JP Enterprises Special Edition Rifle: Billet Beauty LRP-07

Billet Beauty

JP Enterprises showed a new special edition rifle at the recent 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Called the Billet Beauty LRP-07,  it is a 25 piece run of large frame LRP-07 rifles. The guns will be available in .308 Win, .260 Rem 6.5 Creedmoor or .338 Federal. These guns use a two-tone Cerakote finish, OD green furniture from Magpul and black accents.

The Billet Beauty is an homage to US aircraft from World War II. The company states the designers took special inspiration from the Liberty Belle B-17 bomber. The Magpul MOE stock has B-17 tail markings, the magazine well has an Army Air Force logo and original nose art, and the gun’s barrel has Cerakote blackening to resemble oil smoke stains from the radial engines used on a B-17.

Orders will be open while supplies last, and no later than March 1, 2015.

Richard Johnson

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  • BattleshipGrey

    I think it needs some invasion stripes.

    • Rob

      And some zinc green.

  • Arjan Blom


  • MR

    They gonna build a Fire Truck gun next, then a gun for a tool company, then one for a lawnmower company, then a computer company, then a car insurance provider? (American Choppers reference, in case you didn’t catch that)



    • TheSmellofNapalm

      neva been done befo

  • Rob

    Genius. I don’t really care for the blinged-out zombie and Hello Kitty editions, but this kind of paint is just fun. For a run of only 25, I would expect unique “tail” numbers and nose art for each one.

    Screw those prissy calibers, should have been done in .50

    • DClan

      Or .458 Socom/.375 Socom.

  • Don

    Hey guys hate to burst in here but I feel I have to. I work for the business that does the coatings for JP Enterprises. The coating on that gun is actually Duracoat.

    • Don

      Not according to JP Enterprises website. It states exactly what the author of the article wrote here. So you are saying that JP Enterprises doesn’t know their own product?

      • JPE

        Glad to clear this up. The prototype rifle does indeed have Duracoat for the finish, but it was built months ago as a proof of concept. The final production run will use Cerakote and will have a slightly more metallic sheen to it. One of the other changes from the promo images is that the final rifles will have the new MK III version of the Rapid Configuration hand guard.

        • Don

          Those MK III handguards are really nice, and this should be a fun little change from the normal colors. Might be prudent to make sure the boss knows about that change since when I was talking to him about this yesterday he was under the impression it was still Duracoat.