New AKX-9 9mm AK From Atlantic Firearms and Definitive Arms

Atlantic Firearms and Definitive Arms have partnered to create a US-made 9mm AK rifle for the US civilian market. In January, a video was uploaded to YouTube showing testing of the rifle, and its bolt-hold-open feature:

Earlier this week, however, a semi-official announcement of the rifle was made via the AK Operators Union.

The rifle will be called the AKX-9. There is no word yet on pricing, magazines, or accessories.

Nathaniel F

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  • Giolli Joker

    0.3x20mm short of being really interesting. 🙂

  • Tim U

    I saw somewhere on the operator Union facebook page that it will take Colt 9mm mags

    • Correct, this version takes Colt mags. There was supposedly another version under development that took MP5 mags, which is the one I’d really prefer.

  • echelon

    It all hangs on the price.

    • M

      From Atlantic:

      “We had hoped to be in the $1000.00 buck range but unfortunately that was shot down the drain quite some time ago . The project is not made from Surplus parts and is all custom short of the G2 fire control , rear sight, scope rail and hand guards . All other parts are custom built or require modifications of existing off the shelf parts. The bolt , carrier , piston , mag well ,bolt hold open, trunion , 9 mm barrel etc were all blueprinted by a firm and built by professional machining firm . Prices will not be released until all 4 models are ready to roll out but they will not be inexpensive. Both Atlantic & the builder are aware that everybody wants it cheap but the cost of production was quite substantial . However it is is what it is and the gun is solid , works reliably and is built by a well respected firm . If another firm can offer a similar reliable working gun for a low price we would love to offer those also. We like to offer a wide variety of options to our customers.”

      In the $1000+ range, the range toys I’d rather buy go: SCAR-H, Tavor, Polytech Legends, MP5 clone…

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Good luck with a $1000 MP5 clone.

        Their response means $1800-2000 easy.

        • M

          I didn’t say $1000, I said $1000+ meaning 1000 or more.. (I.e. if I were to spend more than 1000$, I would pick up etc etc) All those rifles cost way more than $1000 and can reach the 2k range

      • echelon

        Another reason the Russian sanctions really screw us…I bet they’d get their 9mm AK platform over here for under $1k…

        • Frank

          I heard before all of the obama sanctions that Molot was making a Vepr 9. There’s still hope for that one.

          • echelon

            Well, as this article pointed out, since there’s the misconception that Kalashnikov owns Molot there may be any number of problems with importation.

            And even if it does get in, they’ll probably price it ridiculously because it’ll have the “get it before it’s banned” marketing stigma attached to it.

            But, yes, there is a little hope there…

      • Cal S.

        My face when I realize that even the priciest of 9mm AR uppers comes in under a $1000 (Let alone something like a Kel-Tec, Hi-Point, JRC, or the like).

        But because AK, “Let them eat cake!!!”

  • Andrew

    What do these guys have against berms?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Nothing trashier than blindly shooting out over a pond at nothing with trees as a backstop (non-backstop).

      Not sure how hard it is for them to put up some targets with backers and berms… You know something I’d expect if this were a real company making a reliable firearm with serious engineering… But sure, trashy video of AK derivative over a pond, ok.

      • Nicks87

        I agree, what an awful and irresponsible video. Plus, not that I’m excited about anything atlantic is involved in but if this rifle doesn’t run on glock mags color me not interested… at all.

        • Frank

          It’s colt mags iirc. If you had one that used glock magazines you’d end up with something disgusting looking like this.

  • iksnilol

    Seems interesting. Is the bolt hold open automatic? If so that is interesting.

    Pistol caliber AKs are nothing new and are easy to build.

  • Herr Wolf

    I miss Hitler- also- he was quite the gun enthusiast

  • hydepark

    So, is there a reason there are no pictures? Or are we just supposed to be blindly optimistic?

  • Bob

    $1400 and Colt SMG mags.

  • BLG

    I wouldn’t buy an AK for $1000+. Especially one that’s 9mm. Atlantic should partner with someone who can bring the cost down. I’ll offer $750 and someone else’s prosthetic left nut.