SureFire Warden Blast Regulator

SureFire posted a sneak peak of their new “Warden” blast regulator at the NRA Show on their Facebook page. It looks like it works much like the other blast shrouds on the market which help divert the blast and concussion forward and away from the shooter and shooters to the sides. From what we can gather it attaches using the SureFire Quick Attach system to attach to SureFire’s suppressor adapters and SOCOM muzzle brakes. No word yet on pricing and availability.

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    Yep, definitely going to need at least one of those. Haven’t seen any specs on weight yet tho.

    • Kelly Jackson

      I’m sure it will go great with the rest of your mall ninja gear.

      • DonDrapersAcidTrip

        Should you be busy falling all over yourself apologizing for cops murdering people somewhere lmao

  • Scott Tuttle

  • JQPub

    if SIG doesn’t follow suit and come out with their own QD Blast Shroud, then I’m going Surefire for suppressors. This is awesome to have when you’re not using the can – and it’s great to have the ability to quick swap between them.

  • Anonymous

    I am intrigued by the idea, but will BATF decide it’s a “suppressor?” In that case it’s no longer a clever device that directs sound away from the shooter, it’s just an extremely expensive, low-performance suppressor.

    • JSmath

      There are dozens of sound redirectors on the market….. They are not suppressors. They make gunfire LOUDER in the direction they’re pointed at. Lurk more.

      • ZMan

        Why be so derogatory? He asked a legitimate question.

        If there is indeed a single hole in the end of this device (we can’t tell from the picture), then how is it distinguished from a suppressor?

        • DIR911911 .

          I see at least 4 openings just looking at the picture 🙂

          • ZMan

            From this picture, it’s not possible to tell if those are holes or grooves. However, doing a Google image search reveals they are holes.

        • JSmath

          “It looks like it works much like the other blast shrouds on the market which help divert the blast and concussion forward and away from the shooter and shooters to the sides.”

          • JSmath

            Well, I used bold and italics to highlight the important parts but apparently they’re disabled for TFB comments Disqus. Probably for the better.

            Key phrases: “other blast shrouds”, “[already] on the market”, “divert blast and concussion forward and away”

            These aren’t new, and asking poorly thought out questions IS a bad thing. Even with all the youtube and blog hype, Sig Braces would likely still be a thing if it weren’t for all the idiots who insisted on asking the BATF if using a Sig Brace as a stock made it okay to assemble an SBR that they were just calling a pistol.

          • ZMan

            Even the author of this article begins by saying, “It looks like…” It sure sounds like he is basing his thoughts off of the single image provided, just like the rest of us. My point, don’t take his words as gold.

            “… asking poorly thought out questions IS a bad thing”, this is not justification for being rude, even on the internet.

            Regarding the Sig Brace debacle, I don’t believe it’s the fault of the people asking for clarification.

  • echelon

    Wow, multiple articles in a day of products that would never exist if it wasn’t for government intrusion.

    At least we know that the market will always respond… 🙂

    • VTR1

      exactly. this is for those of use that live/lived in states that banned flash suppressors.

  • Kivaari

    I’d go for one if it would clamp on to a standard flash hider or the BCM Mod 0. I don’t like having to buy a $150 muzzle device, so I can use another muzzle device. Gem Tec has a can that clamps on, and I like that.

  • That’s pretty interesting. I’ve been wondering how I could have a suppressor for my 8.5″ blackout without getting blasted while shooting without the suppressor. I have a firepig on there now and this looks like a good solution. Is there anything else similar to this out there I don’t know about?

  • Harold

    is this a Noveske Kx-3 or 5?