Radical Firearms Adjustable Gas Block

AR retailers Radical Firearms recently released their new AR-15 .750 low profile adjustable gas block. It features a melonite coating and is made out of 4140 chromoly steel here in the USA. It adjusts up to full shutoff with zero bolt movement via a 10-32 setscrew with 4-40 brass retaining screw. The best part is the budget friendly MSRP of only $39.99 (currently on sale for $29.95 too), check out Radicalfirearms.com for more info.


Introducing the Radical Firearms .750 Adjustable Gas Block to full shutoff with zero bolt movement, 10-32 setscrew with 4-40 brass retaining screw. Same height/profile as a standard micro gas block. Melonite coating, 4140 chromoly steel, chamfered edge, press fit like our standard gas block

– Includes set screws
– 4140 chromoly steel
– Full shutoff with zero bolt movement
– Nide/Melonite QPQ finish
– Chamfered edge, press fit like our standard gas block
– USA made steel & Machined in the USA
– Weighs 2oz
– Internal Diameter 0.750
– Same profile as our standard low-profile gas block
– Includes (2) set screws for attachment
– Includes 10-32 Set-Screw w/ 4-40 Retaining Screw (Rearward facing)
– Accepts standard gas tube roll-pins but a roll-pin is NOT included.

Ray I.

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    I’ll stick the SLR Sentry. Budget parts give you budget problems at best, at worst you are participating in a race to the bottom of who can knockoff a part best, no one wins that.

    • BryanS

      If the quality is there, sometimes scale and better thinking on process can make simple parts cheaper.

      • Dan

        How ae you figuring the quality or the scale is there?

    • Grindstone50k

      “Budget problems at best”? I guess “work just as well as more expensive counterparts” is just not on the table?

    • Kelly Jackson

      Really, and do you think the rifles used by the US military are top tier or built by the guy who said he could do it the cheapest?

      I.E. not buying Beretta magazines from Beretta for the M9.

      Then again you wouldn’t know anything about that since you only pretend to serve on the internet…

      • Dan

        I don’t think I have ever seen Jumpifnotzero post anything that would lead anyone to believe he served in the military. In fact nothing in his post said anything about military rifles being top tier. He comes off as a know it all arsehole this is true but a lot of what he says is for the most part true.

        Also it doesn’t take someone who served to know government procurement. You guys that get all butt hurt when he comes in and poo poos on things need to just relax and move on.

        • Kelly Jackson

          I get annoyed because it’s another Jace Conners rambling off about things he has no actual experience with.

  • BryanS

    Shutoff would let me use my AR for hunting in PA. Sounds good đŸ™‚

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I don’t know anything about hunting regs in PA, except no Sundays iirc. But… Just because you shut the gas system down temporarily, do you think that makes the firearm not a semi-auto? Vs just being a poorly-working semi-auto.

      Because while I’m inclined to agree it might… You wouldn’t be arguing with me, you’d be arguing with a game warden and I’ll let you guess how often that works out well.

      • Kelly Jackson

        Ugh, why do you think that you’re an expert on everything that you have absolutely no experience with?

        Removing the gas system from a semi auto and making it straight pull is absolutely legal in PA. People do this all the time with the SKS.

        I really wish you’d just stick to the Call Of Duty boards because your arm chair warrioring is tiring at best.

        • JumpIf NotZero


          I’m a consultant for a rifle mfg, have done a lot of scientific testing on AR had systems.

          What is it you do again? Oh right, you follow all my posts and name call even if the posts are months old. Well, that’s ‘a’ job I guess.

          • Kelly Jackson

            That’s great, but how is that relevant to PA law?

            Your post was 5 hours old when I replied to it so I see you don’t have much experience with telling time either.

      • BryanS

        If the modification is done with tools, and you dont have access to those tools, then it follows the same legal reasoning as a wooden plug in a shotgun tube magazine.

        I know it has been said by many a game officer that the system would have to be off and not easily modified back. In this case, you would have to use 2 separate tools.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          Makes sense, but I’d want to have a printed copy of any rules and regs or legislation, or even a written response from FWP before I went out. I’ve met… difficult… game wardens.

  • Ethan

    Speaking as someone who has made several of their own adjustable gas blocks – this design is effective. I used a roll pin to limit the primary set screw’s range of travel, but a secondary brass set screw would work as well. Drilling and tapping my gas blocks is fun and all, but if someone is willing to do it for me for the same price as I would pay for a non-adjustable model, I’d probably bite.

    Their other products have received good reviews.. and the price is right. I’ve bookmarked this for my next build.