Ballistic App (for iOS) 6th Edition–Worth It?

A buddy of mine that is into precision shooting (and who has been pestering me to get into it also) swears by an app “Ballistic” (by Peak Studios, LLC).  They just released their 6th Edition a few weeks ago, so I finally bit and decided to download the iPad version (it is not a universal app so you have to buy the iPhone and iPad separately).


It appears to be a data junkie’s dream–and honestly the amount of functionality is a bit overwhelming.  It comes with a huge database of rounds (and you can, of course, add your own).  I haven’t used it for any “precision” shooting but I did play with it a bit when I was zeroing my AR with my new Leupold scope.  What I really like is the ability to have a digital range card that can then be printed as well as the ability to store my weapon profiles.  I suppose now I need to break down and start saving for a precision rifle to justify my app purchase…  🙂

I would imagine that a number of you have experience with this app–what are your thoughts?  Have you used it?  If you are in the Android camp, what is your ballistics calculator of choice?  Who still swears by paper?

FWIW, they also have a fair number of likes on their Facebook page.

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  • Long Range Johnny

    I do a lot of long range shooting.

    I purchased Ballistic (Pro) about a year ago.

    My old standby has been Bullet Flight.

    I agree that Ballistic is a data-junkie’s wet-dream. The user interface is a little overwhelming for me. I feel that it could be streamlined to allow better functionality, and if it were, then it would become my go-to.

    I usually end up using Bullet Flight because of the ease and simplicity of the program. I don’t want to be laying prone in the dusty scorching heat of west Texas, trying to figure out data inputs and variables, so I most often (99% of the time) just opt for the easiest, simplest program I have (Bullet Flight).

    If I have a whole day to kill shooting (who does that?) then I might blow a large chunk of it on getting ballistic up and running.

    In my opinion, if you devote time to an app for your ballistics, it’s hard to move to another one. If you’ll just start with Ballistic, you won’t know what streamlining is available in other apps, and you’ll always be happy with Ballistic. Just go with ballistic from day 1 and you’ll be happy. But I’ve invested a significant amount of time on BF, so I’ll stick with that.

    • Lt. Dan

      Exactly. It is a great app, but the interface is complicated. I end up using other programs out in the field. I really love the group analysis feature

  • Karl

    I use the Ballistic AE version on my iPhone. I have found it very useful. I use the custom load feature since I hand load for my precision rifles. It has been good enough to get first round hits at 1000 yards with my .338LM and close at 1800 yards where I just had to make minor correction and hit with the follow up shot. I use a weather meter to input current conditions and for a hunting trip this year I used it to make some data cards to carry out in the field so I did not have to use my iPhone. I think it has been worth every penny.

  • John Yossarian

    On iPhone I used BulletDrop+ ($1.99) – Clean and intuitive interface and simplicity were the selling points for me. You can try BulletDrop for free, but I don’t think it allows you to save your rigs the way the Plus version does.

    On Android – as I’ve just switched over – I’ve been using Strelok (free). The interface is rather clunky, but it does everything for which I’d used BulletDrop+. I do wish it offered the choice of G7 ballistic coefficients. I might try to find a cleaner app down the road.

    • Gettophilosopher

      Strelok stopped updating the free version, though they weren’t clear about it.

      Strelok+ and Pro have far more features and reticles, and allow not only G1 and G7 BCs, but variable BCs and BC correction calculations and and and and….

      Worth it.

  • MattCFII

    Strelok+ for me on Android

  • Spidouz

    I’m using Ballistic for a while already and I love it. Not the best UI, but once you get it, it’s pretty easy and complete enough (something I haven’t find in other app). I love to have access to all data, adjust them on the go, or even just take a picture of your target to calculate precisely your groups in regard of weather/wind/reload conditions info. Probably not the app for everyone, but definitely a good one for shooter into precision shooting.

  • HKGuns

    I use it all the time and have for several years, great application any serious shooter should own.

    Since being sold the updates have slowed and it has been a little more buggy. However, it is still very useable.