Battle Arms Development Lightweight Buttstock

The trend towards lighter modern sporting rifles continues with Battle Arms Development taking the next part to its minimalist conclusion. Debuted at SHOTShow 2015, the Lightweight Buttstock is just that, extremely lightweight. In short, its a cap that attaches directly to the back of the standard carbine extension.


No pricing or availability information has been announced quite yet, but you can check out their Facebook page for the latest updates. Kudos to them on the amount of gun photos, especially the stormtrooper variants.


Nathan S

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  • Esh325

    I suppose another advantage besides weight is that the stock probably has an overall shorter length than the standard m4 stock when collapsed

    • I don’t see why it would be shorter – the back of the M4 stock is right up against the buffer tube. I suppose you could go shorter using a GSE pistol tube and some magic, but it would probably be unusable as a stock due to being too short.

  • Michael

    As a rifleman, i can say that is entirely to darn short, even for CQB in full kit.

    • schizuki

      But it will be perfect for my Mech Tech carbine.

    • Yellow Devil

      Just jam a copy of “War and Peace” between the plate and carrier and you’ll be good to go.

  • schizuki

    Just what I’ve been looking for. But if it’s more than 25 bucks, I’ll pass.

    • Ethan

      Yep. Minimalist design, minimalist price.

  • MR

    Will it clamp onto the back of a rifle-length buffer tube, secure enough to avoid rotating or falling off? That’ll provide a useable LOP for most adult humans, just gotta tap and plug the takedown pin detente hole.

    • This would be a much much better option for low-weight builds, IMHO.

    • Are the rifle buffer tubes robust enough to serve as a structural component? They are not normally subjected to any bending stress when there is a stock attached. Personally, I would not bet on it.

  • dave

    I’d get one of those and just tape or somehow attach a buttpad to it for a few more inches of lop. I think it’s pretty high speed!

  • Ed

    Is that a buffer tube cover it is attached?

  • Don Ward

    Wait… There’s a trend for LIGHTER modern sporting rifles? Don’t tell that to the battle rifle guys.

    Who knew?!? Lighter?

    *Walks away scratching head*

  • J. Tiesto

    Lightweight stock? Check. Needlessly long handguard and mag coupler? Check. Kinda defeats the purpose.