Mexican Gun Kata

Have you seen the movie Equilibrium? This guy has.

For those of you who have not experienced the Hollywood magic of Gun Kata, well here is a video showing it in all its ridiculous glory. At 4:42 into the video you will see what appears to the the inspiration for this Mexican Officer’s training regimen.




I am not sure if the video below is real or staged with some special effects.



You can find more videos on their website. USI.MX Many of these seems heavily inspired by 80’s Hollywood action movies.

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  • BrandonAKsALot

    This made my day.

  • ElJuego1977

    Did you take your Equilibrium today?

    • CrankyFool

      Forgive me for being that pedant, but it’s “Prozium,” not “Equilibrium.” I’m not sure if the word Equilibrium is ever uttered in the film.

      • anon

        You must be real fun at parties

        • CrankyFool

          I’m really not, actually. Really not.

      • anonymous

        Forgive me for being that pedant, but it’s “Prozium,” not “Equilibrium.”
        I’m not sure if the word Equilibrium is ever uttered in the film.

        Equilibrium is the “company” that makes and distributes Prozium. The name appears on the building, and I think it is mentioned once or twice in passing; something like “I have to go to Equilibrium to receive my Prozium”.

      • anonymous

        Here’s the dialogue:

        Robbie: What are you

        Robbie: I said, what
        are you doing?

        Preston: I accidentally
        dropped my…morning interval. I took it out before I brushed my teeth.
        I never take it out before I brush my teeth.

        Robbie: Then you’ll go
        by Equilibrium, log the loss, and get a replacement.

        Preston: Yes. Of course.

        Robbie: Your new
        partner called. He says he’ll pick you up at 10:00 for the A.N.R. I
        hope you don’t mind. I took the liberty of telling him you would be at
        Equilibrium, replacing your dose.

        Preston: No, of course
        not. That was the right thing to do.

        Man and Woman
        Due to
        terrorist activity, this site is temporarily closed. Proceed to the
        Equilibrium Center in Sector 8A. Due to
        terrorist activity, this site is temporarily closed.

        Man: This site is
        temporarily closed. Proceed to the Equilibrium Center in Sector 8A.

    • Clodboy

      The drug in the movie was called “Prozium”, an obvious nod to the antidepressant “Prozac”.

      AFAIK the drug in the movie was originally supposed to be named “Librium”, but they changed it upon finding out that “Librium” actually is a real drug (a tranquilizer used to prevent seizures and delusions during alcohol withdrawal).

  • MrSatyre

    *sigh* Oh, Hollyweird. You take all the fun out of B movies when you make them stupid as well as just plain ol’ bad.

  • robert w

    Staged, so definitely staged.

  • Don Ward

    Kind of reminds me of the guys who have taken combatives classes. Alright, you’re supposed to come at me like this. Now you do this while I do this. No, you’re doing it wrong!

    • Rusty Shackleford

      “Now I’m gonna kick your ass. Put your left hand on my wrist and your right hand on my elbow. You have to put your hand right on my elbow, or it won’t work.”

  • alabubba

    Ha ha ha ha, First one to fire from retention wins.

  • fred

    could be not so ridiculous .. what is the average distance in a handgun fight?
    I think you will find it is extremely small..rounds fired is high… misses high.. hits sometimes none..

  • Wolfgar

    stupid! 🙁

  • john huscio

    No wonder the cartels are winning…..

  • DIR911911 .

    so basically , if you’re going to shoot someone and they are within arms reach , take a step back then shoot. lesson learned SENSEI. 🙂

  • Hmmm. Most encounters like that happen at a distance (7 ft), not 1 ft. away. I saw three shots fired: the first from the aggressor (from concealment), the second from the officer (trying to subdue the weapon or neutralize the threat), and the third from the aggressor after having the weapon pulled down by the officer. I don’t call BS, but it looks staged. The officer is anticipating an aggressive act and knows it will be a handgun drawn from concealment with the right hand and is able to respond accordingly. Unless you have uncanny powers of deduction and astute observation, and catlike reflexes, I can’t see how in real life this is feasible. Usually the first to draw is the one who gets off the first shot, whether or not they hit what they’re shooting at is another story. Either way, one of the two is going to get shot. The unfortunate part is it’s usually the one who fires first if they’re any good with a handgun.

  • Yallan

    “The hand is faster than the fat ass”