SIG Sauer (Germany) State Evidence Stolen.

SIG Sauer (Germany) is being investigated by German Prosecutors for illegal arms exports and  the company offices were raided a couple of times by police. Now bizarrely key evidence against the company has gone “missing”. (translated using Google) reports

A key piece of evidence in the case against the weapons manufacturer Sig Sauer has disappeared.

Unknown (persons) stole the laptop seized from the former managing director of the company from Eckernförde in Schleswig-Holstein from the offices of the Kiel prosecutor, NDR, WDR and “Süddeutsche Zeitung” reported. They referred to the prosecutor’s office. For inquiries, the competent senior public prosecutor, was on Thursday evening at first but impossible to achieve.

Sig Sauer was in the headlines last year because of possibly illegal guns deliveries to Iraq, Kazakhstan and Colombia. The office is investigating why, according to the report against five current or former executives, including the incumbent Chief of Sig Sauer USA. Investigators had the computer and other evidence seized as they had searched the offices of the company and private homes of employees.

How the computer could disappear in the video-controlled and secured building, it is unclear for information of the three media. Prosecutors told reportedly, the security measures were increased since then, and the rules for the handling of evidence have been tightened.

I find this very hard to believe. Occam’s razor would suggest that it was more likely a prosecutor “lost” inconvenient evidence than someone with a vested interest in the case entered a secure building and stole evidence without being detected.

Thanks to Troubleshooter Berlin for the tip.

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  • mzungu

    Hahaha ….Check with CIA… their customer service number is apparently….703-482-0623.

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    Ha ha ha ha ha…

  • ensitu

    Archer does it again!

    • Yellow Devil

      • MR

        So…is that a Walther?

  • toms

    Stupid case anyway. Doing business in corrupt countries requires “flexible” rules. If you don’t play the game you don’t get international contracts and eventually go out of business.

    • Schadavi

      That’s why Sig moves their military and law enforcement production to the US, where rules are more “flexible”.
      We in Germany will still have the civilian production line,which is just fine by me. It means i will never hear the phrase “unavailable due to government contract” again.

    • MR

      Sig management should be happy they only pissed off the Germans, and not the Isreallis. Could end up like Gerald Bull.

  • MclarenF1Forever

    That is some kind of “bad luck”.

  • Pastor Dan

    This is a “Firearms Not Politics” blog, so I won’t mention whose basement in Chatacqua, New York, they might want to check. Just sayin’.

    • dan citizen

      I do not get the reference.

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        Sorry, I should have looked it up. I meant Chappaqua, New York. Probably missed my mark. No biggie.

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          Talkin bout Hil-dog?

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          still went over my head ….

    • JG

      Really, I spent my summers there in the Instituation. Is that where the basement is or is it near Beamus Pt., Jamerstown or Mayville??

  • Mootles

    Sig has been pushing with weight against the ATF, and now they’re under “investigation”. Something smells fishy.

    • Jeff S

      This has nothing to do with the ATF or the US… It’s all about the German government getting bent out of shape because they didn’t get their cut.

  • noguncontrol

    So that means, the “evidence” in the laptop was bad for their case and good for Sig. So much for justice. The german govt doesnt care about justice. They just want to punish Sig.

    • J.T.

      This was my first thought as well.

  • Jagersmith

    Exactly! Walt and Jesse strike again!

    • MR

      Is one of Sig’s lawyers per chance named “Saul”?

  • David Lowrey

    Sig 1. German government 0.

    Works for me.

  • lucusloc

    LOL, I wonder if the prosecutor had it out to look at and one of the cleaning people walked out with it. Either that or it had evidence not good for the prosecution. . . either way I cannot see how this is not damaging to the case.

    • dan citizen

      I guess they didn’t have it backed up or copied…

  • einszweidrei

    You can’t sell pistols to Colombia but selling tanks to Saudi Arabia is ok. I love morality of the german government.