Object of Desire: Factory Cut-Away Ma-Duece

(Gawking) Now that my jaw has been picked up from the floor, I cannot help but appreciate the photos of a cut-away M2 .50 Machine Gun. Photographed by RangeHot.com, the M2 in question is a factory spliced receiver used to train armorers of the .50 BMG.


I had the opportunity to photograph a pretty rare .50 Browning Machine Gun, it is a factory cut away used as a training tool for armorers of the famed Ma Deuce.

I was not able to get an exact data on this particular M2 training tool but I was told it was from around the 50s and was used as a training tool for many years before it made it’s way into a private collection.

To see all the photos, head over to RangeHot.com by clicking here. 

Nathan S

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  • TheSmellofNapalm

    That’s dope. I’ve always fantasized of legally owning a belt-fed machine gun with a fun-switch. Probably one of the most badass things one could possibly sink money into.

  • PeterK

    That is super awesome. The owner is one lucky guy. Or gal.

  • Riot

    This has got my engineer going

  • whskee

    Would love to have that for teaching Cycle of Operations. I’d much rather get people to go hands on than watch a animation.