New Savage Arms 10 FCP-SR Rifles

savage rifle

New for 2015, Savage Arms has added detachable 10-round magazines to its line of law enforcement bolt-action rifles. Called the 10 FCP-SR rifles, these three gun are all chambered for the 308 Win cartridge.

Each of the guns has a threaded barrel and come with a thread protector. Barrels are fluted and finished in matte blue. The guns use the company’s proprietary AccuTrigger that is user-adjustable. Also, the guns use the AccuStock bedding system to improve accuracy.

savage rifle

These rifles have a Picainny-type base for the easy mounting of an optic.

Three rifles are now available:

  • 20″ barrel, right-hand
  • 24″ barrel, right-hand
  • 24″ barrel, left-hand

All rifles carry a MSRP of $761.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Blake

    Can anyone explain why someone would select a bolt-action for three-gun competition?

    Perhaps the idea is that the better accuracy of the bolt gun will make up for lost time vs. a semi-auto?

    • Giolli Joker

      Have you simply read “three gun” (sic) highlighted in the article and let your mind do the connections?
      You might read again. 🙂

      • Blake

        my bad 🙂

    • iksnilol

      In case you didn’t understand it isn’t “three gun” as in the competition but “three gun” as in three guns.

    • Unpaid Editor

      The second sentence should read “Called the 10 FCP-SR rifles, these three [modelS or gunS] are all chambered for the 308 Win cartridge.”

  • AK™

    How is this comparable to the Ruger American? It’s almost the price of 2 RA rifles..
    They both offer an adjustable trigger,free floated barrels,detachable magazines.
    Ruger American Predator has the threaded barrel and its in .308 as well.

  • Rogier Velting

    Why no .243? If they specifically make it for police use, it might as well come in the other common caliber for police usage.

  • iksnilol

    Has anybody made a bullpup Savage? The ten round detachable magazine would make it more practical.

  • Dracon1201

    The million dollar question is- What type of mags are they? If not AI mags, I’m out.

    • TheBest

      I don’t believe they’re AI mags. They’re Savage designed. The last iteration of the FCP-SR did use AI mags and bottom metal and a 20 MOA rail and cost over $1,200. Clearly the lack of AI mag and 20 MOA rail (comes with 0 MOA) is what drove the price down.

      • Dracon1201

        So I can’t use Magpul mags, including when they probably eventually release 10rd mags? Dang. Definitely not happy with these.

        • iksnilol

          Before we freak out: How cheap are the Savage mags compared to the AI mags? I know, commonality between rifles is nice and all but sometimes you have to compromise. You are getting a lot of gun for the money. The MSRP is only 760 USD, so street price is gonna be around like 600-650?

          -adjustable trigger
          -detachable 10 round mag
          -accurate (it is a Savage, it isn’t even speculating)
          -easy barrel changes

          -proprietary magazine

          at least that’s how I see it.

          • Dracon1201

            That’s entirely true and something to keep in mind. I may just drop it in an LSS anyways for the AI mags and chassis improvement.

          • uisconfruzed

            The bolt handle is a con as well

          • iksnilol

            What’s wrong with the bolt handle? Too big?

            Sure, I can add that to the list.

          • uisconfruzed

            It’s too big for my taste, I want the Hog Hunter with a removable mag and thought this would be the ticket. Even with the fluted barrel this 20″ version is still 1.5 lbs heavier.

          • iksnilol

            You can get a lightweight barrel for it. Savages are known for being easy to change barrels on (thanks to the “ugly” barrel nut)

          • uisconfruzed

            I just bought 3 match barrels, I want the hog hunter to have something to put my can on and not worry about it getting dirty or dinged up, yet is still a shooter. If I start pouring money into it, I’ll take it out less.

          • iksnilol

            Hate to say it: Let out your inner bubba.

            Dremel and hacksaw time!

          • uisconfruzed

            I’ve got a buncha outer Bubba already, I just can’t do it.

          • iksnilol

            Come to the dark side… You can’t deny it, you can’t run from it: The Dremel longs for you.


          • uisconfruzed

            Dremel is the #1 messer upper of shade tree gunsmithing.
            If I get a Savage, I’m sure I’ll buy a 6.5 Creedmore match barrel for it as well.

          • iksnilol

            The Dremel is an ancient and powerful tool. It must be respected and be mastered or it will devour you (or more like it will devour your guns and body parts).

            6.5 Creedmore? How does it compare to 6.5×47 Lapua? I just see that they are both pretty popular and I don’t do the kind of shooting where they are popular.

  • Bill

    Any idea if these mags will fit the original Savage Scout? I can’t remember if it was a Model 10 or Model 110, but it’s a cool little rifle for utility patrol work, albeit hampered by a smallish magazine.

    • Tassiebush

      No idea if it’d fit but the scout is a 10

  • GlennG

    I like these rifles and have had the chance to handle one in the store. The one thing I don’t get though is the “tactical” bolt handle. It’s ridiculously long, sticks out really far from the stock, and adds a ludicrous amount of unnecessary weight to the rifle. How that is tactical in any way, shape, or form?
    With regards to the magazine question, the standard 4-round (hunting) magazines fit the stock too, so I’m pretty sure they’re not AI mags.

    • M.M.D.C.

      “The one thing I don’t get though is the “tactical” bolt handle. It’s ridiculously long, sticks out really far from the stock, and adds a ludicrous amount of unnecessary weight to the rifle. How that is tactical in any way, shape, or form?”

      The one thing I don’t get though is the “tactical” bolt handle. How that is tactical in any way, shape, or form? [Because] it’s ridiculously long, sticks out really far from the stock, and adds a ludicrous amount of unnecessary weight to the rifle.

      Fixed it. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 🙂

      • Squirreltakular

        That’s not a fix…

        • Steve

          Your sarcasm meter is broken.

    • Michael Muha

      Depends which scope you use. Could be very helpful.

    • alex

      How is it not “tactical” you would be static with this rifle. Not running and gunning like an AR15. So weight shouldn’t be and issue.

      • Bill

        Not always, even snipers gotta run. And a Savage Scout has been my trunk gun for decades because I dig the Scout concept. In LE we can’t fall back on rate or volume of fire, so I’d like the 10 round mag, but given the my shotgun holds 5, capacity and ROF just aren’t that critical.

        Besides, there are some really fast guys with bolt guns. Levers are another platform that doesn’t get enough respect.

  • 45B20

    I have an old savage 112 that, from a rest, shoots sub MOA with cheap factory ammo. I ground the round bolt flat to increase the clearance between bolt and stock for ease of use. I’d love to get a new stainless Savage with the bedding block. I have a spare target trigger to install!

  • Roodog

    Do they come with iron sights or are they strictly sniper rifles?

    • Elmer

      No, the 10FCP is not your Huckleberry. You’ll want to look at the Savage Hog Hunter.

  • rico567

    Lefty here- would consider 20″ bbl, not a 24″. Or, just make the Scout LH.

    • iksnilol

      Can’t you just chop the barrel? Or get a 50 cm barrel and switch barrels? IIRC Savage guns are easy to change barrels on.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    But what’s the rate of twist in the barrels?

  • will

    the comments here are too funny.
    first off, the gun is the same as a model 10tr law enforcement, all savage has done is produced their own 10 rd mags.. dark eagle custom has been producing these for the 10tr for years. and the oversized bolt is added weight and does stick out far enough to make it difficult fitting inside some gun cases without actually removing the bolt. the 24 inch barrel i have is a 10-1 twist i think, but not exactly sure on that.. either way, i doubt the mass produced savage magazines will compare to the superior quality of the dark eagle custom 10 rd magazines. the gun is awsome.. so shoot straight

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I would hope the Dark Eagle mags are quality considering they cost the same as A.I. mags. The Savage produced ones should be in the $20+ range.

  • Esdee

    Not the same gun as it used to be. Mags are now proprietary and a few other changes to make it cheaper.

  • Brian Fulmer

    Really neat rifles, I’ve got a pair of FP10-LE1A’s from 10 years ago in factory Choate varmint stocks with 20″ heavy barrels. NO complaints about 5 rd blind magazines on those rifles, but this looks like a credible and very cost effective DBM alternative. Gotta respect they’re still improving the 10/110 platform despite the Axis II. Stupidly accurate rifles at a bargain price fix my attention every time….

  • uisconfruzed

    THIS has my attention, I want a Hog Hunter with a detachable mag, but without that bolt handle.

  • Uncle Dan

    Drifting a bit but wonder what LE agency is using .243 for precision work, as one poster suggested?

  • uisconfruzed

    Why is it 1.5lbs heavier than the same 20″ length Hog Hunter?
    I want the Hog Hunter with removable mags!

  • John Daniels

    ew….get a Tikka T3 CTR instead.

  • Wolfsbane

    Does anyone know if the magazine can be ftted to other Savage rifles?