Top 3 CCW For Under $600

Green Light Shooting goes over three options for a conceal carry pistol but set at a price point under $600. To me they seem rather obvious working in a gun store. The choices are:

  • S&W M&P Shield
  • Springfield XDS
  • Glock 19


I feel like there are a couple of guns that could be thrown in there. Like the Glock 42, the new FNH FNS Compact and the M&P Compact. A CZ P07 duty could also compete against the Glock 19.

One issue I did have with this video is Bryan’s constant flagging of his own body parts. He covers the muzzle with his hand and even points the gun at himself a number of times throughout this video.

Nicholas C

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  • I recently bought a XDs 9mm 4.0. I’ve been liking it so far.

  • West

    What about the Glock 42?

  • insertjjs

    Never any love for the CZ 2075.

    • iksnilol

      Or the Tokarev… or the Makarov… Or the CZ-83. Seen them all conceal carried (I don’t carry). If you can’t hide a Tokarev or Makarov on you then you must be a nudist.

      • insertjjs

        I when out looking for a Makarov to buy. Instead I ended up with a Police Trade in USP45 Stainless steel Slide.
        But the CZ2075 is an astonishing accurate gun for a sub compact. I let a friend who is a much better shot than I am shoot it and he was surprised to be hitting his target at 50yrds about 80% of the time.

    • Dan

      way too thick and bulky compared to the competition.

      CZ really needs to make a <1" thick CZ-75.

  • Parnell

    Don’t forget the LC9s Pro

    • J-

      SR9c WTF. Traded by LC9 for an SR9 and never looked back. Better trigger and higher capacity. The extra 0.25 inches in width isn’t noticeable in an IWB holster and really makes a difference in shootability.

      • Paul White

        The LC9s has a *much* better trigger than the original LC9. Hugely better. A friend of mine has the original and I have the LC9s, and the travel is shorter, there’s actually a flipping reset, and it breaks easier.

        I pocket carry the LC9r or IWB the SR9c depending on clothes and situation. I like ’em both. The sig 938 would (in hindsight) have been my first choice for a carry gun since it’s small, accurate, and controllable for it’s size, but I’d already bought the SR9c, and couldn’t afford the sig on top of that. So I settled on the LC9s and have been OK with it. It just turns out you can’t always viably hide a gun that requires IWB πŸ™

        • J-

          I haven’t shot the LC9s, I can only attest to the dry firing it and while it is an improvement, I feel the the SR9c’s trigger is still better. More importantly, I find most single stack sub compacts to be too small for my hands. I bought and sold a Kahr cm9. The LC9 wasn’t comfortable, the S&W shield was ok, but the time I was done stacking grip panels and Hogue grip sleeves onto it to make it shootable for me, the grip was a wide as a double stack. Figured I might as well get the extra rounds at that point.

          I have found that any gun less than an inch in width is just too small for me to grip. I really never pocket carry in pants. I prefer IWB or if I’m running around in sweat pants on those late night errands, I just use a fanny pack. The only time I pocket carry is in winter when I put my gun in the pockets on my coat or parka and those are so big I could probably pocket carry my 4″ S&W 686 and nobody would notice.

          I know some people love the Sig 938. My dad carried for years a Colt Mustang, the grandpappy of the Sig 238. I just can’t get over a single action gun without a grip safety. Feels too risky.

  • Ratcraft

    I like the G26 over the G19.

    • Nicks87

      Me too, I have a 17 and a 26. I think the 19 is just a comprimise between the two if you cant afford both.

      • Ratcraft

        I have them both as well. I like full size guns but not for carry the smaller the better. The 19 is still to big.

    • Anonymoose

      I like the G30S over the G19. Not much use for 15-rounds of 9mm when I work in a city where the mags over 10-rounds are b&. I choose to go bigger instead of using neutered mags.

      • Ratcraft

        I have yet to hold a G30s. I may need to check that out. G20 is my hands down favorite but I am not packing that brick. I usually carry a .380 because I just don’t like my drawers falling down.

      • Eddie_Baby

        Many neutered G19 mags are unreliable with JHP ammo.

        • Nicks87


        • Miles

          Always hated those 10 rounders. My former Federal outfit use them only for simunition ammo.

  • Nicks87

    “Compromise between one ego that’s comfortable hole” I love Youtube closed captioning.

  • Vitsaus

    Two of three of these guns have been the subject of a recall.

    • Dan

      And what? Were the potential problems not fixed?

  • Don Ward

    Looks at article. Sees not one single revolver. Wrong poll is wrong.

    • iksnilol

      Eh, revolvers are more expensive and harder to use (and if you are a lefty then you are in for a treat).

      So for me it isn’t weird. Revolvers are IMO for true professionals due to all their handicaps and better accuracy, and for hunting guns (since there ain’t no semi auto in .460 S&W yet).

      • Don Ward

        Ladies and gentlemen of TFB, I’ll be brief. The issue here is not whether revolvers are more expensive or harder to reload. They are. But you can’t hold a design of firearm responsible for its mishandling by a few sick and twisted individuals. For if you do, then shouldn’t we blame the whole firearm community? And if the whole firearm community is guilty, then isn’t this an indictment of the Second Amendment in general? I put it to you, Iksnilol… isn’t this an indictment on our entire American society? Well you can say whatever you want about revolvers, but we’re not going to sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America!

        • iksnilol

          What did you smoke? And can I have some?

          I simply stated that a revolver is much harder for the average person to use than a semi auto pistol. Compare a Glock 19 (that you Americans are so fond of) to a .357 or .38 snub. The G19 has 15+1 rounds, is thinner, more lefty friendly and is about the same price (price goes up if you go for a nice revolver though).

          So I do not understand what you are replying to and I do not understand where you have it that I am badmouthing the US of A. Sure, I have some things against your government; the no minimum wage thing, the hypocrisy, the not helping my homeland out til the end of the war and then acting like heroes, the health care situation, the stupid restrictions on drugs and guns. But I did not badmouth the United States of America.

          • Don Ward

            I’m almost tempted to use another Animal House quote…

            Satire my friend. It is of joke, yes?

          • iksnilol

            Ah, makes sense… Y’know how it is when communicating exclusively through text? No hard feelings? I must admit, it was well written since it did manage to fool me and all.

            Well played my good sir.

      • Nicks87

        I’m a lefty, I don’t have any problems with revolvers. In certain situations I do prefer them over autos.

        • iksnilol

          How do you reload? I am curious? Since it is much easier and less sensitive to just pop mag out, shove a new one in. At least compared to the swingout cylinder of most revolvers.

          Or do you use a top-break?

          • Bill

            Not necessarily. Speed loaders and strip loaders are the functional equivalent of magazines, and loose rounds allow topping off a partially empty revolver while saving the unexpected rounds in the gun. There is also no concern over whether the chamber is loaded or a slide is in battery.

            and failure to fire malfunctions in a revolver are generally fixed by a second trigger press.

          • Nicks87

            When I carry my revolver I dont expect to need to reload but thats a different issue altogether. When I do reload I use my support hand to hold the pistol and my left to release the cylinder and to grab the speed loader or strip.

      • iHAL

        Professionals are more likely to use something inexpensive, consistent, and higher capacity than 6-7 rounds. I knew pros who would qualify point shooting revolvers but would carry Glocks and M&Ps because they wanted to qualify at their worst.

        • iksnilol

          I meant professional as in somebody who can take advantage of the extra mechanical accuracy. Somebody that thus isn’t that handicapped by the reduced capacity. But yes, inexpensive is important if you lose it/dump it.

          Personally, I am far from a pro with a pistol (less than 200 rounds shot with a pistol total, closer to 100-150) And my favorite is probably the CZ pistols, good capacity, comfortable (for me) and inexpensive compared to other pistols.

    • Agitator

      The 1930s called, they want their guns back.

      • Don Ward

        The 1930s can’t have them. The 1930s would probably take a hacksaw to the revolver’s barrels, cut out the trigger guard and bob the hammer so they could be “fired in the pocket” or “be used as a belly gun” or some such thing. Or they’d pawn them to buy more brylcreem to impress some dame at the dime-a-dance joint up the road.

      • john huscio

        The ’30s were a hell of an era from what I hear…..sure, you had the depression and whatnot, but then there were snazzy suits, fine women, classic guns, and more actual freedom….no camera around every corner or satellites overhead, ect…..that said, I’m strongly considering dipping my toe in the revolver world……a s&w 13 or 19 with a “2.5 or ” 3 barrel might be the ticket, maybe a speed six or a colt DS with .38+p as well..

    • Bill

      There is still a lot of life in wheel guns. If “Miami Vice” had never aired I’m betting most cops would still be carrying them. VERY few bad guys who were center-punched with a .357 continued to misbehave, but generally laid down and became placid and compliant.

    • Paul White

      honestly, I have a hard time arguing that real snub noses are great. I mean, the ballistics of a .357 out of a 2″ barrel aren’t that great, the cylinders are large, etc.

      Now, for a full size gun…yes, I want a .357 with a 6 shot cylinder and a 5″ barrel *so* badly. But I’d rather carry a decent pocket 9 than a snub nose 5 shot.

  • bogart 1

    Why no love for the Walther PPS?

    • Dan

      probably because of the paddle magazine release and the lack of holsters.

  • ColaBox

    Officer model 1911. Tried and true. Small enough to not leave a print and light as a feather. Got mine for $580.00.

    • darthcoder

      My 3″ 1911 is only about .25″ large than my LC9 in all dimensions. It’s frightening how small it is.

    • Mark N.

      Light as a feather? In what universe? My Kimber 4″ with an aluminum frame weighs in at 27 oz empty. Lighter than a 38 oz full size 1911, but certainly no feather. My Kahr CW9 weighs in at 15.9, is thinner than a 1911, and fits in a pocket.

    • Paul White

      …..I carried one while deciding what permanent carry gun to buy. Small yes, light NO. 35ish ounces on my RIA officer model. 16 on my LC9s. 23 on my SR9c.

  • Shawn

    Guy should have checked for clear chamber at start of video. He was pointing the muzzle at himself over and over. Can’t even watch this.

    • darthcoder

      Why does one assume that he didn’t? Should every video have to show clear?

      How about the fact that the video isn’t entitled “Negligent discharge – Gun dude is a tool” letting you know he didn’t blow his own hand/head off? Not that I advocate his behavior, but really? This is what we complain about?

  • Jeremy Star

    Walther PPS – better trigger than the shield and now under $600.

    I find it odd that they stack up two single stack pistols and then hit you with a Glock 19. Huh?

    • Nicks87

      I had a .40 walther PPS and it was real finicky. The last round would almost always fail to feed. Recoil was an issue as well. Ive heard the 9mm versions are better.

      • Andrew

        I have a 9mm PPS….love the gun, love the trigger, It’s all super reliable. The problem….I just can’t find a decent holster for it and the magazines are wayyyy to pricey!

        • Miles

          Try Simply Rugged.
          Works for me.
          Tell Rob I sent you by.

        • Nicks87

          I had those problems as well. The second mag that I bought for it was more reliable but, at the time $40+ a piece was a bit much.

      • Jeremy Star

        I’ve had a .40 PPS for a long time now, never had an issue and recoil hasn’t been a problem.

        • Miles

          I have both a 9mm and .40 PPS. No problems with recoil or reliability with either as well.
          Wonders never cease to amaze me.

          • Nicks87

            One “wonders” why you would need two of the exact same pistol in two different calibers (a pistol that was not even that great to begin with) but to each his own, I guess.

          • Miles

            I’ll make it simple and therefore hopefully easy for you to understand so you won’t wonder anymore.

            They’re back-ups. Usually carried in a front pants pocket in a custom holster.

            When I carry a .40 Glock, I carry the .40 PPS.
            When I carry a 9mm Glock, I carry the 9mm PPS.

            Also, for ‘not even that great’ of a gun, I and have found them to be reliable and very accurate.
            But I guess there’s no accounting for…..capability.

          • Nicks87

            Lol, a back up? Well fella, stay safe while walking the mean streets of Fallujah.

          • Miles

            Almost forgot.
            Where does NEED enter the equation of a RIGHT anyway?
            So far, outside of a combat zone, I’ve never NEEDED a gun and I hope I never do. But I’ll carry what I damned well please. Thank you very much.
            If I want it, and I can afford it, I buy it. Because homey don’t play NEED. Only collectivists roll along with this NEED crap .

    • Dan

      not everyone digs a paddle release.

      • Jeremy Star

        So? So what? Not everyone digs Glock’s grip angle either.

  • Wingbert

    I can’t believe we got that Glock MOS crap before a single stack 9.

  • STW

    Interesting. When I was choosing a CCW handgun I considered both the M&P Shield and the M&P 9c. I decided for an extra quarter inch in length and thickness the 9c gave me longer barrel and more magazine capacity. I suspect if I ever had to use it both could be handy. I also had the option of using a full sized magazine. It wasn’t that hard a decision.

  • MountainKelly

    Meh. No kahr or walther love? Bah.

  • FightFireJay

    In my experience, the Shield far outsells any other firearm for sub compact conceal carry. G19 is a fine range, home defense, and duty gun, but given current sales trends, it would have been better to leave it off the list and include the Ruger LC9/s/Pro.

    In fact I’d bet you dollars to donuts that the M&P 9/40 Shield and LC9/s/Pro/380 constitute more sales than all other sub compact ccw guns combined.

    Sadly the XDs grip texture and shape are a turn off for most people, although it does still fit many a hands… just not as many as the Smith and Ruger!

    • Eddie_Baby

      Shield has the highest QPR, and it’s a name brand.

  • Cknarf

    Psh. You could buy two and a half Bersa Thunders for under $600…

  • Root

    One Man’s Opinion. Who Cares What He Thinks.

  • Miles

    Everyone I talked into firing my .40 PPS has been pleasantly surprised by the controllability. For such a tiny .40, the recoil was not as expected.

  • TomΓ‘Ε‘

    CZ 75 D Compact all the way. Let’s throw some aluminum alloy into the plastic fantastic mix!

    • Dan

      much too thick, far too bulky. i’d rather go glock 26. and i’m a CZ fan not a glock fan.

  • MrApple

    I fully agree when it comes to the S&W Shield and the Glock 19. But the Springfield XDS? Mehhh.

  • Mort Leith

    When I don’t feel like carrying the weight of my Sig Sauer .45, I like my Bersa Thunder .380

  • DrDell

    My wife has the Springfield XDS in 9mm and I have the M&P in .40 caliber. Both are great guns. No problem with either. I would recommend either one. It all depends what is comfortable in your hand

  • Eric B.

    The Ruger LC9S should be there as well. It is a very reliable pistol with (finally, in the S type) a good trigger. Changing from a hammer fired to striker fired has made all the difference.

  • Robert

    Glock 36

  • Pavel

    No Makarov? Pizdets.