New .45 Long Colt Round From Liberty

Liberty Ammunition has made a name for themselves in the market when it comes to lead-free ammunition. They’ve chosen to expand their line with the .45 Long Colt, a round that’s been around for well over a century and has enjoyed a fairly colorful history. Fans of the round might want to take a look at this ammunition whether they’re looking for a way to keep the air cleaner during target practice while simultaneously keeping their guns cleaner or they want a lighter, faster round (at a listed 1800 fps, this is certainly a quick round)


From Liberty:

The iconic Colt cartridge reengineered as a lead-free, high performance personal defense round. Liberty’s high-performance ammunition delivers approximately twice the velocity, three times the terminal effect, noticeable reductions in felt recoil and considerably reduces the weight of all loaded weapons.

Liberty Ammunition, the global leader in high performance, lead-free ammunition for military, law enforcement and civilian markets, has added the .45 Long Colt caliber to their growing line of Civil Defense personal defense rounds.

The popularity of the .45 Long Colt started in 1872 when it was designed specifically for one of the finest guns in all of America’s history: the Colt Single Action Army revolver. The powerful cartridge was an effective negotiator during our country’s push west and was used for protection and hunting by many Americans.

Fast forward to 2015 and the historic caliber has been dusted off and revamped and added to Liberty Ammunition’s expanding ammo line-up. The new .45 Long Colt is a copper, monolithic, hollow-point fragmenting round with a weight of 78 grains and a velocity of 1800 FPS delivering almost twice the speed of the traditional round.

Liberty Ammunition’s .45 Long Colt round is a powerful defensive round and well-suited for handgun hunters. It delivers less recoil than a traditional .45 Long Colt, taking the discomfort out of range practice and making the big bore caliber manageable for all levels of shooters. For revolver fans, the .45 Long Colt from Liberty Ammunition delivers power, speed, less recoil and lead-free attributes at about the same cost of traditional .45 Long Colt ammo.

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  • Don Ward

    It’s alright Liberty. You don’t need to remind folks how long it is.

  • Zebra Dun

    What? A .45 Colt at 78 gr. doing 1800 fps!

    • Watch out, with all that velocity, these old SAAs could defeat vests now… 😛

  • John

    Important question here: if I own a Pietta or Uberti black powder revolver, and I get one of those .45 Long Colt bullet conversion cylinder kits, will I be able to use this Liberty ammunition in it?

    • greasyjohn

      In general SAAMI is pretty tight on this.

    • Mark N.

      I would have to question that. For one, the conversion cylinder is for the 1860 Army, and the barrel is designed around low velocity ball ammo. while the barrel will certainly sustain a .45 Long Colt black powder load with a lead projectile, I have to wonder if they are rated for smokeless, much less high velocity jacketed or sold copper projectiles.

      • DaveP.

        Easy answer: they’re not. Even if the cylinders were designed to handle the extra pressure of a ‘non-cowboy load’, the guns themselves weren’t designed to handle the extra pressures and strains of firing a copper (or jacketed) projectile instead of all-lead. Feel free to contact either Pietta/Uberti (or whoever else built your gun), or Krist/R&D (or whoever built your conversion cylinder) if you don’t believe me.

        • MR

          So these are pretty much good for the Judge/Governor revolvers. Maybe.

          • DaveP.

            They should be fine for those, or for any MODERN .45 colt revolvers cowboy-style or otherwise… I just wouldn’t stuff a conversion cylinder with them.

  • Bill

    Well that’s weird. IIRC my Mountain Gun has a warning about using heavy bullets…..

  • dan citizen

    Pretty neat, I wonder how fast it will clock out of a rifle barrel?