Versia Military Design Tavor Prototype

Versia Military Design are the people who designed and developed the TAVOR.


Tamir Porat interview.


Tamir Porat, the Tavor Design Director shared these photos of their Tavor Prototype.

ab3a06011080x500 Tavor Versia


Here is a picture of a competitor’s prototype. That company lost the contract to Versia Military Design. I am glad that lost. Yech.



Back in 2012 they came up with this radical update to the TAVOR design.


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  • Major Fret

    That final picture looks like it belongs in my hands when I play Unreal Tournament (which I don’t play any more 😛 )

    • Tom

      I guess it was a case of we might not be able to sell the rifle to the IDF but the SciFy channel will love it.

      • Wetcoaster

        Crank off a few dozen (or a couple hundred) drop-in replacement stocks like that and I bet they could sell them to Hollywood armourers without trouble.

        • Chipsa

          The stock is the receiver. So, unfortunately, that won’t work.

    • UT is still just as good today as when it came out in 1999.

      • Major Fret

        Shame I was never any good at it.

    • TBW

      Cripes, which end is the kill and which end is the maim? I like the Tavor over the FN and Steyer but I’m saving my money for the upcoming Desert Tech bull pup…

  • sianmink

    Man I kept thinking that weird ball on a stick was a super funky front sight of some kind.
    Had to go down halfway down the page to see a left side view that shows it’s actually the charging handle. Still so weird.
    The competitor’s prototype looks amazing. Like, “how do we out-scifi the AUG?” It looks like it belongs on a Frazetta book cover illustration in the hands of one of John Carter’s four-armed Martian friends.

  • echelon

    That competitor’s design looks kinda like the Vex Mythoclast.

    • SP mclaughlin

      Or a fish.
      The last one does remind me of the pulse rifles though, if I’m remembering Destiny correctly though.

  • Adam aka eddie d.

    About the “update” on the last picture: a couple of years ago
    I stumbled upon an article on an Israeli defense site that concerned IWI and the Tavor project. The article stated that the result of this could be the possible successor of the -original- Tavor in the IDF.
    I remember one feature in particular that spurred my interest:
    they wanted to incorporate an adjustable LOP buttplate into the gun.
    That would solve one of the age-old problems with bullpups.

  • MPWS

    The guy in video speaks in convincing manner (meaning logical) and yes, is quite likeable. So far, as we know (and anyone may have alternate opinion) – this design came out quite well. Coupled with lightweight g-launcher it may be the best what current state of art can offer.

  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    The last one is designed by Peter Jackson’s Weta Studio and Neill Blomkamp…

    • Daisuke0222

      Looks like it’s straight out of District 9. Cool idea, but I can see why it didn’t get any traction.

  • noob

    You know without all the lightening cuts and ventilation holes and ribs it actually looks more pleasing to the eye.

    also I wonder: is a smooth slab sided gun with not many holes in it is easier to scrub nerve gas off of when you need to decontaminate your equipment?

  • Joe

    I really like the bottom of the weapon being enclosed, I’d expect it to be less “snaggy”. While the angles contribute to a “futuristic” look I would prefer it smoothed out similar to the F2000/P90. That said, I’d take it as is, chambered for .300 Black.

  • Simcha M.

    Kol HaKavode l’Tsahal!! Hebrew for “Way to go, IDF”!!