Stock In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

The new Star Wars trailer was unveiled at Star Wars Celebration. In the clip, there is a shiny chromed Stormtrooper holding a rifle. The rifle is sporting what looks to be an ATI Technologies stock.



If you look carefully you can see the horizontal oval shapes of the cheek rest and the downward angled stripes on the butt pad.

Stormtrooper stock close


Nicholas C

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  • Rogier Velting

    Aw, no more Sterling?

    • Phil Hsueh

      No, they’re still using the Sterling or E11 as it’s known as in the Star Wars universe, it’s only this particular trooper that’s using that rifle. If you look at the pictures from Celebration of the new Stormtroopers you’ll see that they’re still using the Sterling based E11 but with white trim added.

      • Rogier Velting

        Aaah, I see, hadn’t looked at it more. And I know it’s called the E11 🙂
        Interesting how they changed the color scheme of even the TIE fighters.

  • joebro

    it’s a movie magazine, not a movie clip… get it right.

    • MR

      A movie magazine is what you get of the rack, in the supermarket. This is a movie segment, a trailer, or , yes, possibly a movie clip. And has no one at TFB ever heard the term “Spoiler Alert”?

      • Christopher Armour


        • MR

          Vroom, Vroom! Scriiiiitch, rrrrrRRRRRR, rrrrrrrrRRRRRR, PEW-PEW, WAAAAA.

      • MR

        I guess this film must take place before Chewy dies on his home world, when it collides with its moon.

        • Rugrash

          All expanded universe storylines do not exist anymore…

          • MR

            Sounds like a cop-out to me.

          • Josh

            Disney didn’t want to be constrained on how to fit their new movies into the expanded universe. Oh and Chewie didn’t die on his homeworld, it was on a planet called Sernpidal in the novel Vector Prime

          • Paul White

            about the only thing they could do. The EU was a godawful mess and a good 90% of it really did suck (some of Zhan’s stuff was at least good pop lit though). Rather than wade through it they just cut the gordian knot.

          • HSR47

            The “expanded universe” has simply been removed from the “official” cannon until such time as Disney decides to re-incorporate them.

            It’s basically just a big retcon job, much like what they’re doing to Star Trek (although the latter has accomplished it a bit more smoothly).

      • Josh

        RIGHT over your head…

        • MR

          No, it went LEFT over my head.

          • FightFireJay

            The puns are strong with this one.

  • anon

    Those are the ugliest stocks

    • MR

      In a galaxy far, far away…where they belong.

  • FWIW

    Seeing as how a lot of those classic star wars weapons were crazy chopped up and mashed together versions of real guns, this kinda fits in a weird way. That said I am still glad that E-11 doesn’t have railzzz and an AFG on it…

    • Steve

      The rest of the “rifle” looks like it may be a sub2000. The Star Wars guns have always been some interesting chop jobs. Light Sabers were made from professional photo flash bases.

      • Perry

        When you pause the HD Trailer, the weapon looks all the world like an E-11, aka Sterling, with an actual buttstock in the ATI Stock. Compare the front sight with the canon E-11 photos from the 1st three movies and then you can see the ejection port just underneath the optic.

  • MR

    Damn, Indiana Jones is looking old.

    • Graham2

      Bob Falfa’s looking even older! (If you don’t know, look it up)

  • Tassiebush

    Did a good job spotting that!

  • MR

    Odd that the Stormtroopers seem to have pistols as their primary weapons.

    • They always did, or at least, their “blasters” were basically the size of a short, stockless SMG (I think they were made from Stirling SMGs?). If you think of Stormtroopers as their name suggests, they’re assault/shock troops, often used in boarding actions (like in the beginning of A New Hope). A small, compact, powerful weapon best suited for close-range firefights in confined spaces actually makes a lot of sense.

      Here endeth the nerdliness.

      • lucusloc

        Yes, but on the other hand Lucas was never know for getting the details right. The design of his ships, tech, and other assorted items definitely puts Star Wars square in the “fantasy sci-fi” genera, rather than the “hard sci-fi” genera. As a hard sci-fi fan the design of the ships was always been a particular sticking point for me, as it would be trivial to come up with more combat effective designs.

        Nerdliness never quits.

      • MR

        It’s a StarWars discussion, the nerdliness has only begun. I figured an SBR would be more effective in those situations, and look more menacing w/ a formation of troops, such as those at the beginning of the “clip”.

        • Squirreltakular

          That and lasers shouldn’t have recoil. Although they somehow do in Star Wars.

          • panimal

            Not to be spergy but they aren’t lasers.

          • Squirreltakular

            Yeah, didn’t they explain them away as being some sort of formed plasma or something?

    • joe

      The stocks were never removed from the Sterlings, just never used on film. There is artwork of them deployed. Holstering the gun could be more useful than slinging it in many situations (like when carrying a “big gun” through Mos Eisley).
      Or maybe they’re barrel shrouds; you know, the things that go up.

    • Joshua

      Lasers, who care the size.

    • panimal

      They have under folder stocks. Just never see them in use.

  • Maybe this will help them defeat the Klingons.

    • MR

      OMG! WHAT A DWEEB! 😀 😉

    • Grindstone50k

      It glows blue when ewoks are near

    • LCON

      I knew it was a bad Idea to put Eric Holder in charge of the Stargate Program…. Now Were Arming the Galactic Empire!

    • guest

      No no, this is against those warlocks or whatever from the Harry Potter of the Rings book.

  • JoshJ

    So? My blaster has a magpul stock and keymod with m-lok adopters.

  • anonymous

    I sensed a great disturbance in the Force, as though a million Magpul fanboys cried out in anger…

    • Nicholas Chen

      LOL that was funny

  • Phil Hsueh

    Anybody what the model name for the stock is? I looked on ATI’s site and they don’t carry that style of stock anymore and I know that a lot Star Wars costumers would love to know the exact model of the stock.

    • Nicholas Chen

      I don’t recall the name but it is on their shotgun kits as well.

  • Lance

    Wounder if Han’s blaster will be a Mauser Bolo again???

  • JTBolt

    What? No h/t?

  • Well, it’s soon May the 4th…

  • Sergey

    Author, that’s actually an MechTech dressed up with props with an ATI stock.

  • Sulaco

    Not doing another Star Wars movie UNTIL they admit Han fired first!!! Oh and let us buy the original movie not the doctored abortion…