TargetVision Spotting Scope Upgrade Crowdfunding Campaign (Hawk)

I really like innovation.  I especially like innovation that does not have a requirement to completely re-buy equipment.

TargetVision has opened a crowdfunding campaign for an add-on to any spotting scope that allows for recording of the shots.  The camera attachment is named the “Hawk” and has a number of buy in levels with different perks from $250 if you get in early up to a $10k 2-day trip with TargetVision to their shooting spots.  It works buy transmitting the images to an app on your favorite smart phone or tablet.

The Hawk turns any spotting scope into a smart scope in just minutes. Simply slide the hawk over the eyepiece of the spotting scope and open the Targetvision app on a smartphone or tablet to view the camera feed and unlock all of the app features.
Shooting has never been more fun!


The campaign is running for 60 days total.  If you shoot alone, I can see this being a real time saver and is not a terrible cost (considering your other options include buying dedicated camera equipment).

You can find the campaign at:

Phil Note: We will be testing this item in the near future.

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  • iksnilol

    Since it transmits to your phone… does that mean you can mount your phone on your rifle and only have to tilt your head to away from the scope to check what the spotting scope sees?

    That sounds pretty decent.

    • Doc Rader

      One of the perk levels includes a phone mount I think… 😉

    • Jinesh Patel


      That is exactly why we made the product. We want shooters to focus on their mechanics and not have to worry about adjusting their shooting position, just to see where they are hitting.

      • iksnilol

        That’s pretty nice. Must admit that I am interested. I really hate using spotting scopes, at least those small ones with the 60-90 degree eyepiece.

  • Limonata

    I could buy into this but they do not give you enough information. First off, they have chosen the flexible funding option. This means that they get the money even if they do not meet their goal but does not say anything about if you get your product.
    Next, this uses Bluetooth, I would love to know how fast it is to transfer the image and how much battery is used. The camera itself needs batteries, what type and how long will they last.
    There is no warranty information
    Each spotting scope from Konus to Kiowa to everything in between has different eyepiece and each has a different focus distance which is required for the camera to present a good image but no explanation of how adjustments are made.
    Hopefully the TFB review addresses these questions.

  • Limonata

    Thank you Jinesh for taking the time to respond on this forum.

    I did not realize that more than one device can be logged onto the wireless camera. That is a nice feature you should place on the Indiegogo page.

    A video of how you focus the camera would be great if you guys have the time.

    Well, having seen the Indiegogo page, your videos and the nice response above, I have signed up for indieogogo will be contributing to your project

    • Jinesh Patel


      Thank you for the input and your contribution. I plan to release another video that talk a little more about the focusing aspect. I hope to get it up by this weekend. Also, we sent a few prototypes out to reviewers in the industry, like TheFirearmsBlog. Their reviews will also provide more insight in to areas that we may have overlooked.

      Our goal is to have the Hawk alleviate many of the pain points associated with target shooting.We like to like to use everyone’s feedback (yours and reviewers alike) to make sure that we are developing a product that all shooters can truly enjoy.

      Best regards,

      Jinesh Patel