What happened to Red Jacket Firearms?


As I was in Louisiana apart of a road trip this past week, I decided to check into Red Jacket Firearms, just because they happened to be within the vicinity of where I was staying in Amite. I was curious on account of two reasons. One, I wanted to know more about what happened to them after their departure from the mainstream media because of Will Hayden’s sexual assault charges. And two, were they really all up to all the hype and talk that they have generated so much of while they were famous? The answers are varied.


This is the front entrance to the new location of the company. I drove right past it and didn’t even consider it at the time.

To answer the first question, Red Jacket Firearms has been COMPLETELY turned around. When I say this, I mean the only thing even left of their former status in the shop, is in the form of former RJF merchandise that was left over and is being sold now (I assume). The biggest change is the name, which has been changed to Meaux Guns & Ammo. The new owner (who was a co star during Sons of Guns) Joe Meaux is heading all this up, in addition to starting another company called Akly’s Defense (same building). Joe seems like a pretty legitimate guy, even walking up to me as I was leaving the store to make sure I found everything I needed (AKS74U parts) and thanked me for coming by. For more information about the actual rebranding, a local Baton Rouge newspaper covers it pretty well here. What is interesting is that the RJF website is still up here, yet to be replaced or rebranded by the new Facebook group here. I can’t say that I was fully surprised, but more mildly shocked as I hadn’t heard a thing about them since the sexual assault incident, about the rebranding.

While I was down in Louisiana, I talked to some of the local residents about the rebranding and the incident, it was large enough to make headlines throughout the state, and important enough even for the elderly to residents to remember it being a big deal.

This is from the local article, and reveals a bit more about WIll Hayden-

Within a week of Hayden’s arrest in August, Meaux learned his former partner made a licensing deal behind the backs of him and the other partners, cutting them out of trademark royalties. A Texas car dealership contracted with Hayden, individually rather than with their licensing company, to manufacture Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 10th Anniversary Red Jacket Firearm Edition SUVs stamped with their logo. Red Jacket Licensing sued Hayden in October for breach of contract and secured a judgment last month ordering him to pay $130,000 in damages.

While the widespread bad press prompted by TV fame has hurt business, Meaux said he wouldn’t be involved in Red Jacket Firearms in the first place had it not been for the show. In the beginning, Hayden had the show deal, but when he lost his license with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Meaux, who previously worked with Hayden, said he stepped in since Hayden needed a licensed gun retail and manufacturer to continue “Sons of Guns.”


Not all gun stores are created equal. In this case, Meaux Guns & Ammo seems to make more of a profit and places emphasis on the manufacturing side of things, instead of the store front items. Which isn’t bad at all, it’s just how they run things. In this picture, it shows all the long guns for sale, the pistol cabinet is the direct left, just out of the picture. And the manufacturing room is off to the right, also out of the picture. As an example of a display area more than a selling area, some of these guns have been on the racks since January, as evidenced by photos of the same racks from the local area news article.

To answer the second question, are they really up to the hype and talk they receive on the internet and among gun owners? That I cannot give a direct answer to because my visit wasn’t at all extensive, just looking around the shop and talking to some of the staff on duty. I examined some of their SBR and suppressor AR builds, and honestly I can’t say that I came away truly impressed. Do they make interesting guns? It appears so. But do they make a product that outshines most other custom gunmakers in the industry? I would affirmatively say no, not from what I saw. What they’re doing with a company of their size is absolutely great, but I don’t think it shines the spotlight on them such as companies like Salient International just to give an example. I’m not saying they don’t churn out great custom firearms, I’m just saying that they’re just as good and are like any other custom gun manufacturer, no better or worse.


This is the front portion of the store, nothing but gear and surplus items in here, the firearms are in the back of the store. I think the most interesting portion in here is a Christmas card personally signed by King Abdullah of Jordan accompanied by a portrait of the King’s family, and addressed to Will Hayden. Regardless of his crimes, that’s pretty cool!


Infantry Marine, based in the Midwest. Specifically interested in small arms history, development, and usage within the MENA region and Central Asia. To that end, I run Silah Report, a website dedicated to analyzing small arms history and news out of MENA and Central Asia.

Please feel free to get in touch with me about something I can add to a post, an error I’ve made, or if you just want to talk guns. I can be reached at miles@tfb.tv


  • M.M.D.C.

    Joe Meaux… I gotta ask, how do you pronounce his name? I keep wanting to say meyow, like the kitties say.

    • Vitsaus

      I’m thinking “joe moe” which is kinda funny.

      • M.M.D.C.

        Joe Moe with RJF befo’.

        • Lol!

        • Grindstone50k

          Neva been Meaux befo’.

      • Well he uses “Mojo” as a username online so I’m going with “Moe”.

    • Swampthing

      It’s Moe. As a Cajun, I was deeply ashamed of that whole show.

      • M.M.D.C.

        Nevuh been so ashamed befo’.

        • Nicks87

          LOL! That should be their new motto.

  • blaze_mater

    meow that’s correct

    • MR

      “Give me fifty push ups, right MEOW!” That’s where this is headed, right?

  • KestrelBike

    Interesting follow up. Nice to see something come out of the ashes of that mess.

    • Indeed. As I recall, Joe was a highschool teacher and worked there part time. He resigned from being a teacher to go full time. Glad to hear things seem to be going well for him.

      • Cymond

        Was Joe the mastermind behind the 10/22 bullpup stock?

        • Not sure. I know he is a very capable and very intelligent man though. Shame the crew at that shop had/has to suffer because of the misdeeds of one scumbag. I sincerely wish them well.

          • Sixshot6

            That happens to lots of groups, not just in gun owning circles. Look at all the bands where one member turned out criminal and the rest suffered by association. Humanity hasn’t really advanced that far.

        • Sixshot6

          Thanks for the upvotes Cymond. How has the move out California been going since we last talked? some of those 10/22 stocks have been sold in the uk too. I never buy one due to not owning a 10/22 and being left handed (the case deflector doesn’t fill me with all that confidence). Any new purchases? I haven’t had any, well I’m waiting on a rear sight replacement from canada for my vz that replaces the rear sight with a rail and lets me mount a red dot scout style. All those side mounts and rear dust jobbies don’t work like they should. But this should be different due to it staying on, even when cleaning. Keep that in mind if you ever buy a vz mate.

          • Cymond

            I’d definitely like to get a VZ58 someday, but mainly just to add it to the collection. I haven’t made any new purchases yet. My wishlist was extensive but I decided to purchase a suppressor. I’d love to have a wide collection, but it’s hard to justify that, so it may be a long time before I can purchase a second. The Liberty Mystic X looks very exciting as a first or only suppressor because it can handle such a wide variety of calibers. However, we’ve decided to make SC our home, and therefore our highest priority is saving a downpayment for a house. I have managed to squeeze a few small parts into the budget, like some Volquartsen upgrades for the Ruger. Also, I got a Bumpfire Systems stock for as a birthday gift, but I haven’t tried it out yet.

            The move went pretty well overall. The road trip was long & arduous, especially because we kept taking sightseeing detours. I’m glad for each place we visited, but they added about 500 miles in total. Sadly, our eldest rabbit passed away in December (the giant grey one), and I just abandoned the internet for a few months. We expected our other rabbit to be sad, but instead she’s actually more social. My guess is that she’s lonely, but she’s also violently territorial towards other rabbits.

            And of course, here’s a pic of the AR pistol I’ve mentioned (finally!). You can tell I’m fond of OD green. I ordered the parts during the big 2013 panic, and I didn’t have any previous experience with the AR-15 except for a few magazines at a range and what I read online. What I didn’t realize was how heavy this upper is for it’s length. It’s a 12.5″ barrel with a low-profile gas block under the handguard and a faux gas block for the front sight. The upper alone is 71 ounces. A 6.6 pound carbine isn’t bad, but this is a nose-heavy pistol. At least a SBR would have a stock to counterbalance the weight and help anchor it in the shoulder. Oh, and I purchased a special buffer tube from KAK Ind for the SB-15, but then the ATF released their statement. I try to stay far from legal grey zones, so I kludged together a tube cover. I plan to eventually sell this upper and build a new one with a free-floated 8″ barrel.

          • Sixshot6

            Sorry to hear about your rabbit. Is that the one in the pic with the take down 10/22? It looks like a rabbit with a meh attitude. I like the thorsden cover though. If you buy a vz58 and want to mount optics, use the BC tactical scout mount. I’m getting one and I’ll tell you how it goes, might mount an aimpoint on it that way. Also very possibly lantac uk is going to release an ar15 with a new system that is another work around our semi auto ban. So you might hear about that soon. I’ll show the details when it comes but we’re doing our best.

            Hope you and your partner are well today also.

        • Corey

          Yes he was. I have a good friend who has worked there for years. I have one of the RJF branded zk22 stocks and have shot the original RJF full auto suppressed zk they used on the show. It’s very impressive in several aspects.

      • He was indeed Alex. He gave up his teaching career to devote full time to the gun shop.

  • Kelly Jackson

    The story is a game change’a

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Regardless of his crimes, that’s pretty cool!

    When you rape a 12yo, nothing you do or have ever done is cool. Everything is tainted. He made some garbage guns on a garbage show, all awhile raping a family member or two. Oh, a post card from a King with clearly more money than he knows what to do with, kewl! The only cool aspect of the entire Will Hayden existence is he was finally caught after years of abuse and lives in prison now.

    I honestly am having trouble even beleiving that they are still selling merch, and operate out of the same building. Those are questionable choices. They’ll never be able to distance themselves from him by just changing the name of the sign over the door.

    • Jump, he’s talking about the King of Jordan signing it, not that it was addressed to Will Hayden.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        I get it. A post card to Will Hayden is not cool to me no matter who it’s from. Let’s not pretend that this guy was making a good product. You can be a begger or a king and spend your money foolishly.

        • I’m going to disagree with you Jump. Maybe I worded my caption incorrectly, or I should have been more explicit with my message, but my view remains the same. A post card, in of it self, from the King of Jordan, is impressive in my eyes, because neither I nor anyone I know has said personally signed postcard from the King of Jordan. Just like Berchtesgaden, Hitler’s “Eagle’s Nest” is a pretty impressive and cool place. Hitler on the other hand is not cool, or impressive. Saddam’s golden AKs are pretty cool, Saddam isn’t. It is possible to be impressed with something an evil person has without expressing admiration for said evil person.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            I get it, but to counter that, I would say anyone impressed enough to send Red Jacket anything, is likely a dummy who was convinced that the thing they saw on the TeeVee was somehow deserving of praise. It wasn’t and much less so now when looked at in perspective.

            It was garbage put out by a low life. If anything a post card from a King makes me laugh about the sterotypical foolishness of those with too much money.

            Hitler in your example is a historical figure, Hayden is a just-a-rapist.

            Showing off a card in this new companies store is imo, not getting how Red Jacket was perceived even before Hayden’s allegations. I would have given that away or burned it without a second thought.

            It sure as hell wouldn’t have found a place in my store and reputation I’m trying desperately to distance myself from!

          • All the Raindrops

            The current owners are stupid for having anything with will’s name on them.

          • how

            The grainy video of saddam bouncing at the end of a rope was pretty cool.

    • Captain Obvious

      The newspaper article says they are in a building down the block from where RJF was. It also says there were 30 employees who worked at RJF which you didn’t see. Hate to see those people lose there jobs for what their boss did.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Still selling merch,

        • Sixshot6

          When you’re in a business and you have leftover stock, you sell it to get as much money back as possible. It just makes sense.

          • Hank Seiter

            Yep, I don’t see a lot of legitimate collectors tossing their Nazi-proofmarked K-98s, SS marked knives, flags, helmets, combat gear, etc. onto a roaring bonfire in moral outrage. If convicted there should be no doubt Will Hayden was a scumbag in need of some justice. It won’t fare well for him if he’s put into the general population.

          • Sixshot6

            I just meant you sell it rather than destroy it. I would never advocate destroying history, no matter what it is. Hate the man, not the tool (or if the man is the tool, hate the tool). Its a screwed up situation and there are no winners, just losers and richer lawyers.

      • I saw that but then compared pictures of their business front before and after, and the buildings look the exact same, just different signs. In addition the address’s I found on the internet are the same street address. So unless I’m wrong, I don’t know what’s going on with that moved the building down the block.

        • Giolli Joker

          In the show I kind of remember they moved to a new building (with much scripted drama) it could be that the article referenced (maybe wrongly) that move, that predated all the (recent) legal issues of Will Hayden.

        • Ian McCollum

          They did move, both in reality and on the show. When I was there the old building was still be used as a secondary shop. The two places were only a few hundred yards apart.

      • Tim Mooney

        From what I’ve read over the years, it sounds like the majority of the employees that remained unseen were either in the back or in another building making silencers, AK’s, bullpup kits, or whatever else they could profit on. They also had their own brand of AR rifles and 1911’s made with STI parts. The shop area seen on the show was where they took in customer work and made prototype products.

        What I wonder about is how long it took for them to work through all the customer backlog created by the surge in customers, plus the time set aside for producing the TV show content?

    • M.M.D.C.

      “When you rape a 12yo…”

      As far as I was able to tell with a Google search, he hasn’t been convicted yet. I know, I know, where there’s smoke there’s fire and all of that, but we don’t know he’s guilty yet.

      Once he’s convicted, well… I’ll just stop there.

      • ShootingFromTheHip

        From what i understand, the whole story sounds like it definitely could have been made up by Hayden’s ex-girlfriend (the mother of the alleged victim) to really put the thumb screws to the guy. Hell hath no fury as a scorned woman.

        Hopefully the truth comes out and the guilty are punished severely — including if the ex-girlfriend was indeed lying, costing possibly millions of dollars for everyone depending on RJF and the show.

        • pat

          Ya, his own daughter said raped her so….

          • ShootingFromTheHip

            Yeeeowza! I never followed the story as it developed — you’re right! Innocent until proven guilty, but the number of alleged victims coming forward does NOT bode well for Hayden. Hope he’s ready to pay the piper. The prison piper, that is. Which is to say, the guy who’s going to be piping him in prison. And by piping him, I mean giving him the pipe.

            Will Hayden is going to get his hole raped in prison.

          • john huscio

            hes neva been done befo……

          • Sixshot6

            Under the Code Napoleon that Louisiana has, he is actually guilty until proven innocent. That is the key difference between the common law of most English speaking territories and Continental Europe.

          • Follow Me Boys

            LA law is really weirded out. I do not think their lawyers can practice outside of LA. I think. Anyway Nagin finished off the city of NO and Jefferson Parrish. Most of the Dago/Ginnie/WOP family members (not the Marcello family) have moved out so I have no reason to go back there.

          • Sixshot6

            I heard a few sources pretty much say Nagin and the governor at the time refused federal aid because they were too partisan to be seen getting help from Bush and that Nagin said he thought it demeaning to blacks to have to leave on the bus. Are these people for real? I can’t believe how screwed up it is. Did you grow up in Louisiana?

          • Follow Me Boys

            You are correct. I was standing right there when we were told to back off. Battalion Commanders, Squadron Commanders took it on theor own to go in. We had 2 battle groups follow the storm in and the Gov and that idiot Nagin just stood there and gave orders to confiscate weapons

          • Sixshot6

            I’m bloody glad Nagin is in Jail, hope he’s getting the love. Maybe he could have Will as his cell mate if convicted. Same should happen to the gov, but for her have her play with Babs and Jamelia, Bubba and Jamel’s female cousins. There are some scum in the world.

          • Follow Me Boys

            You would not believe the elected scum who tell the ones who worked their as&es off to run the show. They would have sex with their daughters if they could stay in power.

          • Sixshot6

            I can think of worse, in the uk we’ve had revelations of Pedophile’s who were arrested and then freed due to “official secrets”, suggesting that their idea of the national interest and most sane people are two completely different things. Don’t give them ideas on the sex with their daughters, you never know they might just do it. Plus its very Game of thrones. I regard them as all scumbags until proven otherwise. I still vote, even if just to have an opinion. I have the wonderful Ed Miliband as MP who might be Prime Minister, look him up to understand why your sarcasm detector might be buzzing. The UK’s about to take a nosedive after May. And I’m trapped in the Asylum, good god.

          • Follow Me Boys

            right behind you bro

          • Sixshot6

            Well its nice to know I’m not the only sane person trapped in the matrix.

          • Sixshot6

            Wake me up when its safe to come out after May 7th. I’m actually looking forward to the end of year and possibly the start of the next due to a new UK legal AR that might be coming that is as close to semi auto as we’re going to get. So I look forward to that. That and by next year having passed my accounting exams. The rest I’m not so keen to see.

          • itsmefool

            You’re right, FMB…Louisiana operates under the Napoleonic Code, unlike any other state in the Union. The rest operate under English common law.

          • I wouldn’t even consider visiting N.O. Many years ago, my son was robbed as soon as he got off the bus there.

        • J.T.

          His older daughter, Stephanie, came out and said he messed with her when she was the same age as her younger sister. She also said that he abused another family member and one of her friends. There are at least four people total that have come out and said he has either raped or molested them and possibly more that haven’t. This is far from an ex making accusations to get revenge.

          • furiousvet

            Why did it take so long for all these accusations to come out ?

          • KLP

            It takes a LOT for a victim of one of these crimes to come out in the open to accuse their attacker. Since it’s such a personalized crime and usually by a person with some authority and power over the victim, there’s very intense shame felt even by admitting the abuse took place, much less bringing forth accusations in public light.

          • asoro

            what ever happened to Stephanie and her husband from the show? Are they still in the gun thing or did they hide under a rock, or retire from all the money they made from the show, Like some of these other reality show people,

          • Sixshot6

            Didn’t they get arrested themselves over Kris beating her son and her just standing by and probably saying “real game changer”.

          • asoro

            Don’t know,,,,, thats why I was asking.. Does any one know what became of them ? Sad that this had to happen in this area with the gun thing, But yes it could and does happen in all walks of life, But the Left sure likes to take of advantage of this, See how bad those people with gun’s are ……….

          • Sixshot6

            I have plenty of look how bad those non-gun owners are in retaliation and while this is going on, poor Joe Meax (I’m sure we’ll all figure out how to pronounce his name in time). Plus I’m sure they got cuffed at some stage. Somebody can come and prove me wrong but until then, that is all I know.

          • Tim Mooney

            Joe’s last name rhymes with his first name. When I heard his nickname was “MoJo”, it all made sense.

          • Sixshot6

            Makes sense to me, wonder if he speaks Cajun French at all?

        • chipb

          I might belive that until his adult daughter came out saying he did the same to her.

    • desert

      If Clinton, Bush , and obozo can getaway with all the crap they have done and no one is in the streets with pitch forks…Meaux can change the image of that child molester…at least the shop….the shop committed no crime…just the dirtbag

  • allannon

    I’m really not surprised there wasn’t more made of it. If you intended to make a stab at a business, would you want to be associated with that trainwreck?

  • Kivaari

    I hope they do well. It’s hard to be in a business where terrible things are associated with it. It’ bad enough when you work for a dirt bag, because people remember the bad stuff.

  • Rex Krom

    I always saw their guns as just useless gimmicky stuff to get people to watch the show. As far as the charges against Will Hayden, if they prove to be true I hope he gets the same thing done to him in the hoosegow. That type of abuse against a child especially ones own daughter just makes me sick.

  • sam

    Well, I understand its just one guy alleged to have crimed. Still, it would take more thorough distancing of the new turned-around company from the old version for me not to get the heebie jeebies about it.

    • MR

      Since posting on this has pretty much stopped, I’m going to point out that “crimed” isn’t a proper English word. True enough, it’s in the Urban Dictionary, but that mostly just reinforces the fact that it shouldn’t be used on any essays, job applications or interviews, or anywhere you’re trying to make a good impression, or show a working knowledge of the English language.

      BTW, I’m also opposed to the non-word “sammich”. Annoys the hell out of me for some reason.

  • jamezb

    Why did Hayden lose his license in the beginning?

    • John Yossarian

      Because he has no respect for the law, or its effects upon him, nor upon his employees. Furthermore, he has no respect for anything. The freak is not human.

      I don’t have to wait for the Court to judge this freak. His actions – known – judge him. “Know personology, and know people.”

    • Geoffry K

      IIRC, it had to do with missing firearms.

  • MountainKelly

    Always thought they were overhyped. Show sucked, but I’m glad this guys making a decent product

  • 48conkli

    I have always liked Joe, thought. He got jerked around alot. But that retail store sucks. What a crappy selection.why even sell to public.

  • Earl

    As a side note how about that car dealer sitting on a bunch of Red Jacket Rapin’ Wranglers that noooooooo one wants now.

    • All the Raindrops

      Giddy up!

    • ozzallos .

      That was my first thought– Holy crap somebody made a bad deal there.

    • MR

      Saw a pick up with a Red Jacket banner sticker on the windshield the other day. They’re out of the lime light now, so other than a blurb or two on TMZ, nobody outside of the gun industry (and forums) ever hears about them or thinks about them.

  • Zebra Dun

    Spite, some women will throw their entire lives away on some dope addled man, some will redline the engine on their cars and blow them up, some will accuse Dad’s, Brother’s anyone available of a heinous crime and all for vengeance and spite.
    lets wait for a conviction after a trial before assisting in someone’s spite.

  • neva bin dan befoh

  • Sixshot6

    Didn’t realize that, I am aware that the state bar exam for lawyers is different. I thought it would be weird to not have all the same constitutional protections. You learn something new everyday.

  • ghost

    I watched the show three times. If that was “reality” I would not have gotten on the same elevator with those people.

    • Ian McCollum

      It wasn’t reality (hopefully that would be obvious to anyone)…but you still shouldn’t get in an elevator with them.

  • guest jones

    glad joe and the company are going strong, granted the stationairy is different but the heart of the company is still there….also, i wish i lived near them…maybe get my colt ar15 modified with these boron parts as opposed to steel, same with my sw mp1522lr, anybody know a good gunsmith in eastern pennsylvania

  • Hank Seiter

    Hope the rebranded business succeeds. From everything I’ve read no one else knew of Will Hayden’s criminal and immoral activities (except for Stephanie in her own case) and so there’s no reason to wish anything bad on the employees and leadership staff off the former Red Jacket company unless it’s out of pure meanness.

    In the highly competitive world of the firearm industry, it still remains to be seen if the two new companies under Joe’s guidance will be able to successfully rebrand themselves. A year ago I bought some aluminum mil-spec Red Jacket AR-15 magazines for $12 each from from a third-party sportsman’s retail company. Does anyone know who actually manufactured these mags?

  • Jose

    any idea what happened to wills daughter or Chris? did they ever open I.A.C firearms?

  • Follow Me Boys

    So who wrote the words “Red Jacket” in my skivvies?

  • itsmefool

    One thing to remember is Louisiana, as a state, is very friendly to TV and movie production companies from a financial standpoint…that probably had a lot to do with RJF getting a show in the first place.

  • Leonard

    What happened to the daughter and son-in-law. I know she went on Dr. Phil. I thought maybe they would be the new owners.

  • I wish Joe well on his new company. I do, however, miss Sons of Guns. I learned a lot by watching the show even though there was too much infighting among the employees. There used to be two other gun shows (American Guns, and Outwest Alaska) which I also miss. Maybe in the future, they will come out with some new gun shows; but who knows. Personally, I believe it’s all about the political correctness BS. Many of the Sons of Guns programs can be ordered of Amazon for those that are interested. I’m glad I taped several of the season shows.

    • MR

      I cringe at what you could have learned from that show. Crappy gunsmithing 101.

  • Thanks Ethan for the site. I’ll check it out.

  • I have been getting TFB on my computer for some time now but have been ignorant about the comment section. I’m glad I realized that we can comment. Lots of good comments today, and I’m glad I joined you guys.


    I own at least ONE item, a ZK Saiga 308 conversion, they seem to done well with.
    The Galil style sight on the dust cover is more for looks but the rest of the gun
    is just fine. One may wonder if they had just stuck to this line of endeavor…

  • milesdigby

    THIS IS THE FIRST REALITY TV SHOW WHICH ACTUALLY FILMED SOME REALITY, NO ONE SEEMS TO GET THIS. What does a pedofile, child rapist, incester look like. Just some guy. He may have been slimy in biz, who cares.

    It was only Vince Knuckels who seemed to understand what sort of evil he was dealing with. This required so much balls that he needed Jesus help. But he stood up to Will and was treated like a jerk on camera by the TV shows producer.

    I really pray there are not many more victums of Will Hayden out there.

    I would happily buy something from Joes new shop.

    Lastily Will Hayden is still innocent until proven guilty. Or as Vince said to me “its up to god to judge him now, and for the state of Louisana to fry him in a electric chair”. This conversation was on Facebook private chating.

  • OldGringo

    I am a retired lawyer, prosecutor and cop before that…….never liked this show and only watched it 3 or 4 times….however, I did spend close to 35 years dealing in the courtroom and can share some interesting stastistics……about 20 years or so ago there were only a handfull of divorces (less than 10%) where it was alledged that there was physical or sexual abuse of a child….then lawyers and anry people learned that just the mere allegaion of abuse would guarantee custody to the mother and the father would give up everything and pay massive sums…just to avoid the risk of the unknown….in some states allegations of sexual abuse or molestation jumped to near 40%…then we started seeing that little girls and little boys were “coached” to say that had been touched innappropriately…..now he may very well have raped this girl…..and if so,I hope he rots in hell…….but just wait and see…..remember that “hands up don’t shoot” deal that made fools of all the major media? Well, just wait and see..IMHO

  • safeshot

    I wondered what has happened to the other folks employed a that gunshop. I know what its like to have your job ripped out from under your feet.
    Thanks again.KB you put it so well.
    safeshot, Australia

  • Rick

    I have their ZK-22 bullpup kit for the 10/22. Took forever to get it, but when it finally did arrive, it was top notch. gets comments at the range every time, from people who still didn’t know there’s such thing as a 22LR bullpup. Went to a different range yesterday, RO’s had to check it out there too.
    I absolutely *hate* reality TV shows and haven’t seen a single episode of their show, so other than internet hate/hype and the news reports of abuse allegations, I don’t know much else.

  • Core

    It’s bad enough to go through something like this but then have blame and guilt dealt upon the victims by society that is quick to cast judgement. I have heard and seen some ignorant statements associated with this incident. When Stephanie is ready to take the reigns I think she should have the full support of the network to re-brand Red Jacket. All of those talented young people invested a great amount of time and energy to make that company successful and that should be the bottom line. Having seen the show, I have to say as an AR/XM/MX/ACR armorer I was not impressed with some of the initial manufacturing methods. I would think this would be an area to improve upon for future reference. Maybe it was Will’s drama focus in the show but spray painting an AR just makes me grit my teeth..

  • The Brigadier

    I wonder what happened with Stephanie and her husband’s company they were just starting when the child molestation story broke? Does anyone know if they are manufacturing anything and what is the name of their company if anyone remembers it?