Tactics Group Gun Shot Counter

gun shot counter

Tactics Group GmbH has a small device that tracks the number of times a gun is shot. The company states the gun shot counter is tiny and can be integrated into nearly and firearm. Tactics Group states that the counter is accurate enough to time stamp every shot that is fired – including those fired in rapid succession and fully automatic or burst modes.

In addition to counting the number of times the gun is fired, the counter can make calculations about the overall state of the gun based on wear. For a large organization, this could be used to ensure that routine maintenance is carried out at the proper intervals.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • mechamaster

    Err, what kind of device it is ? a muzzle device, or some kind of barrel trunnion ?

    • LCON

      it’s a shot counter, Probably works by detecting the impulse signature of the specific weapon as it cycles. so the Sproing of a AR as it cycles would be recognized by the sensor as a shot well the Ker-chat Of the bolt release being released by accident would not.

  • hami

    Why doesn’t it have a screen like in Aliens!?

    • Hicks

      Seriously, why don’t we have this yet?

      • Vitsaus

        We don’t need it because we’re just going to take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. Its the only way to be sure.

      • Jason

        Question – do you *want* a device that makes a persistent record of the time stamp of every shot you fire? For government and law enforcement, sure. I want every shot they fire to be in evidence. Not so sure about private citizens. This is the kind of thing Kalifornia would mandate.

    • LCON

      because it’s not a round counter, It’s a shot counter.
      It’s aim is to count the number of shots fired not the number of rounds in a magazine. or in the case of the Aliens guns 3 times the number of rounds. the Goal is to create a history of each weapon in service that can be assessed by a Armorer. so that They can take a weapon and like your Car Mechanic reach into a computer and say okay this weapon has been through a lot and needs a trip to be rebuilt well this one has never been fired and spent it’s time in the back of the Armory

  • whskee

    This would be of little value to the consumer at large, but as an armorer I wish I could apply counters in every weapon in the entire service inventory. Too many times I’ve seen major parts fail or grenaded guns (OOB) because guys either didn’t properly assess the weapons before and after a major evolution or failed to track round counts accurately and went well over the service life of the receiver or other parts. Being able to immediately get a round count would help solve at least half the problem.

    • lol

      Why would you go by round counts anyways? Don’t you just bring them in if they have been out in field for X amount of months?

      • whskee

        We tear everything apart for inspection and gauge everything both before and after a major shoot, and that catches most problems and keeps readiness pretty high. However, all service guns have a set ‘life’ before they are sent back for a depot level rebuild/replacement.

        The service life sometimes includes things like bolts (on the minigun) that are replaced at a certain round count because testing shows they will fail sometime shortly after that count has been reached. We prefer not to hit that failure point when we are busy, so we pay attention to the counts whenever we can.

  • dan citizen

    Where does this mount?

    It looks like it could be muzzle mounted, in which case accuracy would be great for the first round.

  • Riot

    For an AR 15 or a FAL a counter in the stock that is tripped by movement seems convenient and simple.

  • noob

    is this a vertical fore grip (minus the rail interface)?

    • LCON

      it’s the circuit board that you should look at You could place the Shot counter anywhere where you have space that is on the weapon. the Pistol grip, a fore grip, the Forearm, even in the stock. In this case the maker is showing in a accessory foregrip.

  • Airborne2015

    It seems that this is clearly meant for military use in weapons that are exposed to heavy training or combat use. It also seems very small so that it could be installed anywhere in a rifle, most likely the handgrip.
    It wouldn’t make sense in privately owned firearms – or only unless one uses it to an extent that would require to have a close look at wear because you shoot a couple of thousand rounds a month…..
    Nowadays, most – or at least many – military firearms reach their expected lifetime round count because training is conducted in a more realistic way (and happens more often) than decades ago. And that applies to pistols, rifles, machine guns, even bolt action sniper rifles.
    It could prevent a firearm from being maintained/repaired too late – or unnecessarily. The money saved could be used to upgrade other equipment. And maybe there can even be users’ lives saved because you know earlier when a firearm is becoming unprecise …. and they can’t defend themselves properly anymore….

  • Very Cool! Will probably fill more of a commercial, LEO, or Military role.

  • ghost


  • Wayne Anderson

    Am I the only one that sees this invention as something the Antigua crowd could start clamoring for in the name of “safety” or crime investigation?