Ms Clean 2.0 The Double

Last year about this time, we posted about the Ms Clean, a polymer AR magazine shaped container for holding components of a cleaning kit.  Well, Peter Palma is back on Kickstarter looking for support for the next iteration of the case.  One that is double the width (sized to fit in a double mag pouch).

There are a number of different utilizations for the larger case including medical or trauma kits.  There are also potentially more color options based on how well backed the project is (the same colors as the single).  And as an early backer, you have the ability to get the case preloaded with a number of different configurations based on the backer level.


A buddy of mine has several (of the originals) and loves them, and it looks like now I will be giving it a try.  Does anyone else here have one?  What do you think of it?

If you are interested in a better container for holding a cleaning kit (rather than a soft-sided Otis) give Ms Clean a try:

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  • noob

    ha! that is one cool idea. I’m glad kickstarter is supporting it.

  • Matt

    Hopefully this one doesn’t have the production or insert material delays/changes that the single did.

  • David Sharpe

    Hmm…..that’s a pretty cool idea. I would buy one.

  • MG

    This looks awesome. I’m going to back it.

    When you back a Kickstarter you are helping a small business get off the ground. Expect delays and growing pains. And take pride when you see that small business take off.