Kompact Entry Stock


Florida-based Safety Harbor Firearms is now selling a PDW-style collapsable stock for the AR platform. The Kompact Entry Stock, or KES, is available in a single position and multi-position versions.

KES kit

The single position can be completely collapsed (8″ length of pull) or extended to the full 13.5″ LOP. The multi-position version adds 9.75″ and 11.5″ positions. The stock kit weighs 31 ounces.

KES PDW rifle

The KES is similar to the Troy M7A1 PDW stock kit and the North Eastern Arms Group (NEAG) Compact Carbine Stock (CSS). The KES retails for $325. For comparison, the Troy kit carries a MSRP of $499. NEAG does not list a price for the CSS, but Rock River Arms sells it for $330.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Mark

    Needs a cheek rest that attaches to the back of the stock then slides forward and over the gas tube when you collapse it.

    • Cal S.

      Would that interfere with the sight line?

      • mark

        Not anymore than your cheek dipping down in to the gap to rest against a metal wire.

  • noob

    I wonder what it feels like collapsed relative to a true folding stock. Is the extra couple of inches noticeable? Or does it feel as compact as an underfolder on an AK?

  • A

    The lower end of the butt looks kinda sharp and uncomfortable. against your wrist.

  • Bill

    Right now someone’s dialing the ATF…….

    • Uh… why?

      • Bill

        Because it looks like you could brace it against your forearm….never mind

        • Andrew

          It’s a shoulder stock, bruh. The rifle pictured is an SBR, not a pistol.

          • Bill

            I keep forgetting that satire and the completely obvious don’t translate well on the interweb

    • DW


      /libtardmode off

  • echelon

    Cool. If I could put it on any AR I wanted without magically reclassifying it and turning myself into a criminal I’d be all over it.

    As of now, I’ll pass.

    • ThomasD

      This stock is not an issue, the issue is barrel length.

      It looks long enough to put on any AR that isn’t already an SBR, and stay above the 26 ” minimum OAL. And if it already is a registered SBR then no worries anyway.

      Of course it also looks slightly less than useless as an actual functional stock.

      It’s jewelry.

      • claymore

        So have you ever tried mounting a long stocked AR while wearing body armor? This could be perfect for that situation.

        • derp

          Exactly, it’s an ENTRY stock, not range bling.

        • iksnilol

          I get what claymore and derp are saying, but that kind of stock is usually shorter. You aren’t going to use a 13.5 inch LOP with body armor.

          • claymore

            It’s an entry weapon so you think you don’t need body Emory upon entry?

          • iksnilol

            No, you misunderstood me. I am saying that the stock is too long to be used together with body armor. At least for average sized people.

        • Bill

          And the typical 4 or 6 position stock does just fine, and comes with the gun at no extra charge. Besides, for navigating tight spaces, you typically want to take length off the front, which this does, but backwards, which leads to inconsistent cheek welds and eye relief on sights.

          • claymore

            So you haven’t tried it wearing body armor? Cheek welds and eye relief on an entry firearm?

          • Bill

            Huh? I haven’t used this stock, but on my duty carbine the stock gets fully extended when I’m wearing my soft armor, and in 1 “notch” when I have a external LBV on over it. If it’s just a plate carrier, chest rig or such, it stays fully extended. I have really long arms. I also don’t find the fixed A2 stock too long either.

            Consistency in your cheek weld and eye relief on an entry gun are real important when your target is the size of an eyeball and it’s at the opposite end of a singlewide’s hallway using it’s wife for cover.

          • claymore

            Arms like an orangutang.

        • ThomasD

          No argument with that, but then there is absolutely no reason to make it telescopic.

          Other than to justify the ridiculous pricing, that is…

          • claymore

            Ah so you think you should be like a golfer and carry a selection of stocks with different lengths to pick for the occasion? And will have the time to change them?

      • echelon

        I suppose in a technical sense you could be correct, but the fact remains that if I had an AR “pistol” with a naked “pistol buffer tube” or some other contraption it would be “legal” as is, but if I purchased this thing, which is called a “stock” and put it on said “pistol” then it would be magically reclassified as a “short-barreled rifle” and then I’d either be a criminal for possessing it or I’d have to let the state steal another $200 from me so that I can own it without fear of being kidnapped and imprisoned by men with guns.

        To me this is all language I guess I just don’t understand.

        Please explain to me how any AR platform firearm that fires a 5.56/.223 caliber projectile and is capable of using 30+ round magazines is any more or less inherently “dangerous” based on barrel length or overall length? Or how that rationally makes the firearm “legal” or “illegal”?

        • sianmink

          It’s not supposed to make sense.
          It’s an old law from 1934 that was crafted specifically to hit the preferred weapons of the prohibition era gangsters. It has exactly zero relevance for today.

          • echelon

            Thanks. You and I understand that.

            My questions are merely rhetorical in nature. I’m hoping that people will ask themselves the same questions, come to the same conclusions we have…and then this part is critical…take the next step which is action.

            It’s beyond me how the NRA, and any other organization that is “pro 2A” along with all of the 2A supporters in the country couldn’t take down the NFA, GCA, etc. It’s only a matter of will.

            Look at the backlash over the M855 thing. All that was needed was a united front, relentless action and public explanation as to what the facts of the situation were.

            But we all act like that because such and such president or so and so congress is currently “in power” that we couldn’t possibly affect that kind of change. That’s such rubbish. The real answer is that because people – even people in the NRA and elsewhere – don’t actually want the current gun laws to go away. Just like everything else…follow the money.

          • angrymike

            If the NRA took down the 1934 law and the 68, 86 laws, there would be no need for the NRA, do you really think they would put themselves out of a job ??? Never, that’s why I support NAGR, 80% of the money they take in fights the government, not the pitly 25% of the NRA……

          • echelon

            Once a thing exists merely to serve and sustain itself…hmm…sounds rather familiar, doesn’t it?

        • ThomasD

          What Sianmink said – putting any stock on a pistol is always problematic thanks to an irrational law.

          • echelon


  • charlesrhamilton

    Looks like we need a head to head to head review…

    • Leroy Jergens

      There’s already plenty of tip-to-tip sword fighting going on around here–head to head would just be TOO much. 😉

  • Will

    Nothing new in this concept. HK had the same style stocks on MP5 sub guns decades ago. It just seems SHF has tweaked it.
    BTW they worked great on MP5’s.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I dispise mine on my MP5. No one that owns the MP5 prefers this over the A2 which handles and feels excellent it’s just that the A3 looks much cooler.

    • Vitsaus

      Also don’t forget the stock used on the port firing variant of the M16 (M231, introduced in 1980)… basically its this thing, just more primitive. As I have said many times on this board, the state of the industry today is just remaking things that the manufacturers think we have forgotten or are too young to know about.

    • Bill

      And SIG shows a nearly identical one for the MCX

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Everyone thinks they want one of these… Until they use one.

    There is a reason the A3 is popular in photos on the MP5, but the A2 is more likely to be seen on guns that get used a lot.

    • iksnilol

      Look at the bright side, it is really good at tenderizing those tense shoulder muscles. At least on G3s if I can trust my Norwegian friends.

      Though we can agree on the simple fact that it looks cool.

    • 1911a145acp

      I agree. The 5.56x45mm has obnoxious muzzle blast, flash and pressure out of such a short barrel. The same concept in 300 BLK as pictured here does not.
      61 rounds of 110 grn. Barnes bullets supersonic, or 61 rounds of 208 grn Hornady A-Max at subsonic velocities. It is regulated as a pistol in nearly all of the 50 states and has few travel restrictions unlike SBRs. It delivers hits and decent energy on man-sized targets at 400 yards, whereas most pistol calibers will not. And I swear I only fire it from my pectoral – never my shoulder……..

  • nova3930

    I like the idea of these style stocks but the wierd carrier and buffer turns me off.

  • sianmink

    Pricey, and it messes with your bolt carrier, buffer, and spring. I think I’d rather just have a LAW tactical sidefolding dealy and deal with not being able to shoot with it folded, unless I was really really hot to make a Honeybadger build.

  • Core

    This would solve the overall storange length issue without rendering the rifle inoperable and necessitate assembly. I like it.

  • nova3930

    I understand it’s necessary given the design of the AR system. Necessary or not the nonstandard parts are still a non starter for me. Part of the appeal of the AR system to me is parts availability…

  • Coolhand77

    you know, I’ve been wanting to do a clone of a M231 with a stock..yes with a 16″ barrel or a proper, pinned 15.6″ barrel…I might just have to get one of these…