Bravo 18 AK accessories

Bravo 18 made accessories for the AK back in 2013.  The muzzle device is what caught my attention. I thought it was made of wood or papercraft due to the angular nature of the design.

I could not find anything current on them and their website is down. Anyone know what happened to them?

Nicholas C

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  • Esh325

    Why does improving the ergonmics mean they are making it like a m4? The Fal had a left sided charging handle better safety, and magazine release than the ak and it came along before the ar15

    • Axel

      Better ergonomics are relative for most people. You like what your used to, so for most american shooters they will be more comfortable with AR’s. So making any other gun more like an AR makes it better to them.

  • Plumbiphilious

    I believe that muzzle device is from OSS (the people with the hexagonal can with less gas blowback). It’s a freaky flash hider and standoff device.

  • toms

    Probably patents bought out by OSS

  • mechamaster

    The left side charging handle remind me about Galil ACE, but without a dust-cover. And the ambidextrous mag-release is the great improvement, ( even AK-12 has adopted extended ambidextrous mag release too

  • Trent

    From what i understand the company became OSS (Operator Suppressor Systems) and put all of their energy into that.